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Author Topic: 2000 points death guard  (Read 1702 times)

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2000 points death guard
« on: October 18, 2017, 12:45:07 PM »

Hey all I am attempting to create a somewhat competative list die nu death guard. I use 2 detachments (1 pure DG, for all the goodies. And 1 chaos whatever list to get acces to warp time).

The plan is to get the terminators or the daemon prince into contact by turn 1. Also I use a large plague marine squad, accompanied by a biologus putrifier, to get blight bombardement at least once.

Batallion detachment - CSM, DEATH GUARD, DAEMONS

1 Herald of Nurgle; -fleshy abundance (keep the prince flying)
1 CSM sorcerer; jump pack, warp time, death hex.

3 Nurgling swarms
3 Nurgling swarms
3 Nurgling swarms


1 Daemon prince of Nurgle; Wings, the suppurating plate, blades of putrification
1 malignant plaguecaster; putrescant vitality, gift of contagion

10 poxwalkers
10 cultists
14 plague marines
- 2 blightlaunchers, plasmagun (champion), 2 plagueflails, double knives for the rest.

7 blightlord terminators
- 2 combi melta, 2 combi plasma, 1 plague flail, 2 balesword, 4 bubotic axes

1 noxious blightbringer

1 biologus putrifier

1 hellforged contemptor dreadnought
- butcher cannon, deathclaw+soulburner

(20 plaguebearers + icon & flute)

2000 points - 9 command points - 112 power
It seems I had victory all along!

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Re: 2000 points death guard
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2017, 06:52:53 PM »

I think you could use more Pox walkers. They are a fantastic screen and tarpit unit, and death guard should want to take full advantage of them. For 2000pts, you should have at least 40-60 of them.

Plauge marines are not great, and relying on them throwing grenades is Very situational, and not a thing to really base a strategy around, to be honest.

 I think you'd be better off running more pox walkers, instead of Nurglings. 30 models, vs 9, and can be benefited by your Death Guard units. Also, as there are more models, the units have larger footprints, which is great for board control. The reinforcement points should be spent instead of plague bearers, but more Pox Walkers.

I think just adding more pox walkers will be really good for the list.
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