750 Kharadron Overlords vs. Ossiarch Bonereapers Path to Glory

Started by Roboknee77, April 10, 2023, 12:22:21 AM

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750 Kharadron Overlords vs. Ossiarch Bonereapers: Path to Glory

The second meeting of the Path to Glory Wyddr, McComas, another friend and myself took place a couple weekends ago.  McComas and I were the two that could make the date, so my Overlords and McComas' Ronereapers met on the field of battle, as the Bonereapers came knocking on the Overlords front door asking if they've heard the good word about Nagash and would like to pay the Bone Tithe.

Due to the newly updated Battletome there were some minor changes to my Path to Glory roster to fit the point level and change artifacts and traits that were no longer available.

McComas' Bonereapers
Petrifex Elite

Mortisan Boneshaper (Trait: Mighty Archaeossian, Artifact: Godbone Armor)

10 Mortek Guard (Nadirite Blade and Shield, Soulcleaver Greatblade)
10 Mortek Guard (Nadirite Blade and Shield, Soulcleaver Greatblade)

2 Morghast Harbingers (Spirit Swords)

Gothizzar Harvester (Soulcleaver Sickles)

Riprock's Rangers
Arkanaut Admiral Ragnar Riprock (Trait: Cunning Fleetmaster, Artifact: Celestium Burst-grenade)

10 Arkanaut Company (Skyhook, Skypike, & Volley Gun)
10 Arkanaut Company (Skyhook, Skypike, & Volley Gun)

3 Endrinriggers (Rivet-Guns & Saws)

Arkanaut Frigate Grand Endeavor (Sky Cannon, Great Endrinwork: 'Khazzar Farewell' Scuttling Fail-Safe)

Artycle: Honour is Everything (Rally 4+)
Amendment: Always Take What you are Owed (Each Unit in one Arkanaut Company each round counts as 2 for objective control for one round)
Footnote: There's No Reward Without Risk (1/Battle 1 Unit can roll 3d6 and charge 18")

Mission, Terrain & Deployment
Sine this was McComas' first Age of Sigmar battle, and my third in the new edition, we decided to keep it simple and play an Open Play battle.  McComas won the first roll and set up the terrain features, a sinister shrine to the northeast, a mystical church to the northwest, a sinister forest to the southwest and an arcane rock formation to the southeast.  The deployment zones were either a zone in the middle of the map or the northern and southern edges of the map and I would picked the board edges for my deployment zone.  McComas won the roll for Victory Conditions and we got Field of Glory and he set up the 3 objectives (whoever controlled more or all of the objectives at the end would be victorious).  One objective had to be in the center and one in each deployment zone at least 12 inches from other objectives.  It was tough to set up due to the deployment, but one objective in McComas's Zone ended up inside the northwest church and the other in my deployment zone just to the west of the shrine.  McComas set up his army first and set up the majority of his forces toward the north, closest to the objectives.  Seeing this, I deployed to the south, hoping I could eliminate his units one by one as the groups to the north had to turn around and march back to the south.

Deploying to the Rear

Frigate's Eye View

Top of Turn 1
McComas had turn priority and turned his army to face Riprock's Rangers.  Issuing many commands, he got one unit of Mortek Guard anf the Harbingers within charge range or an Arkanaut Company, the Harvester within range of the other Arkanaut Company.  His Boneshaper cast Shardstorm and killed 4 Arkanauts in the unit to the west of the Frigate.  Luckily for me, none of the Bonereapers charges succeeded.  During the Battleshock phase my ruse was revealed to be I didn't have to make Battleshock tests while my General was on the board.

Turn to Defend the Flank

Bottom of Turn 1
This is where the changes in the new Battletome really show up.  I was able to Rally one Arkanaut back to the field.  Then I was able to issue a free command to the Frigate from my Admiral because it is the Admiral's Flagship.  I used it to allow my Frigate to Re-Roll the run roll as well as shoot and charge that turn.  The frigate flew over the Harvestor and dropped bombs from it's Bomb rack to deal multiple mortal wounds to the Harvestor.  Then the combined arms of the Frigate and the eastern Arkanauts I was able to finish off the Harvestor in the shooting phase.

Then the second part of the new Frigate rules allowed me to charge the norther Mortek Guard, dealing Mortal Wounds on the charge, and unloading the Endrinriggers and giving them Fight-First that combat round.  I was able to take out 5 Guard and lose 1 Rigger.

The western Arkanauts took shots at the southern Mortek Guard Unit and then charged them, killing two Guard and losing one Arkanaut.

Assault Frigate

Top of Turn 2
McComas won the priority roll off for round two and began his counter offensive.  The Boneshaper returned the two Mortek Guard to the south and that unit would end up killing that Arkanaut Company in honorable combat.  The Harbingers moved and charged the Endrinriggers turning them into nothing but bare bones.  The Mortek Guard and the Arkanauts to the north traded blows, and the Arkanauts lost two while the Guards lost none.

Bones on the Move!


Bottom of Turn 2
This turn the Admiral issued the disengage command to the frigate allowing it to move out of combat and still shoot in the shooting phase.  I was able to take control of the central objective with this move as well.  The combined bombs and arms of the Frigate, Admiral and Arkanaut Company was able to kill the Harbingers and the remaining Mortek Guard to the north and allow the Arkanauts to surround the Boneshaper in the combat phase.

Boneshaper Surrounded

Top of Turn 3
I won the Priority Roll in Turn 3 and was able to bomb the Boneshaper and shoot the remaining Mortek Guard off the board.  From there, I would be able to take control of the other two objectives in turn 4 and five to give me a Major Victory and complete my Quest and have all three of my units in my deployment zone at the end of the battle.

Ground to Dust

Final Score
Overlords: 3, Bonereapers: 0

Post Mortem
Wow, what a difference an edition makes.  Seriously, the new rules for the Frigate make them very deadly, giving the Overlords a good source of Mortal Wounds.  It definitely earned the favored warriors bonus for this battle.  Both my dice and McComas' dice were both on the colder side this battle.  It was better than my last one but still felt like I was rolling below average, except for the Frigate's Bombs and Charge damage.  Also learning from my last game, focusing on one target at a time really did help me from becoming overwhelmed.

The Bonereapers were tough nuts to crack.  They had a rule that worsened my rend by one and ward saves, making killing them off difficult.  The mortal wounds from the Frigate really helped with this.

Overall, this was another good learning experience for the game overall, learning/understanding the rules better and getting to know what to expect from my opponents armies.  I look forward to seeing how Riprock's will stand up against Nighthaunt in the next round of battle.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the report as much as I had playing.  And as always, thanks again to my opponent.


Thanks for the write-up!

So, can the Frigate drop bombs even while retreating? If not, how did it disengage and then move again to drop more bombs?


As I was writing this up, and looking at it again tonight, I made an honest mistake and confused move with normal move.  So the Frigate cannot disengage, which is a retreat move that allows a unit to move but is not a normal move, and bomb.  But it can disengage and still shoot.


This was certainly an intriguing clash.  The sides seemed well-matched, but it was a comfortable victory in the end.  Congratulations on your victory and thank you for the battle report.
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Thanks, Irisado.  It was a very back and forth game and I thought it could swing either way.

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