Stomping guardsmen on Mordax Prime

Started by Master Chief, July 12, 2003, 06:30:26 PM

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Master Chief

Well I just fought my second EoT battle, part of a store mini-campaign that we are running within the EoT rubric.  After the really dynamic draw in the cleanse mission first time round, I did a lot better in Patrol and really handed the guards their own bottoms on this one.

It ended up being a bit of a grudge match, but as usual my squads of death guard were the stars, dependably grinding their way through multiple squads of guardsmen.

I also have total respect for chaos bikers now, as three of them really worked well together.  They blew up a chimera (with plasmaguns and tank hunter skill) and then the one left alive helped with a big VP win (1000ish to 560ish) by mopping up a couple of guard squads in close combat.

This wasn't meant as a battle report though, just thought I'd share the good news..

Doesn't like like EoT is going well overall though, we are losing in almost every system  :-\
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