A New Inquisitor Comes Forth

Started by laucian_meliamne, January 29, 2018, 03:22:38 PM

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Just announced today: everyone's favourite bald-headed inqisitor, Gregor Eisenhorn himself is getting a 28mm model on February 24.  The announcement says rules are included, which means this is (as far as I can tell) the first named Ordo Xenos inquisitor to get rules.


The model itself is a scaled-down version of the old 54mm Inquisitor-scale model with some small cosmetic changes, just like Captain Artemis from the Deathwatch.

PS: I checked the Armies of the Imperium, General 40k, and Rumours/Speculation boards and didn't see this posted anywhere else yet.  But in case I missed it elsewhere, sorry to the mods for the duplicate thread.

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I'll probably buy this, even though I barely play. It is pretty cool!
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I used to really like the Inquisitor articles that appeared in White Dwarf and always wanted Eisenhorn to be in 28mm just because the art looked so good. I might just have to buy this for old times sake and it looks just as good as the original art work.
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I am so happy that they've made this model!
They have really done it justice as well, I am definitely going to try and pick this one up!

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The model is certainly impressive and resembles the Inquisitor 54mm very well.  In view of the fact that the rules are included with the model, I would imagine that it's likely to be a limited edition release, which may well tempt me into picking one up.
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