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Author Topic: CORONO V Battle Six; The Ork Green Tide  (Read 3611 times)

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CORONO V Battle Six; The Ork Green Tide
« on: May 4, 2020, 12:54:56 AM »
Once again Yarrick has escaped the battlefield and so Ghazgull sent out spies to find him. His commandos reported that Yarrick was in a place the umies called a hospital. Ghaz decided that he would personally lead the attack to once and for all get rid of Yarrick.
This battle was taken from the old (and I do mean old) City Fight book. The mission is to take the building that is in the center of the board, and it has medical stuff in it that gives everybody  in the building a 6+ feel no pain.  Using the old rules in the old book and some from the new rule book this was a city fight. The goal was to take and hold the building in the center. The orks also had the secret mission to kill off Yarrick.
Umie List.
Battalion Detachment
Creed  (with command squad and chimera)
4 squads 10 infantry with heavy bolter and flamer each squad
2 special weapons teams with 3 flamers each
2 heavy weapon squads 3 mortar teams
1 squad of 10 tempests
1 tempest taurok
Ministorium priest

Spearhead Detachment
Tank Commander Passik with Punisher variant
Leman Russ battle cannon, heavy bolters, lascannon
Leman Russ battle cannon, multi meltas, lascannon
Leman Russ Executioner

Vanguard Detachment
Company Commander with sword of something or other that makes it S4 D2
3 Bulgrin bodyguards with shields and maces
Vindicar Assassin

Ork List
Battalion One
Warboss with kombi skorcha and Ead Whoppa
Warboss with Ded Shiny Shoota
30 ard boys, 3 with big shoota, nob with PK
30 Shoota boys, 3 with big shoota, nob with PK

Battalion Two
Warboss with kombi skorcha and PK
Warboss with kombi skorcha and PK
30 Boys, 3 with rockits, nob with PK
30 Boys, nob with PK.

Battalion Three
30 boys, nob with PK
20 Grots
2 grot herders
The Red Gobo
Two units of 5 kommandos, two burnas, nob with big choppa
10 Meganobs

Vanguard Detatchment
Captain Badruck
3 pain boys
Mad Doc
10 Flashgits

Outrider Detachment
Warboss with kombi skorcha and big choppa
4 units of two deffcoptas with twin rockits
(Gave the Orks 20 command points.)

Deployment. Orks start off the board and move on at the beginning of the turn. The umies set up all their squads and special weapons teams in the hospital, with the taurok on one side and the Passik punisher on the other side. The coffee launchers set up in the two towers. (note; if you haven’t watched the Black Rifle coffee commercial about canned coffee you won’t get that joke. We even painted the Black Rifle coffee logo on his mortars).Yarrick, the 3 body guards, the company commander and priest are all mixed in with the giant umie squad. The other tanks, valkarie, and tempests stayed in reserve.
Turn One:
The orks all move on to the board and advance. I spent two command points for sewer rats and the shoota boys showed up behind the hospital.The commandos and deff coptas stayed in reserve. Minimal shooting by the orks as pistols are not assault weapons.

(NOW THAT is a LOT of orks, very satisfying to hear your opponent say he can't kill all that!)

The umies spend command points to combine all the squads in the hospital into one squad. Since the majority of the orks were still out of double tap range the umie shooting killed 10 orks in the center squad, six orks on the far left, and only one ard boy. However, the punisher took out 17 shoota boys as Passik issued the bring it down order. The boss with the shiny shoota had to krump a boy to keep order.

Turn Two:
The orks again swarmed forward, moving and advancing. The flashgits took up residence in a building. The grots made the best movement and were within grenade range of the hospital (the Red Gobbo was with them). The shoota boys moved towards the taurok. The commandos came on and moved towards the tower with the coffee launchers. The dark blue shirts declared a charge on the hospital, overwatch killed 12 and then I rolled snake eyes, failing the charge. The light blue shirts and the boss declared a charge on the punisher. The punisher killed 15 boys and the boss, then I rolled a 3 to fail that charge too. The shoota boys shot at the hospital and killed one guardsman and then charged the taurok losing 6 boys to overwatch. I rolled a 11 making it in easily. Then the ard boys and boss with ead whoppa charged the taurok rolling 9 and making it in. The shoota boy nob and the shiny shoota boss killed the taurok leaving the ard boys nothing to do. The boss with the dark blue shirts broke a head to maintain order, but I had to use two points for insane courage to keep the light blue shirts in the game.

(the doomed blue shirts)

The umies drove on a leman russ and killed off the last of the shoota boys. The battle cannon shot at the commandos and wounded one but the commando made his cover save. The umies in the hospital used first rank second rank order to wipe out the the dark blue shirts leaving only the nob. The punisher mowed down all the grots, and killed a few more light blue shirts leaving only 5. The valkarie moved in and dropped another 10 guardsmen into the hospital, and used a point to combine them with the other giant squad that was in there. The other leman russ moved on and tried to shoot at the flash gits, but they made all their saves. The chimera with Creed and company moved on, but since he rolled a 4 had to come in on the far edge, even advancing it was not in range to do anything. There was no close combat. Then I had to burn two more command points for another insane courage to keep the blue shirts in the game.

Turn Three
I used 3 points to bring the blue shirts back to full strength with the green tide stratagem. Then they deployed 9 inches from Pasiks punisher. The boss that was with the dark blue boys moved over to the light blue boys. The lone nob, both grot herds and the Red Gobbo moved right up to the edge of the hospital. The 4 deff coptas came in from the right and got nice and close to the leman russ. The other 4 came in from the other side and got close to Pasiks punisher. I used a point to join both commando squads into one squad. The commandos moved nice and close to the tower. The shiny shoota boss and the pain boy moved towards the russ with the heavy bolters. The meganobs with Ghaz moved in to the crater in front of the hospital. The commandoes moved closer to the tower.

The meganobs and Ghaz lit up the guardsmen, killing one.  The flash gits lit up the russ with the multi meltas and blew it up. Badruck shot at the valkarie causing 3 damage. The shiny shoota boss shot at the squad and killed a guardsman, the rest made their cover saves or their feel no pain. Thr 4 def coptas shot at the punisher and missed all their shots. Yhe other 4 coptas shot at the russ, causing 6 damage.  The Red Gobbo threw a grenade and killed two guardsmen. I then used the stickbomb stratagem to have 10 ard boys throw grenades, they killed off nine guardsmen. The rest shot their pistols and big shootas killing off 3 more.

The blue shirt boys tried the charge on the punisher again, and after losing 13 boys again failed their charge. The commandos tried to charge the mortar squad in the tower, I needed a 10, rolled 6, and lost one to overwatch. The meganobs and Ghaz tried to charge in and after 9 flamers and 50 flashlight shots took no casualties (made all the saves) and then rolled a 4 for the charge, I needed a 5. However the lone nob, both grot herds, and the ardboys all made it in. The ard boys did lose 9 to overwatch, as those umies got to fire overwatch a second time because the megas failed their charge. . The nob, grot herds all killed a bunch of guardsmen. The ard boys chopped up more guardsmend, caused 5 wounds on a bodyguard, and the ead whopper only caused two wounds on a different bodyguard, and the ardboy nob wiffed all his attacks on the priest.
 Yarrick made a heroic intervention and killed the ead whopper boss, the bodyguards killed off 5 more ard boys. The guardsmen did a lot of swinging, causing two wounds on one grot herd and three wounds on the other grot herd. I spent two more point for insane to keep the ard boys stuck in, and yarrick had to kill a guardsman to keep the umies in the fight. The shiny shoota boss charged the heavy bolter russ which missed with all of its overwatch, and 2 deffcoptas charged in too, just in case. The shiny shoota boss killed off the russ leaving the deff coptas with nothing to do.

The umies brought in the executioner and it ended up behind the meganobs. The assassin appeared in a tower, and the tempests parachuted in. Passiks punisher used the bring it down order and mowed down 12 more blue shirts (that’s the second time he decimated that squad), then fired the multimeltas and the lascannon at deff coptas killing one and giving another two damage.  The executioner fired all it had at the meganobs, after the smoke cleared only one nob had been wounded. Creed and co chimimera moved to get close to the coptas. The valkarie lined up on the commandos. Creed and co did a lot of shooting and didn’t kill anything. The valkarie killed one commando. The umies in the hospital fell back, and with the get back in the fight order shot up the orks but did no damage. However the mortars did, killing off the lone nob, and both grot herds. Since the ard boys had stayed locked in with the body guards and Yarrick they didn’t suffer any shooting. The assassin had a clear shot at the shiny shoota boss and then rolled a 1 to hit. 

Back inside the hospital, the bodyguards killed and Yarrick off most of the ard boys. The one ard boy swung at Yarrick, and caused a wound, and the nob killed off the priest. I spent two more points to keep them in the fight.

Turn Four.
The brown shirts moved into the hospital, the meganobs moved in, and the last of the blue shirts moved in. I was going to make sure that even if I rolled snake eyes I could still get the charge in. The kommandoes moved right next to the tower. The shiny shoota boss and his pain boy moved towards the tower with the assassin, the deffcoptas all moved to get clear shots at Pasiks punisher.    

The flashgits fired up the executioner, and Badruck overcharged his gun using two ammo grots to reroll the ones, and blew it up. The shiny shoota boss fired at the assassin causing two wounds. The commandos used their flamers and killed off all the mortar crews leaving them nothing to charge. It took 5 deffcoptas to finally kill Passiks punisher, but it didn’t explode, so Passik lived. The other two deff coptas wounded the chimera. All the boys in the hospital shot their pistols killing all but one guardsman. So I had to divide my charges. Megas charged bodyguards, blue shirts charged the last guardsman, the brown shirts charged Yarrick, the company commander and dived some off to assist in killing bodyguards. Mad Doc charged a body guard, and Ghaz charged Yarrick. Three deff coptas charged the chimera.

Off to the races, the last guardsman died well, being chopped up by five orks. When it was all done one body guard had 5 wounds and the other two had 4 wounds, Yarrick had one wound remaining.  The body guards struck back killing one meganob, and the company commander with his sword caused 5 wounds on Ghaz (7 actually, but he saved two with pain boy feel no pain). That sword is tough. The deff coptas killed the chimera so Creed an Co got disembarked.
Creed and Co moved towards the hospital. The valkarie couldn’t maneuver to get a shot at anything.The assassin again shot at the shiny shoota boss and again rolled a 1. Inside the hospital the fight continued with Ghaz and Yarrick sissy slapping each other. The meganobs killed off the body guards.

Turn Five
The commandos moved towards the other tower, the shiny shoota boss and his pain boy moved towards Creed and co. Inside the hospital there was much consolidating and Mad Doc did surgery on Ghaz restoring 3 wounds. The deff coptas moved to surround Creed and co. The deffcoptas shot all they had ad Creed and co and only killed one guardsmen and the vox guy. The big shiny shoota shot at the valkaryie causing 5 wounds. The commandos fired their pistols at the assassin doing nothing.
The commandos tried to charge the assassin and failed by rolling a 4 when I needed a 9. The deffcoptas all charged Creed and co. Here is where I had to change dice. All seven coptas failed their charges, but none were wounded by overwatch either. 8 failed charges in one turn, I think that is a world record.

With lots of swinging and chopping the company commander died. Yarrick set another world record by making 9 iron will rolls. Yarrick swung back and caused 3 wound on Ghaz for 5 damage. Ghaz fell down but was only mostly dead. Mad Doc would fix him up shortly...

Yarrick was surrounded by 36 orks, so Ghaz wheezed out and had the meganobs pin him down. Yarrick is captured. The valkarie swooped down and picked up Creed and co and zoomed away from the battle.  The assassin just faded away, wondering how he was going to report two misses on a target out in the open.

A Great victory for the orks!!!
 So Ghaz and Yarrick will have beds next to each other in the hospital (they are already in one). They can enjoy coffee and cookies and learn about each other during their recovery. (most likely not, but hey it IS fiction). 

Meanwhile on the other side of the hospital, The lone ard boy nob found the ead whoppa under a pile of boys while trying to pull the teef from the dead boss just lyin there. …. :o

Ork MVP goes to Badruck and his flashgits who blew up two tanks with only one round of shooting each. 

PS: I had to delete a lot of pictures as the post was too long.  :'(
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