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Author Topic: Post your chapter ideas here  (Read 134716 times)

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Re: Post your chapter ideas here
« Reply #40 on: June 29, 2005, 05:20:27 AM »
Okey then here goes nothin

Chapter Name: Storm Eagles
Chapter Symbol: An eagle head whit wing
Chapter Founding: Decend from the White scars. They are fast as hell. well have alot of Assult rines..=D
Colors: Dark purple and gold trim at shoulders. Commander have ha gold-yellow helm
Homeworld: Parathus An cliff world
Fluff: i am still thinking

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Re: Post your chapter ideas here
« Reply #41 on: July 15, 2005, 01:21:33 AM »
Here we go.....

Chapter Name: Storm Fists
Chapter Symbol: As Imperial Fists.
Chapter Founding: Successor to the Imperial Fists
Colours: 50/50 Purple/Bronze split of body. Red eye pieces. Elite units reverse sides of colours.
Homeworld: Taurus VII, a fairly developed world, where the Space Marines mix freely with the populace.

Fluff: The Chapter was formed after the Heresy. The entire Chapter was originally the 9th Imperial Fist Chapter within the Legion, and they gained their fame in the defence of the Emperor's palace, holding a great breach against the forces of the Death Guard and Emperor's Children.

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Re: Post your chapter ideas here
« Reply #42 on: July 16, 2005, 11:24:22 AM »
Once known as the Varian Crusade, they are now the Fallen Legion.
Black Armour
Dark Angels Green Shoulder Pads/Helmets/Various Armour Parts
Silver Trim on Shoulder Pads, Crest and Symbols
Black Templars
Chapter Traits:
The Fallen Legion use the Black Templar's Codex.
Current Marshall (Arbiter):
Lord Albell Talios
Varia Prime

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Re: Post your chapter ideas here
« Reply #43 on: July 16, 2005, 07:24:15 PM »
Chapter: Black Blades
Symbol: Black sword
Traits: can't choose
Home World: none, fleet based.

History: The Black Blades are a rag-tag group of left-overs in the fact that they were the sections of the traitor legions who remained loyal and managed to escape their traitorous brothers wraith. After being branded traitors like the rest of their legions they formed a new chapter. They are still loyal to the Emperor, but not to the Imperium. as such they are willing to be allied with any group except chaos, whom they hunt tirelessly. As they are few in number they often will pick up what is left of stranded squads of other chapters and even Non-Space Marines, if they are desperate for Fighters. Their most common pickups of this type are Imperial Guardsmen, though Tau and Orks have been recruited this way.
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Re: Post your chapter ideas here
« Reply #44 on: August 9, 2005, 03:48:15 AM »
Name: Martyrs of Tyran

Symbol: A planet wreathed in flames that's broken in two

Chapter Traits: Suffer Not The Alien To Live
                     See But Don't Be Seen
                     Eye To Eye
                     Die Standing

Homeworld: Tyran (devastated by Hive Fleet Behemoth), though currently living on their Fortress-Monastery, Unyielding Truth

Background: The Martyrs of Tyran were originally The Mariners chapter, but renamed themselves after Tyran was destroyed. The chapter was created during the Second Founding to alleviate the Xenos threat on the Eastern Fringe. The Mariners were rarely attacked or went on the attack though, as the Ultramarines and the other chapters of the Eastern Fringe met with most of the invaders intent upon breaking through the vanguard. This all changed when Hive Fleet Behemoth stormed through their section of the Imperium. Irios Gartauw, the Chapter Master of The Mariners, saw the threat of an incoming invasion by an unknown force in the reports coming in from farther east on the galactic plane, and also in the silence being received from planets in that same region of space.

Though prepare as he might, The Mariners and all the reinforcements Gartauw could muster would never have been enough to stem the tide of such an inhuman and bloodthirsty monstrosity as the Tyranids. Hive Fleet Behemoth fell on Tyran like a plague, devastating everything in sight and ravaging the world, inside and out. In orbit, the battle was pretty much one-sided, as the Battle Barges and other ships of The Mariners and the PDF of Tyran knew not how to combat a foe that just couldn't be stopped. They had fought off Ork incursions before, but they fought with none of the absolute recklessness of a Hive Fleet, nor with the terrifying cunning of one...

I've made a ton more background story for the Martyrs of Tyran, including why they have those Chapter Traits, but seeing as it's running kind of long now, I'll just leave it at that. If anyone wants to hear the rest though, I'd be glad to post it :-)

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Re: Post your chapter ideas here
« Reply #45 on: August 27, 2005, 12:19:05 AM »
Name: Templars of Azul
Symbol: Still working have a few ideas, but they look almost a little like Eldar symbols...
Successor Chapter to the Iron Hands
Chapter Traits: depends on company.  For the veteran company, it's Purity Above All, Uphold the Honour of the Emperor, for the battle companies, it's Purity Above All, Scion of Mars.  The drawbacks are always Die Standing and Eye to Eye.
Homeworld: None, currently.

Background: Iron Father Azul, a leading techmarine of the Iron Hands, first began calling for a radical shift in the Iron Hands doctrine when he proclaimed that worship of the Emperor should reach above and beyond worship of the Machine Spirit, and other such idealogical thoughts that disturbed and outraged many of the venerable dreadnaughts and higher-ranking techmarines of the Iron Hands Chapter.  So, gathering his 200 followers, Azul was declared Chapter Master Azul and founded the Templars of Azul.

The Templars of Azul are much more religious than many similar chapters, and are devout in their worship and praise the Emperor while they engage in battle.  Battlegroups are almost always led by Chaplains, due to not only this near-fanaticism but that there were no captains from the Iron Hands that followed Azul when he created his new chapter.  Techmarines are almost always attached to battlegroups as well; while the Templars do not have the extensive network of techmarines that the Iron Hands do, the Templars still maintain a higher-than-average count of techmarines in their numbers.  Also, quite a few of the more venerable dreadnaughts followed Azul when he split from the chapter, agreeing with his views on the Emperor coming before the Machine God, meaning that there's almost always a venerable dreadnaught accompanying a battlegroup.

Due to their deep religious views, the Templars of Azul have a closer bond with the Inquisition than many chapters can claim to; they tend to go above and beyond the call of duty when an Inquisitor petitions them for aid, and the Templars take careful records of what inquisitors they are indebted to and which inquisitors are indebted to them.  They work often for the inquisition, needless to say, and can often be seen on the battlefield accompanied by whichever branch of the inquisition they happen to be working with at the moment.

The 1st company of the chapter is made up of many of Azuls original followers; while the Chaplains still hold command over battlegroups including the 1st company, many times the growing Librarium attaches gifted Codiciers and Epistolaries to the force to act as advisors and to provide more leadership to the battlegroup.

At first, the chapter's battle tactics involved heavy mobility, with many rhinos providing the means to cross the battlefield in moments; however, these operations proved foolhardy, as the relatively fragile rhinos made it impossible to reach the enemy lines.  Heavy casualties were taken against traitor guardsmen and marines who laid traps for the oncoming Templars, and the Templars numbers soon began to dwindle as their lack of a homeworld crippled much of their recruitment efforts.  In the current time, a heavy base of firepower is created first, followed by the use of elite terminator squads to shock and crush the enemy lines with surgical strikes.

Due to the heavy casualties and low recruitment rates, multiple apothecaries are attached to battlegroups all the time, to help preserve as much of the chapter's geneseed as possible until a proper homeworld can be found for the chapter.  This has also led to almost an obsession with keeping the chapter mutation free, which draws the admiration of the Inquisition, a trait which helps keep the Templars out of much of the politics other chapters find themselves drawn into whenever they deal with the Inquisition.  The obsession with keeping free of mutations, however, doesn't keep them from restricting the Librarium at all; in fact, Azul believes psykers that are dedicated to the Emperor like his librarians are the next step up for the human population in evolution; he usually keeps those views secret, though, to avoid conflict with more puritan inquisitors.
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Templars of Azul (custom chapter)

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Re: Post your chapter ideas here
« Reply #46 on: August 27, 2005, 01:01:07 AM »
Name: Emperor's Crusaders
Symbol: As the Black Templar Cross, but with gold rods sticking out the diagnals.
Colors: Black, white, gold.
Successor Chapter to the Imperial Fists/Black Templar
Founding: 7,000 years after the Entombent of the Emperor in the Golden Throne
Geneseed Deviations: As compared to most Space marine chapters the Emperor's Crusaders have trouble triggering and stopping certain adrenale glands, making them slow to anger and reserved but once unleashed they are hard to stop when their task is set. Space Marines of the Emperor's Crusaders chapter spend their entire lives trying to control this instead of letting it control them. Also their apparent lack of hair pigment leaves them white haired at an early age.
Chapter Traits: Bring the fight to them, and cleanse and purify (or if my opponent allows a set of home rules)
Drawbacks: We fight alone, Aspire to glory.
Homeworld: Bromith
Chapter master: Paladin Vornak

After the Horus Heresy, when Rogal Dorn finally broke up his the Imperial Fists legion, Sigismund; to show his loyalty to the Imperium, launched a massive crusade that lasted 10,000 years that which started the Black Templar chapter. This massive crusade was not without faults; however, With a fleet so massive it was hard to maintain order and control. Many ships were lost in warp storms, or lost their way in the warp, some on accident, others not so much. With such contact with the warp around them some of the marines fell to the taint of chaos. One such group was thought so dangerous that a detachment of Sigismund’s most loyal and trusted marines was assigned to find them and kill stop them from tainting the rest of the chapter. Sigismund’s most trusted advisor Vrom was to lead these warriors to find the traitors. When chasing down their prey, Vrom was overcome by a warp storm that sent him and his men to an area at that moment had been uncharted. Vrom however, knowing that his task was not done decided that it was best if the task would never be done, and the traitors would be brought to justice and the crusade never be ended. Vrom took it upon himself to subjugate the human natives of the planet, bringing them from an early Bronze Age to modern technology quite quickly. With a massive economy behind them by the time the warp storms surrounding the system dissipated, they were ready to launch their crusade to the other systems.

Probably the most interesting thing and one of two controversial issues involving the Emperor’s Crusaders reinstatement into the armies of the Imperium is their use of Alien technology. Many Inquisitors and others, including space marine chapters, most notably the Ultramarines, feel that in using the technologies of the xenos, they are not fighting for the Emperor. Supporters of the Emperor’s Crusaders suggest that in their isolation they had to find a means of adapting because of the growing need for effective weapons and the lack of tech-priests. Because of their extensive knowledge of xenos species and especially their technology they are often inducted into the deathwatch.

The other controversy of their return has been of their disregard for the Codex Astartes and for their unwillingness in working with other imperial forces. They show almost no adherence to it, and they refuse to change the organization of their chapter. Something that also disturbs the critics of their organization is that they knowingly and willingly do not track the number of marines in the chapter, they are spread throughout their sector of space on crusades, making it difficult to keep track. Many have suggested a purging of the chapter and of its systems. But it has been said that to lose such a powerful servant would be wrong in this time of war. Also that in the cost would be too much to try and purge a chapter in which their whole philosophy is serving the emperor in every way. The discussion is still underway, and it would take a great sacrifice for the Emperor’s Crusaders to be fully accepted back into the Imperium.
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Re: Post your chapter ideas here
« Reply #47 on: August 27, 2005, 02:06:57 AM »
Name: Sons of Triton
Emblem: Greek Letter Psi
Parent chapter: Ultramarines
Chapter Colours:  Pics can be found here
Primary: Terracotta
Secondary: Camo Green
Tertiary: (Kneepads, Emblem, Vehicle Doors, Accents, Robes, Etc.): Ice Blue
Home World: Balur in the Segmentum Ultima
Commander: (Chapter) Battlemaster Aegis Laocoon
Traits: Suffer Not The Alien To Live : Tyranids
Drawbacks: We Stand Alone

Due to their assistance in fighting back the Tyranids Calgar established the Sons of Triton on the previously Orc inhabited Balor to establish a protected fall back world for the fight against the invading Hive Fleets.
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Re: Post your chapter ideas here
« Reply #48 on: September 2, 2005, 10:42:29 PM »
Dark Scorpions
"The Sandamanders"

(Derivation undetermined. Possibly similar to Salamanders, but also resemble Dark Angels. They are often nicknamed the "Sandamanders" because rumors link them to the Salamanders chapter)

The idea behind this chapter is a desert based home world. They excel at infiltration and arid environments, mastering stealth and striking power emulating the predators of the desert. In particular the Scorpions and Spiders. While most people think of the desert as foreboding and barren, they have learned to adapt to it using technology, genetics (superhuman) and tactics. For example, they often move at night, when it's cooler and darker. They have enhanced vision and will often lie in wait in "spider holes" during the day to avoid detection. They use well developed thermal imaging and light intensification sensors to detect their enemies, striking fast when the enemy least expects it.

They are quite mobile on foot (as befits Space Marines with super human stamina), but also use standard Marine equipment to make good time (such as bikes and rhinos) In addition, they are unique in their use of tunnelers (use Drop Pod rules)

Doctrines include those for infiltration and drop troops.
Interestingly, they are not "dark" at all normally. They often wear sand-colored (light browns) armor, or even a version of a chameleon cloak that subtly changes color to match terrain (similar to that the Tanith First use; In practical terms, this can be represented by Dark Angels Veterans models in their robes)

What do ya think, guys? Unique enough? Too much time in the desert gives ya lots of time to think ;-)
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Re: Post your chapter ideas here
« Reply #49 on: September 14, 2005, 05:14:44 PM »
Chapter Name: Sons Of Herculeam
Chapter Traits: Honour your wargear, we stand alone.
Chapter Colours: Vallejo Paints Milatary Green, German Camo Brown, and Olvie Green.
Symbol: Atlas holding the world on his shoulders in black and green
Chapter Fluff:
Inqusitor interigation #5669-vardan-7883
Subject: The Sons of Herculeam and their Librarian Socrates Pythagorate
" so dear inqusitor vardan you wish to know of my chapter, why all this intrumentation of pain you wish to subject me too? Well were to begin with answering your question....let me see if you will check the records of the Ultramarines you will find a minor report about a planet near rhe eye of terror named herculeam an Agri-Planet that came under attack from an orc Waagh! some 625 years ago.  The file should show that all memebers where lost in a warp storm that engulfed said planet but that was not the case.  the warp storm did come but the members did not die.  They and their Imperial Guard Allies survived and where caught in the storm.  with millions of Reffuges to protect and millions of Orcs to fight.
" Yes yes" The Inqusitor said with sneering eyes" we know this old man but that does not answer your Heresy"
The venerable librarian turned his gaze upon the inqusitor " patience is a viture of the old, That is lost upon the young"
"Yes where was I yes I remember millions to feed, Millions to fight and at that time came forth or chapter leader to the seed of Robert Guillome (sp?) himself was Damocales or greatest brother. He came with a plan that allowed us to fight and eat and survive without the imperium and in the warp storm without the emperor.  He drew upon the Gaurd and pushed the orcs across an ocean and set the laws of service for every man and woman to fight in this or Son of Mars created the machinary neccesary to preserve and use gene-seed and so began the days of Sparta and generation passed after Generation and with the Orcs in control and dwindling we found a peace.  When a battle brother died a suitable replacment was found in the ranks of the gaurd.  Chaos came 325 years into the storm and allied with the Feral orcs we repulsed them because they had not to fight a regiment or a chapter but an entire people.  In these trials or faith in a long passed emperor began to falter and we began to believe the emperors beliefs.  We believed in Mankind and his destiny to dominate all other races.  Is the Heresy you sought?  Does it not seem odd that the emperor could not smote the forces that ate at us but called upon his fellow man?  Does it not seem odd that he could guide ships thru the Inmatterium as a navagatior does?  He believed in Mankind and called upon them to their finest hour."
"Hersey" The yound inqusitor Meweld at the Psykers face " The emperor is a god, without him mankind would be nothing"
The Inqusitor slowly drew th needele and prepared to finish the heretics life until he heard the venerable libriean say
"No my friend without Mankind the Emperor would be nothing"
"One by one we march in. Once more to the fray.  No mothers, no fathers. Just Bastards one and all"
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Re: Post your chapter ideas here
« Reply #50 on: September 17, 2005, 03:49:29 PM »
Name: The Knights of Ultramar

Chapter symbol: Boltgun metal Ultramarines symbol

Homeworld: Vand on the border of the Ultima and Tempestus segmentums

Chapter Traits:
Fierce:      Take the fight to them
Pious:      Suffer not the work of heretics

Major:      Eye to eye
Minor:      Die Standing

Colour Scheme: Boltgun and Black (simular to the Iron Warriors)

Backgropund: (work in progress)
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Re: Post your chapter ideas here
« Reply #51 on: September 17, 2005, 11:36:15 PM »
Chapter Name:  Azure Vengeance
Chapter Symbol: An Ice Blue Planet with a White Sword driven through
Advantages: Honour Your wargear. No Mercy, No Respite
Disadvantages: Flesh over Steel
Homeworld: Abgrund, Segmentum Pacificus

Near the furthest reaches of human space almost to the western Halo Stars, the Marines of the Azure Vengeance Chapter protect this often ignored front of the imperium.  The haunting wychfires of the Halo stars contain all manner of threats the the Holy Emperor, and the Azure Vengeance Space Marines will spare no threat even a moment of laxity.

This young chapter has an unusual organization befitting their somewhat different operational environment.  Other than a few dreadnoughts and a handful of rhinos, this chapter counts no other vehicles amongst it's roster.  The Chapter leaders preach versatility above all things and as such the veterans of the chapter consist not only of tactical and terminator squads, but Assault and Heavy Troops make up a large section of the first company. 

[More Fluff to follow]

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Re: Post your chapter ideas here
« Reply #52 on: September 19, 2005, 12:57:04 PM »
Chapter: The Jade Ravens
Geneseed: Raven Guard
Chapter Badge: A white Raven on a field of green
Traits: Either See but dont be seen/ No mercy no repsite, take the fight to them, eye to eye, death before dishonor
Home World: name pending
Colors: Black bodies with green helmets and pads, follow index astartes symbols
Tactica: They follow two different approches, the first is to deploy secretivley behind enemy lines hitting key elements and weakening the enemy until the hammer arrives.  The other is to fall to the enemy possition in a blaze of drop pods and chainswords humming assaulting before the enemy knows what has happened.
History: currently being written, will post when finished
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Re: Post your chapter ideas here
« Reply #53 on: September 20, 2005, 07:34:36 AM »
Chapter name: Night Vultures
Symbol: black and purple standard with a thin silver line seperating them. Vulture in flight over the top.
colours:Black with purple elbowpads,kneepads and left shoulder pad. Right shoulder pad and helmet are silver (boltgun metal).
Homeworld: Feral World.
Background: Born of a bloodthirsty feral world, they are barbaric and give no quarter, sweeping through ememies due to their unbeleivable cc skills and "Battle Lust". They worship the Emperor fanatically.......
i haven't figured out the rest of their background yet.

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Re: Post your chapter ideas here
« Reply #54 on: September 21, 2005, 10:09:27 PM »
Chapter Name:  Emperor’s Paladins

Geneseed:  Imperial Fist, but suspected to be Black Templar.  Stable, no mutations or defects.

Founding: M39-M40

Chapter Symbol: Red Cross with a Skull in the middle.  (Based on Imperial Paladins’ symbol)

Chapter Color Scheme: Red with inner left shoulder pad colored white.  No Company designations.

Combat Doctrine:  Close with the enemy to fight hand to hand, trusting in the Emperor for his protection.  Do not trust Psykers.
Traits – Uphold the Honour of the Emperor and Blessed be the Warriors. 
Flaws – Eye to Eye and Have Faith in Suspicion. 

Organization:  As laid down in Index Astartes.

Homeworld:  Raumus.  Raumus is a planet of varying climates, similar to early Earth.  It is located in the north-eastern sector of the Segmentum Pacificus. 


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Re: Post your chapter ideas here
« Reply #55 on: September 28, 2005, 04:21:09 AM »
You know what else might be nice to include, when was the chapter founded. It tells you how old the chapter is also it is a good way of seeing which conflicts your chapter would have been in. In the past 10,000 years there have been 26 foundings, so work on the principle of 2 foundings ever 1000 years give or take, its more likely that there were more foundings earlier on after the heresy.

Oh well done Distram I see you have already had a go at it. :) That would be the 26th founding by the way.

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Re: Post your chapter ideas here
« Reply #56 on: October 5, 2005, 03:16:09 PM »
Name: Honor Marines

Founder: Dion Palideus, current Chapter Master

Founding: A few centuries ago from now.

Homeworld: None. This chapter is always on the move, seeking and destroying the enemies of the Emperor.

Colors:Yellow. Black shoulderpads with a silver edge.

Symbol: An eye in the middle of an eight pointed star symbolizing the Emperor's ever-watchfulness.

3 Advantages from 2 different traits = 2 major and 2 Minor drawbacks I think
Honour Your Wargear
No Mercy, No Respite
Uphold The Honour Of The emperor
Eye To Eye
Die Standing
Death Before Dishonour
Aspire to Glory

The Honor Marines are very new, founded only a few centuries ago. They are the most loyal of the Emperor's forces. If any choose to betray Him, they are destroyed immediately. Although recently founded, the Honor marines have an excellent supply of weaponry due to the Emperor's Blessing. He also gives all Honor Marines divine protection. What they lack however is advanced equipment such as Terminator Armor.

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Re: Post your chapter ideas here
« Reply #57 on: October 12, 2005, 04:41:49 AM »
Chapter Name: Silver Scars
Symbols: A silver (or boltgun metal) lightning bolt on a 50/50 mix Codex Grey Chaos Black mix sholderpad, boltgun metal trims.
Homeworld: hehe none as yet.
Traits: Still experimenting, but here's what i've come up with:
Advantages-Couragous (See but don't be seen & trust in your battle brothers) and Fierce (No mercy, no respite & Take the fight to them).
Disadvantages-Eye to eye and Die standing.

I'm sorry if i've violated copyright laws about the traits, but they're from the Space Marine Codex, and i've got no other way to say them  :P
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Re: Post your chapter ideas here
« Reply #58 on: November 5, 2005, 05:46:44 PM »
Chapter Name - Blessed be the Rain (Blessed Rain for short)

Chapter Symbol - White Raindrop

Founder - Valenti Horatio

Time Founded - Few Centuries after the Horus Heresy

Parent Legion - Dark Angels

Homeworld - Valenti

Traits - Purity Above All, Death Before Dishonour

The Founding Father believed in the purity of the Emporer's wrath.  He believed that if the heretic was to be killed, it was to be whole and fast.  If anything was left behind, the impure essence of the heretic would flow into one of the Faithful and overcome his will. 

Your Mind Is Their Judge, Your Bolter Their Executioner And The Bolts Are The Rain

Blessed Be The Rain

Blessed Rain are known to use Apothecaries extensively throughout their Tactical Squads.  They believe in the chapter as a body and the body as a whole, they do not use vehicles widely.

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Re: Post your chapter ideas here
« Reply #59 on: November 6, 2005, 11:35:33 PM »
Chapter Name: Emperor's Advocates, Emperor's Envoys, Emperor's Missionaries

Chapter Symbol: The infinite symbol (sideways eight), with a stylized 'E' in one circle and a stylized 'A' or 'E' or 'M' in the other

Founder: Maseago Ravarth

Geneseed: Dark Angels

Homeworld: Sereas (Originally inhabited by Orks, but taken over and renamed)

Army Colours: EA- White, accentuated with red highlights; EE- White, w/ blue accents; EM- White, w/ green accents

Traits and Characteristics: They function as the Dark Angels, though not for the same reasons. As well, the EA, EE and EM are affected by Death Before Dishonor and Flesh Over Steel. Note that the Envoys and Missionaries are Ravarth's variants on the Ravenwing and the Deathwing, respectively.

                The founder of the Emperor's Advocates was once a member of the Dark Angels. From his time as a neophyte, he showed a lot of promise. Slowly proving himself to his superiors, he climbed the ranks, but was never accepted into the Inner Circle. This upset Maseago and he even toyed with the idea of turning to Chaos. However, after a meeting the company chaplain, Ravarth decided to found his own chapter. Thus, the Emperor’s Advocates were born.

                The Emperor’s Advocates follow the DA structure as they are a successor chapter. However, since the Founder has never been accepted into the Inner Circle, he knows nothing of the secret that the Dark Angels hold. Because of this, the army bears little similarities to those of a Dark Angel and of the Second Founding chapters. Instead of using dark colours, Maseago opted for white to represent the purity of his chapter's geneseed. The infinite symbol on the shoulder pad represents the infinite loyalty that the chapter has for the Emperor. The name does not emit a somber or vengeful feeling, but rather an arrogant one, as Ravarth believes that since the Dark Angels are the ‘first and best’, thus 'perfect', so is his chapter.

                While the Dark Angels do not accept allies because of their secret, Ravarth refuses aid as he is much too arrogant. He won't even accept help from the DA or its Second Foundings, as they denied him entry into the Inner Circle, though he does emulate their structure (Maseago respects the DA, but does not like them). He believes that allies are not needed to be victorious, his proof is the DA army. The Emperor's Advocates also hunt the Fallen, but since Ravarth knows nothing of the secret, it is simply for sport, to prove that he can. It is what he was told as a foot soldier when he was ordered to retreat from his position to hunt a Fallen Angel. These two characteristics come from his experience as a trooper with the DA.

                Maseago is a very religious person as he feels that he owes much to the company chaplain that recommended he start his own chapter. It was the reason that he did not succumb to the forces of Chaos. Because of this, Ravarth places Chaplains in high regard and most of the battle groups are lead by a Chaplain clad in terminator armour. Nothing but the best for his chaplains.


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