Gravis vs Terminator armour

Started by ChainAxe Enthusiast, January 12, 2021, 08:42:22 PM

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ChainAxe Enthusiast

I will start by saying I love the look of Gravis armour but what the hell were GW thinking, replacing terminator armour.  I'm I just being paranoid or do you think GW will be smart and bring out Primaris termies?

Lord of Winter and War

I don't think it's a replacement for terminator armour, they fulfill different roles. Who knows what's coming in the future though.
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Bladeguard replaced assault terminators.. so yes, GW will eventually send old marines to legends.

ChainAxe Enthusiast

That isn't necessarily true, blade guard haven't replaced terminators in any way shape or form, though I still think GW are trying to dump terminators, but I don't get how you think bladeguard have replaced them?

Grand Master Lomandalis

People keep saying that Gravis is the replacement for Terminator Armour, but I just don't see it.  It doesn't have a better save, no invulnerable, no teleportation... none of the hallmarks of Terminator armour.

I also don't agree that First Born Marines are going to be made Legends.  While it is true that GW heavily favours new players, telling their community that the collections they have been building for decades are now no longer useable in standard play would be the worst PR decision in their history.

Space Marines aren't like Squats, where they can quietly sweep them under the rug because only a handful of people play them.  They were the corner stone of their business for decades.  People have built entire Chapters, and then some. 

Quote from: magenb on January 12, 2021, 10:16:15 PM
Bladeguard replaced assault terminators
Except they didn't.  Bladeguard are a strong combat unit, but they don't have the same strengths that Assault Terminators have.  They are actually the middle ground of what was missing.

Terminators with Lightning Claws excel at clearing one wound models, Bladeguard excel at clearing 2 and 4 wound models, and Thunder Hammer Terminators excel at killing everything else and being harder to wound.

Quote from: ChainAxe Enthusiast on January 12, 2021, 10:20:38 PM
... though I still think GW are trying to dump terminators...
As a Dark Angel player, I think you're going to see a resurgence in Terminators when the supplement comes out.  Deathwing Terminators are already great as it is.
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ChainAxe Enthusiast

I see it as a replacement from the sheer amount of Gravis, the amount of Primaris models being released (tonnes of intercessor variants as well as infiltrators and character models).  If they planned on releasing primaris terminators we'd already have seen them, at least in a character model.  I mean the Primaris catalogue is already as big if not bigger than a new faction on its own.


I was of the same mindset when first seeing the primaris armour variant, and it filled me with dread ( I have a significant first-born SM force). However, seeing how the rules have changed I have decided to experiment with different lists, and find I use terminators more often than the Aggressors. Points-wise they are similar, but they end up filling different roles, if you look purely at the meta and professional game.

With the Deathwing lists doing ok it is not surprising that assault terminators are now pretty hard to get hold of. Relic terminators less so, but the assault variation is a worthwhile contribution.

I ran a dummy game, terminators vs primaris and aggressors, and even when playing aggressively I found the teminators came out on top (just). I think it depends on your playstyle and how you see the game developing in the near future.

I sincerely hope they don;t send first born to Legends, but if the push by Cawl for more and more Primaris variants continues it may become inevitable :(

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