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Author Topic: AoS Winter FAQs & Erratas (AKA, the Season of Point Reductions)  (Read 3498 times)

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AoS Winter FAQs & Erratas (AKA, the Season of Point Reductions)
« on: December 18, 2019, 10:08:49 PM »
What's going on, 40k online?

So I know there's a few AoS players here. After GW's big announcement of the Winter FAQs, I just wanted to know what everyone thought of the changes to their specific armies!

So right now, I have two armies getting ready to take to the battlefield in good numbers.

First, the Deepkin:

Boy, the Kin Under the Sea got a healthy dose of point reductions this week!

The bulk of our forces remain unchanged, except the big guns! Eidolons, Leviadons, Allopexes to be exact. I still have trouble wanting to take an Eidolon to a big match. But the Turtle already had the potential of being a heavy weight champion in certain games. I think it is now a very solid choice.

But I myself will be embarking down the Path of the Allopex. I've been wanting these Sharks to shine since they released. Now with the current points drop, they definitely are burning bright as good, solid options.

I'm seeing talk from a lot of Idoneth Players that Sharks can almost match the damage output of a MSU of Morrsar Guard now for their points.

The new list I'm building shall trade the Leviadon for a large unit of 3 of these beasts! That's eight more wounds than the Leviadon!

Sylvaneth are my second army, and they're making steady progress to becoming a force to be reckoned with!

I thought Spites becoming as cheap as they did was already a great start. But, I did not anticipate all of the point cuts we got this FAQ!

Treelord Ancients, Treelords, Drycha, Durthu, Alarielle, all got point reductions.This opens up many options for a lot of stronger combos, that were already strong before! I feel like taking a Lord of the Clans Battalion and another named character alongside it will become a great force to be reckoned with! You could even fit Alarielle in there, in you're crafty!

Currently, I'm working on a Spite Revenant Horde to become the base of my Sylvaneth armies. From there, I'll be working on interchangeable units that I can swap out and combine with different Glades for a variety of strategies.

So, what does everyone think of the changes to their specific armies? :)
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