A Beginner's Guide to 40K Online - READ ME (Updated for 2015)

Started by Arcas, February 26, 2004, 08:51:54 AM

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In order to reduce the number of sticky threads on top of this forum, this thread has been created to act as a resource for important information for new members to the forum.  Below you will find a series of threads which answer frequently asked questions about how the forum works.  Please take the time to read them, as the information they contain will make it easier for you to use and understand the forum.

The first thing to do before you post is to read the forum rules, and the section on netiquette.

Next, you might want to introduce yourself either in a new thread in this board, or in this thread.

Once you have made three posts, you leave the newest user group, and become a newbie.  This allows you to make certain changes to your profile, such as adding an avatar, so you may wish to modify your profile to make it more interesting, and/or to tell other forum members more about yourself.

Why can't I send a PM, post a Poll, or change my custom title?

Why can't I upload a new avatar?
Quote from: Rasmus on October  8, 2010, 01:21:34 AMThe proper choices for uploading and selecting online avatars are locked for first-time posters (as a security measure) and will become available as you post. Specifically, obtaining less than half a dozen posts will drastically alter the way you can use your profile. This does not mean that you should in any way spam your way to 10 posts or so to get hold of a better profile. Such behavior does not reward itself here.
Also please note that certain boards do not generate postcount, like the Tavern and the Trading Post.

The Forum Buttons:

Home - This takes you to the front page, which lists the recent posts, articles, and gallery images.  It also includes other information, such as your statistics and PM count, users online and forum statistics, depending on which side menus you have open.

Forum - This takes you to the forum index, where all the different boards are displayed.

Help - This is where you can find help about how to use the forum, as well as access the Rules, Search, and Contact Us pages.

Rules - This links to the forum rules which I mentioned above.

Search - Allows you to search the forum.  For best results, it is recommended that you carry out an advanced search, and restrict your search to the last year.  For a more detailed explanation on how to use the search feature, read this thread

Contact Us - If you need to contact the Staff privately for any reason, for example, if you have lost your password, please use this form.

Profile - This is where you can make changes to your account and profile (see above), as well as view your posts, statistics, and other information about the forum.  The functions here are all explained in turn, but if anything is unclear, please feel free to ask for help.

My Messages - This allows you to send and receive personal messages.  You cannot send PMs until you have made three posts.

Calendar - This displays the forum calendar, which includes a list of members' birthdays, and key dates during the year.

Articles - This takes you to the article database.  This is where articles produced in the project boards on the forum are published.  For more information about the article submission process, look here, and here.

Members - This displays the member list of 40K Online.  You can order users by post count, user name, position, and date of registration.  You can also search for members here.

The stars, ranks, and titles of 40K Online

For more information on the stars, ranks and titles that some users have, consult this thread.

Using BBcode:

If you unsure about code and functions of the forum then Makenshi's guide is the thing for you.

Other Forum Buttons and Icons:

What all the buttons and icons do is explained here (N.B some of the information and icons in this thread are out of date, but there is still a lot of relevant information regarding certain keys and icons there).

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