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Started by adamscurr, January 14, 2017, 08:46:06 PM

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So, as promised, here is my tourney report...

I realized going into this that I was woefully uninformed about all the new stuff in the 40k world since I've not really played a game in two years or so... So really just planned to relax, have a good time, and krump some stuff...

My list looked like:

1 WB, Head Wompa, BP, HA

11 boyz, Trukk, Ram, WB

12 boyz, pk nob w/bp, Trukk, Ram, WB

12 boyz, pk nob w/bp, Trukk, Ram, WB

3 MANZ, 3 x kill saws, BP, Trukk, Ram, WB

3 MANZ, 3 x kombi-skorcha, BP, Trukk, Ram, WB

1 Green Baron

1 Green Baron

My first game was against Adeptus Mechanicus (I think...). He had a walker with a str 10 template, about 6 guys on treads with big guns, a unit of soldier types with some snipers...\

So he got first turn and I positioned my trukks to maximize cover. I ended up loosing two trukks of boyz. One exploded and killed about half, which he blew to bits all except the nob. The other was wrecked and the boyz got out and sat on my objective the rest of the game...  Everything else moved up and I felt pretty good about it...

Second turn, the mechinus poop hit the fan... My MANZ with skorcha's got out and hit both tread units and forced a leadership check on one unit, which he failed and his HQ ran off the board with them... I charged he walker was the other MANZ unit and blew it to bits...

Turn 3-4 saw my warboss get shot to hell and die along with his boyz. My kopters and MANZ saw off his other tread unit, but lost one kopter and 5 MANZ total to powerfists (some bad luck there). It boiled down to a couple of figures on each side...

5-6 saw the game get even closer... I pulled his guys off the objective in turn 5 and drive my trukk on his objective. If the game had ended there, I would have won... Unfortunately, it went to round 6 and he managed to kill me trukk and secure his objective for a draw... Except, he had first blood, so got a narrow victory... Great game though... Really nail bitter.... :)

Game 2: Well, er... didn't go so well... I was up against an eldar player with a jetbike, wraithguard list... He said the wraithguard had templates, but I was picturing small round templates... He managed to get his wraithguard to infiltrate and pretty much had them jump out and start frying trukks and the boyz inside... Then he cast invisibility on the wraithguard so I could not shoot them, couldn't assault them, pretty much made them invincible...

This was the most cheese I'd seen in a while... The game was not even fun... I tried to give up in round 1, seeing as my army could literally do nothing to counter the wraithgaurd other than run away... He wanted to play it out, so by round 2 I was tabled... 

This type of army is why GW is loosing out... They were ultra cheese... The player was a nice guy and all, but his army was over the top and I won't play an army like that in friendly play... It was demoralizing and no fun to go up against an army like that... Oh... And did I mention the bazillion jetbikes with boat loads of str 6? :)

Game 3 was against a demons player with Nurgle and Khorne... I was by far the most fun game of the day... I actually found an army that was even less reliable than my own...  So pretty much there was a large pile up in the center of the board...

Some notable events were my warboss, who won two challenges by lobbing off enemies head with the Head wompa... He had a deamon prince of nurgle who was a real tough dude, killing one unit of MANZ single handedly...

A funny moment was when the other unit of MANZ was beating up some khorne bloodletters, the lost stability and vanished, bewildering the MANZ, who went on to trash some nurglings.

Speaking of that nurgle fellow, he went on to trash another unit of boyz before a fresh unit was about to tear him a new one when time ran out... The boss and the kopters charged a unit of summoned bloodletters... Basically I was about to take over with kill points and we were low on time... My opponent really needed some points so I told him we could stop since there was no way I was going to place after the disaster with the Smeldar so I gave him the win...

I'm pretty sure had we kept going, I would have trounced the Nurgle prince with a fresh unit of boyz and a pk nob... While he was tough, he only had two wounds left and I think the numbers would have fallen in my favor...

I know the bloodletters would have been toast to the warboss and his boyz, along with the two kopters... We would have then moved on to finish his HQ who was lurking nearby on a chariot with only a wound left... At that point, then only thing he had left was the hell cannon...

So... Could have pulled out a win, but was pretty tired at that point and let the kid take a victory... Made his day and a victory for me wouldn't have meant much...

Results: While I didn't do well points-wise, I did manage a best of show for my excellently painted boyz... The judge stated that I overwhelmingly won best of show; which makes me feel good because I've always been more of a modeler than player since I can't get to my store as much. My General Lee Trukk was well received, which is funny because it was the first trukk I ever build about 12 years ago... Everyone loved it so I think I might covert some more hot rods into trukks...

It was pretty fun to get the boyz out... I can say that they performed about as well as I could expect considering how over-the-top a lot of GW stuff is these days... I'm hopping the orks get a little love in the future because as is, they are challenging to win with... We've definitely seen a slow decline in the ork army since 4th... Things have just gotten worse for the greenskins... But they are still fun to play, cept against Smeldar... :)


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Thanks for the report! I'm glad you had fun with the greenskins, they are defiantly a finesse army, but I do feel they have a lot of tools which can help them out.

1000pts is on the low end of games, and that does limit some of the stuff you can see, but also limits the tools avalible to you. I feel most armies work very well at 1500pts, but that's just me :)

Eldar are tricky, especially the D-Flamers. You do need to keep in mind that the Wraithguard are 50pts each with the flamers, so one squad of five is almost 1/4 of his points. Your army does have the perfect tools for dealing with D-Flamers though. The overwatch will hurt what ever charges it (badly), so your best bet is to use a weakenes squad (or one of your deff kopta's), to soak up the overwatch, so a second squad can charge in and hold them up. You will be better off in combat with wraithguard (even with invisibility), then letting them walk around flaming you.

Bikes are tricky. They'll be hard to catch, unless he makes a mistake, so your best bet is to stick to trying to claim objectives, and killing enough models in each bike squad to force morale checks. Eldar Jetbikes have pretty low leadership, so if you can kill one model in each 3 man squad, you stand a good chance at making them flee.

Your first game, was against an allied force of Cult Mechanicus and Skitarii. The Tracked dudes had Grav-Cannons I imagine, which probably didn't do much to you at all (lol). It was a good match up for you (even without the guy failing morale checks).

The Daemon army seemed to be a fairly non-optimised force as well, which would have been nice to play against.

I'd love to go to an event like yours! I'm far too used to playing against top tier armies and players (which is a fantastic challenge), but I think I've seen one riptide wing too many lol.

I've seen some ork player do rather well in the current meta (still not a cake walk), but Orks can have a lot of tools, and a few army builds which can take some folks by surprise. Not including the heavily discounted forgeworld stompa (lol).
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Thanks for the report! I personally love small games--should be more events like that!


Great report, it sounds, for the most part, like a very fun little tournament, with interesting armies. Yeah, invisible Wraithguard and S6 Bike spam is pretty damn cheesy at such a low points level.

Great news that you won best in show though.
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Great report Adam. On behalf of all eldar players out there I'd have to apologize for your second opponent. That list completely lacked imagination and is the reason people have dubbed them cheese-dar. I'm sure everyone that faced that list had zero fun playing against it. He also would have had made some fantastic pregame rolls to get both the infiltrate warlord trait and invisibility for his psychic power. Not an easy task to do.

I'm very impressed with your list and how you played it. I'd love to see some photos of your force all done up. Glad you went with the killchoppa. It's a lot more fun than a power lose and way more satisfying to use.

Keep it up, I can't wait to here what's up next for you.


Great write up Adam.  It looks like just about all your units got a moment to shine.  Really glad to see you had fun with that list and gave most of your opponents a good fight.

I'd really like to see some pics of your army too.


It seems to me as though one of the main issues in the Eldar game was invisibility to be honest, which is a psychic power that can be easily abused.

I'm glad that the other games were fun at least, and that the results were close.  Congratulations on your award for your painting :).
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Thanks for all of the support guys... My pics didn't seem to post correctly so here they are..

Those are my trukks littering the field by about turn 4... As you can see only the one unit in the ruins and the chicken walker are still up for him, but I'm running out of boyz at this point! :)

Here is the eldar fight... Again, running out of boyz! :)


Edit: The obvious solution to the problem is send in the Gargant...

It's always the best solution! :)

Edit 2: Got some pics from the tournament organizer... You see the nob by himself after his ride got wrecked and the tracked fellows...

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Great report!!! Good stuff, and more good stuff is that you are the first ork of the new year to earn some teef for your (sorta) batrep with pics. Congrats  ;D

Glad to see you took the head whoppa, for some reason it seems to work really well for me too. Again, like me, the boss didn't die in combat, but from shooting. I hope the secret doesn't make it back to the GW office weenies as they will nerf it for us and give it to the SMs under a different name.
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Funny Skeet...  Ya... The headwompa was brillant in my third game... Unfortunately in the other two games the boss didn't do a whole lot cause he got blown to bits by shooting... Shooting seems to be king these days, which means melee will come back next edition... Probably about the time they remake the ork codex to be more shooty! :) You know how that goes!

It was pretty fun to see the chaos player to smuggly say, "I challenge" only to see his sergents get their head lopped off... I noticed his general tended to drive his chariot away from the warboss after that... Guess I taught him a lesson! :)


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Here is my current truck riding boss with head whoppa. (parts stolen from a SW venerable dread)
"It needs but one foe to breed a war. And even those who have not swords can still die upon them" (Lady Eowyn)
     We orks are not about being the hero; We orks are about being the mob.
Quote from: angel of death 007
Skeetergod: (adj) A crazy fascination for all things combustible mixed with an unhealty lust for red paint. see also Speed Freak


Good times skeet...

I didn't get to fight anything too tough with him... Just a couple of seagants... But he was fun...


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