Guild of thieves

Started by JiMInY, August 13, 2003, 02:49:25 PM

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I'm leaving the peace of wherever Edex and his counsil lives, and moving to the surrounding woods to build a small mountain retreat to train up new budding thieves anyone who wishes to join may do you have to steal your own equiptment. We are allies of Edex but will work for anyone for the right price (edex and anyone in his organisation gets 80% off) Also when you are fully trained (stage two) you are up to assasin standard, and thus those of you who pass the second test may be hired out as assasins. - 1st test, all those who wish to join post ur answers (privatley)

The gauntlet - you may only kill three guards. You have a sword, a blackjack and a bow with 10 arrows and one small pouch wih two wooden balls in them. There is a 100m long street with 3 story houses on either side, there are guards at 20m intervals (at each alley way) each guard can see 25m (all the guards are on the street) if a guard sees another guard killed he will raise the alarm and you will fail, there are two guards in watch towers on either side of the street 50m down the line. you must get to the roof at the end of the street and steal 5 gold pieces from a man in the house, no civilians are to be killed. If u are seen u will fail. Distracted guards will move for 20 seconds to the source of the noise. - have fun
consume the magical plant

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