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Author Topic: The Children of the Cosmic Serpent - 40k Crusade Narrative Aeldari Log  (Read 6113 times)

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Gearing up to write some 40k Crusade narrative from the perspective of my Aeldari force joining the campaign, House Sann-Jhen of Craftworld Saim-Hann. Let's see where this takes us!

House - Sann-Jhen
Wild Host - Children of the Cosmic Serpent
Chieftain: - Alluyai Sann-Jhen

A dwimmer on the acrid wind echoed between a staccato burst of bolter fire and the howling laughter of the thrice-damned. Autarch Alluyai listened to the wind, tracking the barbaric weapons of the mon-keigh to their source, buried deep into the urban squalor of this hellish world. Yet the dwimmer never faded, but hummed with force when pushing her jetbike's accelerator into full throttle.

Upon Alluyai's whim, the raining skies - polluted into a blighted green, zoomed past the visor slits in her helm. Leagues beneath her, Sigma-Ulstari, the primitives called the ruined world, and its hellish mechanical cities sprawled across the dead rock. Furnace complexes and burning industries capped the impossible heights, wreathing impoverished hab districts beneath roiling clouds of acrid smoke.

A crude industrial maze with no end, stretching into the horizon and deeper beneath the corrupted soil, too.

Another bout of roaring bolter fire deafened her, her helm unable to block out its wailing. Flaming trails of bruised daemon fire soared past her, flying wide of her jetbike, but quickly honing in upon her.

Alluyai squeezed the integrated sensors in her bike handles, hearing the sporadic sound of the jetbike's shuriken cannon spitting down toward the higher levels of a blazing factory - running furious red with molten magma streams.

Her helm created target locks on three individual enemies, each of the seven-foot brutes, their writhing mutations and screaming hell-forged armor marking them as the slaves of dark gods.

The Chaos Marine champion leading his swollen kin from the fore preoccupied himself with slamming the chain-axe in his grip down the hybrid body of a lobotomized machine.

Alluyai marked the dark gods favored champion first for death. She heard the shuriken cannon reach fever pitch, spitting a blinding hail of fire at the Aspiring Champion. She met the chaos marine's malevolent gaze, just when the shuriken hail slammed into the primitive's power armor.

Her jetbike's wrath came precisely, affecting the corrupted power armor once, twice, then too many times to count. Another chaos marine shouted to his comrades to take cover as their champion came apart in a spray of gore mist - the tattered carcass littering the earth.

She squeezed the bike handle again, activating the under-slung cannon another time. Another marine staggered backwards, decapitated by a three burst impact to the face plate. The Autarch did not watch the corpse slump backward, collapsing onto its hind quarters into a dark alcove.

The third marine charged, weaving past her spitting cannon's deathly payload to meet her. Heart singing inside her chest, Alluyai pivoted her jetbike around before it could strike the manufactory's ferrocrete hide. Swinging her bike's canopy around to show the Chaos marine her flank, she equipped the fusion gun slung over her shoulder. (edited)

Holding the weapon under-slung in her left hand, she pointed the dragon's breath toward her foe in the same moment he leveled a plasma pistol toward her. Squeezing the trigger after her opponent, Alluyai did not flinch.

Through the aloof gaze of her visor-integrated helm, she watched the plasma blast hurtling toward her disappear beneath an endless torrent of molten fire. The fusion gun erupted, spewing the dragon's breath back into the chaos marine. She listened to the barbarian's withered screams, cut mercifully brief by the cleansing fire...
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