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Started by Dead King Of Fenris, January 11, 2019, 06:57:49 PM

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Dead King Of Fenris

Hi All,

Coming back to 40k after a long absence - first Flames of War and then increased work/family commitments. I used to post here in the 2000s under the name Captain Banjo.

Anyway, with that out of the way, I'm getting into Dark Angels as they were my first army. I was curious as to whether this would be a fun list to play against. My mate runs a BA heavy support detachment with a dev squad, Baal, LR and some DC.

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1k Dark Angels
Outrider Detachment - 4cp
Relic: Sword of Secrets


Master in Terminator Armour (Warlord) w/ Relic Blade & Stormbolter = 106


Dreadnought w/ Heavy Plasma Cannon & Missile Launcher = 96


5x Scouts w/ 4x Sniper Rifles & Heavy Bolter = 73

5x Scouts w/ Chainsword, 4x Bolters & Missile Launcher = 75

Fast Attack:

5x Assault Marines w/ Jump Packs,  Power Sword, Eviscerator, 3x Plasma Pistols = 105

3x Black Knights w/ Power Sword & 2x Corvus Hammers = 118

Land Speeder Vengeance  w/ Plasma Storm Battery & Assault Cannon = 144

Heavy Support:

Predator w/ Twin-Lascannon, 2x Heavy Bolters, Hunter-Killer Missile, Stormbolter = 158

5x Devastators w/ Missile Launcher, Heavy Bolter, Lascannon & Cherub = 125

I've decided on no primaris as I really believe that they should be an allied detachment for Dark Angels, who trust no one,and I don't like the tank, inceptors or reivers.

I realise that there's some less than optimal choices, but I'm not planning on taking it to a tourney anyway.

The feedback I'm after is whether you think this would be fun to play and what wargear I should change? Not looking at swapping units or expanding yet (as I've got the list about 50% painted and I want to finish it before moving on.
Formerly known as Cpt. Banjo.


I might swap the Heavy Bolter Scout from the sniper team to the boltgun team. Since the Heavy Bolter has a lot of shots, it's not hurt as hard as a Krak Missile would be by having to move+shoot (which the boltgun team might do when it wants to get into range). The long range of the Missile Launcher means it should be fine hitting vehicles even if it's standing in the back with the snipers.

For the Dev squad, I might try to squeeze in one more Lascannon if you can find the points, since devs can take up to 4 heavy weapons. Leaving one guy with a boltgun isn't a bad idea as an ablative wound though.

This list looks like it would be fun to play against in a friendly game, with a variety of targets and ways of fighting. The Black Knights unit seems a little on the small size, but for 1k points it might be fine. The Assault Marines aren't as good this edition I've heard due to low attack count. Dark Angels don't get Vanguard Veterans but they must have some other way of getting a power sword and some plasma pistols into range quickly - maybe the light biker unit? If you already own the models though, I hear people only take a melee weapon upgrade on the sergeant these days due to low attack count on the regular Assault Marine trooper.
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Dead King Of Fenris

Thanks, agree on the assault squad, they are a bit underwhelming in combat. And your other comments were good too. For the most part, I've used them as cheap-ish deepstriking plasma.

I'd also have given the captain a combo plasma but I wanted to be able to use him as deathwing sarge. In the meantime I either deploy him near the tank and dread or drop near AM for overcharge plasms rerolls.

I have a bike squad I haven't assembled yet, so may substitute them for the AM. But I liked the idea of having some greenwing.

As much as I hate to admit because the model is cool, and painted, I'll probably drop the Eviscerator. I could shave some points from the pred by removing the extra wargear - that'd get 19 points total. I do have another lascannon, missile launcher and multimelta.

Unfortunately I modelled the sniper scout sarge with a power fist - I knew it was silly but I thought the idea of a Sarge changing mags with the fist  ridiculous. Will definitely swap the weapons around though.

Thanks for your comments.
Formerly known as Cpt. Banjo.

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