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Author Topic: Saim Hann armylist 1500 pts, to be made towards 1750 pts  (Read 853 times)

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Saim Hann armylist 1500 pts, to be made towards 1750 pts
« on: February 22, 2019, 09:43:23 AM »
Eldar Craftworlds; Saim Hann


Autarch Skyrunner
Lacer lance

Farseer Skyrunner
Singing Spear

6 Warlock Skurunners Concleve
Singing Spear

6 Signing Spears
Exarch starlance

9 WindRiders
Shuriken Cannon or Scatter Laser

9 WinRiders
Shiriken Cannon or Scatter Laser

3 Vipers
-> which weapons to take?

1 Fireprism
shuriken Cannon
Crystal targeting matrix
Spirit Stones
Star Engines
Vectored Engines
^- Cant find the price of those though.

ok da ism.... 1563 punten en 87 powerpoints 
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