Teasers for Nidzilla and the Logan Show.

Started by Sgt. Dellius, October 26, 2003, 10:05:46 AM

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Sgt. Dellius

Next Saturday, The Logan SHow will be posted if all goes to plan. Two days later, on monday, coems Nidzilla, which i finished a little early... and as the title suggests....

Nidzilla Teaser 2
In the Grim Daftness of the far Future....

"How in the name of the emperor did that Tau get Seasick anyway?!" asked a rookie Navy Stormtrooper
"I dunno, but the last time we had someone seasick it was an Astartes..." said a
"Melted the sewage pipe, and, well, everybody started then! Had to abandon Ship cos the toilets backfired..."
The rookie then threw up...

When man uses weapons of power...
"Sir.. " said  Nuclear Specialist Hifolio "It seems wasteful to detonate so many nuclear bombs when we know they work!"
"Stop Blithering! We've got hundreds!" Commissar Vegas said
"Err, no, we only had six."
"Really?" *BOOOM* "Oh, definitely, yeah, ahem." Vegas thought for a second.
"Oh well, no use crying over spilt nuclear fallout.. Unless you're hit by it... "-well, for the Tau living nearby, they would soon have to cry, but fifteen eyes might come in handy..-  " Its not like we mutated a lizard or anything that was sleeping on the planet we nuked.."

and all the rules are broken...

Its accepted worldwide that copper is one of the elements.
Its wrong...
The other elements around are Surprise, Sensibility, Stupidity, Red, Blue, Hope, Fear, love , Light , money and Ketchup Flavour.

In spoofs, no one recalls their lines!

"Cassius told us earlier. It prefers to eat Earth Ca... AAAARGH!"
They all ran away.
The Large Creature daintly hopped after them, and picked up a few Earth caste, and sniffed them.
"AAAARGH! ... Er, whats my line?"
"'Aaaargh!'. That's your line."
"Thanks, Director, Okay, here goes... AAAARGH! ARRGH!"

A Farseer Del Spoof

An EO/40k.ca thread

Starring Fio'El Ma'thew Bor'Derick as Nik

Logan Show Teaser

"Hi there, and welcome to the Logan Grimnar show. Today, we will be discussing .."
A new chat show forum...
The Salamanders 5th Tactical Squad, with their necks painted red, begin to hit the unfortunate Tau with Chairs and Cameras. The security men separate the fighting group when Xavier says the meats tender enough... all the while, the audience chant "LOGAN! LOGAN! LOGAN!"
with free speech and enlightend debate...
The two are separated by arbites.
"Have you calmed down Yarrick?" asks Logan
"Yes... I'LL KILL YOU !"

and sad, sad, storys...
"Yes. Some of your closest friends say you're a complete 'Dastard' if sober for too long. One disturbing incident from your book as you describe was confirmed by Lucius and Typhus...
QuoteFrom 'Kharns Memoirs, Page 233, Chapter XXII'
"...They all told me I had to stop. I was crazy because of it. My friends were afraid of me, and my Daemons whined in the corner a lot.
I Knew I had a problem. One day, after I had cut up my Rhino with Gorechild, and trashed my PC, I knew I had to act. I went to an off-licence, started drinking as much Catachan Ale as I could legally buy, and checked into Hubba-Bubba chewers anonymous..."

The Logan Grimnar Show!

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