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Started by Aurics Pride, April 13, 2016, 12:38:23 PM

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Aurics Pride

Good afternoon all!
I am here to provide a few in depth reviews on the individual units found in the Corsair list found in Imperial Armour 12: Doom of Mymeara Vol 2.
So pull up a chair, pour yourself some rum and enjoy!

I will be using this post as an index and will be linking each unit into here for ease of use, I encourage everyone to comment and discuss in the thread, naturally a lot of this will be opinion based so a bit of input is always appreciated.
I will work through unit by unit but if there any requests then let me know and I'll get them done sooner.

Corsair Prince
Void Dreamer
Corsair Baron

Reaver Band
Ghostwalker Band
Cloud Dancer Band

Voidstorm Band
Malevolent Band
Wasp Squadron

Corsair Venom
Corsair Falcon

Corsair Vyper Squadron
Corsair Nightwing
Corsair Phoenix
Corsair Hornet Squadron

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You mean you want the Corsair Prince write up in another post, so that you can use the first post solely for the index?  If so, you can copy and paste the content about the Prince to a new reply in this topic, delete the content from the first post, and update the link to point to the new post.
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Aurics Pride

HQ Choices

Corsair Prince

The boss, the head honcho, the big cheese.
The Corsair prince is your main HQ choice and is a mandatory choice for each detachment whether you use a CAD or the Raiding Company Force Organisation. Must be your armies Warlord, thankfully he is pretty good at that job!

Good Statline
Lots of Weapons options
Helps nearby units regroup
Useful special rules

Expensive upgrades
Good assault unit in a mostly shooting army
Still has an Eldar's toughness

Weapons Options:
Power Weapon- A solid choice but a bit on the expensive side
Venom Blade- A good choice if you are expecting to be facing low armour/ High toughness opponents but as anyone who uses Farseers/Warlocks regularly will tell you, sometimes easily wounding something is great but you just need that AP value to get past the armour. Very situational.
Void Sabre- This is what you want...... Everytime. One of the few options that the prince can take that is actually a bargain, All the benefits of the power weapon and more for a very small amount extra. Lets the Prince cut through power armoured opponents like a hot knife through butter.
Blast Pistol- A great weapon with a very short range but also unfortunately in this book also really freaking expensive. Can be worthwhile if you plan to use the Prince very aggressively but is a lot of points to put into something that realistically will not get much use.
Fusion Pistol- As above, highly situational and very expensive upgrade.
Dissonance Pistol- Oh the potential, so much wasted potential. Great idea but poor execution, just not worth it.
Balelight- Expensive for a one use item but can be very good if used prior to charging, potentially a lot of shots with the possibility of nicely weakening a unit  that you want to carve up with the Void Sabre.
Haywire Grenades- My option if you want to go anti-tank, can be thrown and used against vehicles in combat. Still expensive (bit of a trend here!) but if you are expecting to see a lot of vehicles could well be worthwhile, cheaper than either the Blast pistol or Fusion pistol.
Tanglefield Grenades- Another interesting choice if you plan to use the Prince aggressively, can seriously aid you in combat.

Armour Options:
Voidplate Harness- Pointless and Expensive, possibly worth a look in Zone Mortalis but that is literally about it.
Ghostplate Armour- A very expensive poor invulnerable since you already have the same armour save. Waste of ink.
Shimmershield- Handy little bit of kit but better suited for a Baron than your Prince, you want more protection than this if you are putting the points into him.
Forceshield- Same shield that the Autarchs come with as standard and a decent choice if you want to save points.
Shadowfield- Expensive but if you want to protect your Prince it's the best option, if you have any experience with using them on Dark Eldar Archons then you'll know the value of them, just don't fail a save!

Additional Options:
Cloud Dancer- If you are a planning a fast jetbike heavy army then this is a great option, a Cloud Dancer Prince can form a great little combat unit with a few Venom Bladed Felarchs on bikes.
Jet-Pack- A Corsair staple, bargain price and gives you extra mobility. If you aren't putting him on a Cloud Dancer then you want this.
Psyker Mastery Level 1- Avoid, Avoid, Avoid! In theory the ability to give your units Prescience can be really appealing but the Wild Psyker Perils table is so punishing, you don't want your Warlord turning into a Daemon and using all that lovely expensive Wargear on his friends! The fact he can't take the Aethermancy is a little disappointing. A big risk if you do go this way.

First Prince:
As part of the Prince's special rules he can take one of the following upgrades for free, they are nothing game breaking but can really help to supplement your other units.
Seeker of Forbidden Pleasures- Don't show this to any Dark Eldar using friends, they won't like you for it. Gives your Prince and units in the detachment access to a Combat Drugs chart that is really good if you are playing an aggressive style.
Travelller of Forgotten Paths- Think that the Corsairs were fast before? Think again! Multiple Multiphase generators allowing your units to literally warp across the battlefield, this is what Webway portals should always have been. One of the most fun options in the book.
Collector of Ancient Treasures- Gives access to some Wargear out of the Eldar/Dark Eldar and Harlequins books and Master Crafted. There isn't much on the list that's really that useful for you, much better options available (like the Void Sabre).
Reaper of the Outer Dark- Rampage! A great option for aggressive Princes, if you have a Jetpack or Cloud Dancer you can mitigate the necessity of charging.
Wielder of Profane Powers- Do you like taking risks? If you do then you could have a lot of fun with this! Corsairs summoning Daemons can be really quite fun but don't expect your Prince to finish the game.
Survivor of Endless Darkness- Makes your Prince and other units (at a cost) harder to kill with a small downside, fortunately your Prince's high leadership makes failing the test pretty unlikely so worthwhile. A very good option although many will prefer to go for an offensive trait rather than this defensive one.

Although the Prince is a mandatory choice he is far from being a tax. The only real problem here is that if you decide to really kit him out then you are going to be paying top dollar and this can be a very heavy investment when the majority of units in the Corsair army don't overly enjoy being in combat. In an aggressive army he can be a superb Marine killer and the First Prince special rules can really help to buff the units around him.
My current favourite choices are:

Prince- (Traveller of Forgotten Paths)
Void Sabre
Haywire Grenades

I will join this guy in with my Deep striking Reaver band and use him as some close combat protection but also to aid with a spot of Anti-tank and to make sure I get a Multiphase Key Generator dropped in my opponents deployment zone.

Prince- (Reaper of the Outer Dark)
Cloud Dancer
Void Sabre

This guy will normally join a unit of Cloud Dancer Felarchs and be used just to do as much damage as possible, with a large amount of attacks with the Void Sabre he can tear through most Space Marine equivalent units on his own.


Void Dreamer
A Corsair prince's resident Psychic presence, limited to 0-1 per detachment. Starts off relatively cheap but can soon be boosted up. He can take powers from Aethermancy (The Corsair Unique Psychic discipline) and can also take powers from Divination or Telekinesis. Unfortunately he is a Wild Psyker though so any perils are rolled on the Corsair's own Perils table (and it's nasty.....)

Can go up to ML3
Good Psychic Powers
Good selection of wargear

Corsair Perils table!
Can't take a Cloud Dancer
Can get expensive

Weapon Options:
All the same options as the Corsair Prince for the same points! For the most part you aren't wanting to take many if any upgrades from here due to what will be discussed later on.

Armour Options:
Same options as the Prince for the same points. Again you probably don't want to invest too heavily here.

Other Options:
Jet Pack- Standard Corsair Jetpack, if you aren't planning on sticking him in a transport then you need one of these.

The Corsair Psychic discipline, the Void Dreamer needs to take at least one power from this Discipline although if you are going to be fielding this guy you may want to go the whole hog in the hope you get a couple of the more nasty powers.

Path-Ward (WC2)-
Gives you a guaranteed distance when running/ charging etc. Should be a WC1 power in my opinion but can be very handy. Works well when making the most of the Reckless abandon moves, helps keep your units alive which for Corsairs is a very big thing!

Warp Blink (WC1)-
Can be used to move any unit a random distance, very short range but only WC1. Not really all that helpful to be honest. Swap this for the Primaris if you get it.

Dispersion Field (WC1)-
Very similar to Conceal, can be cast on a unit in range rather than on it's own unit and gives a set save rather than a modifier. Pretty good for a WC1 power.

Webway Rift (WC1)-
Witchfire power good at taking out mass infantry, low strength and poor AP but poisoned. Not all that great but can be useful, certainly no Eldritch Storm!

Webway Breach (WC2)-
Let the fun begin! Takes any friendly unit within range and sticks them in ongoing reserves. Good for quick redeployment of a unit that's out of position especially good if you have Sky Hunters Coterie or Multiphase Key Generators. Risky power to cast but can be worth it.

Warp Tunnel (WC2)-
Slightly risky Teleportation, can let you jump any distance across the table but you can potentially take more damage the further you travel. Does allow a unit to charge on the turn this power is used, sadly only available to be used on units with the Corsair's faction (so not Howling Banshees etc). Can be good to ensure that you get the charge and can be good with units like Malevolents/ Voidstorms.

Webway Maze (WC3)-
Warp Charge 3? Warp freaking charge 3?....... This power is good, takes any enemy unit not in combat in range and sticks them in Ongoing reserves, got a enemy Deathstar causing you problems? Stick them in ongoing reserve! Cannot Target Super Heavy Vehicles but doesn't say anything about Gargantuan Creatures *Cough* Wraithknight *Cough*. Really risky power to use as you are going to have to throw a fair few dice at it but can really be a life saver when used. I got it off on a Land Raider full of Terminators a few weeks ago (Without Perils as well!), it was 4 turns before any of them got into Combat and by that time the game was already lost for them.

The Void Dreamer is a a fun and fluffy unit but realistically not one that you are going to find in a competitive list. The Corsair Perils table is really quite nasty and can be pretty catastrophic should things go south. Most of the Aethermancy powers are good if unspectacular but when you consider the risk involved in using them for the most part they aren't really worth it. If you want a fun unit to use and aren't expecting to face too many psykers then go for it, otherwise I'd say ally in a Farseer or Shadowseer if you want some Psychic support.
Should you take the Void Dreamer then be very wary of tooling them up with Equipment, get the wrong roll on the Perils table and he then turns to your opponents control. Give him a Shadowfield and you'll find that your unit is going to be struggling to get rid of him for a long time, give him a Void Sabre/Venom Blade and you might find that the unit accompanying him isn't there any more.......


Corsair Baron
The Corsair Baron, also known as the Coterie tax is your cheap HQ option and a neccessary inclusion if you plan on using the Coteries. He needs to be allocated to a Troops or Elite unit within the CAD/Coterie and cannot elect to leave that unit during play.

Cheap as chips
Cheap, low risk Psyker
Lots of weapon options

Items same price as Prince- Can go from cheap to expensive way too quickly
Limited to staying in one unit
Doesn't get the Prince's strength bonus

Weapon Options:
Again like the Void Dreamer the Corsair Baron has all the same options as the Prince for the same points values. There is a case to be made for a couple of the Close combat weapons as just throwing a Void Sabre or Venom Blade on this guy can make your Reaver squad look a bit scarier.

Armour Options:
Again, the same options as the Prince for the same points. The Shimmershield is an interesting option when it comes to the Baron though, you likely won't be spending big points on a Shadowfield for him and a lot of the Corsair units could do with an invulnerable save while in combat. Not a huge points outlay for this.

Other Options:
Jetpack- Really these should just come as standard, unless you are mounting him on a Jetbike you want this. Due to the rules for the Dedicated Transports you can't even join him to a foot unit with a transport and no-one in their right mind is going to use a Corsair unit on foot that's not in a transport. Bargain for the price and gives a lot of mobility.
Cloud Dancer- If you are planning on dropping a lot of Cloud Dancers then this could be well worth it. If you are going with the Multiphase Key Generator tactic then this can allow you to reliably drop a portal deep in the opponents deployment zone on Turn 2.
Psyker ML1- If you want Prescience this can be worth a look, the Baron is cheap enough that you won't worry too much if you lose him to perils and if you don't load him up with items he isn't too much of a worry should he go all daemonic. Unless you have Farseer Psychic support you probably won't be getting the powers off particularly often due to a lack of dice but if you want to dabble then you aren't putting too many points into it, especially as you are likely having to take the Baron anyway.

The Baron is an unexciting HQ option although with how the Coteries are set out he is one that you are likely going to have to use if you want to use the Raiding Company. If you have the points to spare then throwing a few points at a Void Sabre, Venom Blade or a Shimmershield can help the unit that you are joining him with but those points could quite easily be spent better elsewhere.
The option of using it as a cheap Psyker is an intriguing one as really even paying for the Jetpack/ Cloud Dancer and Psyker upgrade it's still a cheap unit and not really one you are going to miss too much should he go pop.
More often than not though I suspect you will probably just be using him as a tax to take the Coteries and will just pay the extra points for the Jetpack/ Cloud Dancer and have him as a couple of ablative wounds to keep your Scatter bikes/ Fusion Guns alive.


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Aurics Pride

I hope you don't mind the thread necromancy but I have spent the last couple of days re-reading the Mymeara book and figured I would get it going again!


Reaver Band
Your basic pirates, guardian equivalent units but built for close range fire-fighting rather than shooting up people from a distance. Perfect for boarding actions!

Jet packs!
Good upgrade options
Potentially very fast for an infantry unit

Still rather squishy, typical Eldar statline
Expensive character upgrades
Takes away a troop slot from the Cloud dancers.

Special Rules:
Reckless Abandon- The Corsair Equivalent of Battle focus, a bit more situational but very fluffy and fits how the Corsairs play perfectly. Gives a good amount of mobility and help with the hit and run tactics.
Dancing on the Blades edge- Not a good rule for you but fluffy, just try not to fail leadership tests!

Wargear Options:
Jet Pack- A given really, improves your armour save and makes the unit quick and flexible. The only time that you don't take this option is when you plan to put the unit in a venom.
Heavy Mesh Armour- The same price as the jetpack for the save armour save but without the movement shenanigans that you gain. Only really consider this if you are putting the unit in a venom.
Void Hardened Armour- An interesting choice which gives you slightly more resistance to blast and template weapons but at a loss of movement. Designed for Zone Mortalis and probably where it should stay....

Weapon Options:
Lasblaster- The base weapon and one that you probably want to use if you intend to fight from a distance, the loss of a point of strength is balanced out by the extra range over the shuriken weaponry.
Splinter Rifle- A solid choice if you are expecting to fight anything above T3/T4. Poison can be quite a useful tool in the current incarnation of 40k with the amount of MCs around.
Shuriken Catapult- The Guardians best friend, short range but with a decent strength and bladestorm. If you plan on getting up close and personal this is a great choice, even a cheap unit can start worrying Terminators, Riptides etc.
Brace of Pistols- Gunslinging pirates! Possibly the best option available, gives you flexibility over your shooting attacks with the possibility of shooting Shuriken or Splinter rounds and you still gain the benefits of two close combat weapons.
Flamer- A good choice when combined with Sky Burners coterie, a risky tactic with a unit so squishy but when combined with Reckless abandon and a jet pack thrust move you can do a good hit and run.
Fusion Gun- Who doesn't love melta guns? Short ranged but very powerful and probably the best infantry anti-tank in the army list. The ability to take 4 of these in a unit of 10 is really nasty.
Shredder- Good weapon and a nice cheap upgrade but overshadowed by other options
Blaster- Like the Fusion gun the blaster is a good anti-tank option and with a venom you can make a pseudo blaster born unit. Personally I'd prefer Melta over Lance especially with the ability to hit and run away with reckless abandon.
Haywire Grenades- An expensive upgrade with the new FAQ, worth a look if you intend on using them for tank hunting.
Tanglefield Grenades- Useful for assault units, not well suited for Reavers.

Felarch Upgrades:
Power Weapon- Expensive upgrade for a low strength model and especially so when you really don't want this unit in combat!
Venom Blade- As above, a lot of points to be spending on something you don't really want in combat.
Blast Pistol- A lot of points but useful if you are planning on using your Reavers like a unit of Blaster born. For some reason twice as expensive as the Blasters though.....
Dissonance Pistol- Dissonance weaponry is only really useful in units of multiples, this is the only way to put a dissonance weapon in a unit of Reavers, Not worth considering for the price.

The Reavers are a very solid choice, particularly when used aggressively. With the Sky Burners coterie they can make a very good tank hunting unit and with the Reckless abandon special rule and Jet Packs they can perform some very good hit and run attacks. Like most Eldar units they are rather squishy when facing return fire but in true Corsair fashion it's all about quick hard strikes and then withdrawing back to regroup before hitting them again!
My favourite setup for these guys is using a unit of 10 with Jet-Packs and 4 Fusion guns using the Sky Burners Coterie. Accurate deepstrikes and 4 Fusion guns will do serious damage to pretty much any vehicle in the game and for a fairly reasonable points cost.
Upgrading to a Felarch is a cheap option for the extra leadership but don't bother with upgrading him as most options are way too expensive or aimed at combat performance which is where you do not want this unit.

Ghostwalker Band
The Corsair scout alternative, for those who prefer sneaky warfare. They gain Stealth, infiltrate and scout special rules though lose the option of a Felarch upgrade.

Special Rules:
Scout and Infiltrate- I have bundled these together as they go perfectly with each other. They allow you the option of having an advanced unit to capture objectives early or put some early pain onto enemy units.
Stealth- Not quite as good as Rangers but this will really help to keep these guys alive if you are planning on infiltrating.

Wargear Options:
Jet Packs- Improved armour save and mobility for a bargain price, no question.

Weaponry Options:
Lasblaster- The basic weapon, a decent amount of shots but at a relatively low strength. Good for a basic weapon but there are better options to come....
Eldar Longrifle- Sniper rifles! Exactly what you'd expect from the Corsair's version of Rangers, useful if you are expecting to face monstrous creatures and even more useful when you have relentless from the Jet Packs...
Flamer- If you are planning on getting up close these can be pretty useful but probably better suited on the Reavers.
Fusion Guns- Great choice for early strikes against enemy vehicles, combines very well with the Infiltrate and Scout but while only being able to take 1 per 5 models it's a lot of points to be spending for something that can easily fail....
Shredder- A Cheap option and probably one of the better uses for this weapon.
Blaster- Again much like the Fusion gun it's a good choice for Tank Hunting but only being able to take one means that you are potentially wasting 4/5ths of the unit's shooting.
Haywire Grenades- Good if you were planning on using these guys as a suicide squad but really it's a lot of points to spend for that purpose, the new FAQ has really neutered the use of these.
Tanglefield Grenades- Again really out of place right here, you do not want this unit!

These guys are objective holders but that's really about it, Reavers and Clouddancers are much better choices for your troops slots. Sniper rifles with relentless and being able to make jump-shoot-jump attacks can be interesting but not worth the amount of points that you are going to be paying out. If you could take more than 1 special weapon per 5 models they'd make a decent infiltrating tank hunting unit but at the moment they aren't reliable enough for the amount of points that you are going to be paying out.


Cloud Dancer Band
Jetbikes! An Eldar players best friend, this is where you are going to find the speed and aggressive hard hitting attacks which you'd expect from Eldar Pirates!

Special Rules:
Reckless Abandon- This rule is good when used with Infantry but it's great when used with Jetbikes, their longer movement in the movement phase allows them to get into position to make better use of this rule. With this they are really mobile.
Outflank- Jetbikes are mobile enough as it is but give them outflank and that rear armour on your enemies tanks is looking all that bit more tempting and easy to hit. Makes your bikes even more useful for objective grabbing!

Weapon Options:
Brace of pistols- Comes as standard on the riders, allowing you effectively a Shuriken Catapult and Splinter Rifle plus the benefits of two close combat weapons!
Shuriken Cannon- A good choice for heavy weapons, the bladestorm can make up for the loss of range on the other options. Combines well with Reckless abandon.
Scatter Laser- SCATBIKES! Love them or hate them, scat bikes are really effective. Slightly more expensive than the craftworld version but still so powerful and undercosted.
Dark Lance- Slightly more expensive but a very good anti-tank option, a unit of three runs at a very modest cost and can make some superb Jump-Shoot-Jump attacks against enemy vehicles
Splinter Cannon- The choice for players who love Splinter Cannon Venoms! for a low cost you can put out a huge amount of firepower, a unit of 6 of these is a very reasonable price and will absolutely shred hordes and even seriously worry Monstrous creatures.
Dissonance Cannon- Probably the only place that Dissonance cannons are useful, if you run a unit of 6 of them they are statistically likely to be marine killing but in all honesty Scatter Lasers, Splinter Cannons and Dark Lances are better.
Haywire Grenades- Expensive upgrade and really not worth it. You don't want these guys this close to enemy vehicles.
Tanglefield Grenades- No. Just. No. With the Brace of Pistols and a Felarch your Cloud Dancers can actually throw out a few attacks but if you are spending points out on heavy weapons you don't want to waste them in combat.

Felarch Options:
Unlike the Reaver Band the Cloud Dancers can actually upgrade up to 3 models in to being Felarchs, this can actually make the unit a fairly decent (if expensive) combat unit and a great place to put your Cloud Dancer Prince.
Power Weapon- Expensive and not really worth it in a shooty unit.
Venom Blade- Cheaper than the Power Weapon and better if not facing Marines but again quite out of place.
Blast Pistol- The same price as a Dark Lance..............Just no.
Dissonance Pistol- More expensive than a Dissonance cannon........WTF?

Like the current incarnation of the Craftworld Eldar these guys will be your bread and butter. With Scatter Lasers, Splinter Cannons or Dark Lances they can put out a huge amount of firepower for a very modest price. They perfectly fit the theme of Corsairs, being able to perform quick hit and run attacks and are your go to units for capturing objectives.
My current setup is using units of 3 with Scatter lasers so I can use them to capture objectives and put down a decent amount of supressing fire while my Lynx, Warp Hunter and Reavers do the hard work.
Generally you will either see the traditional Scatbike setup or The Splinter cannon option which is currently very popular due to the huge amount of shots they can put out for a very modest price.
If you are wanting a fast combat unit then consider taking the three Felarch upgrade and giving them Venom Blades, they won't be bypassing armour saves but you will be putting out a decent amount of Poisoned hits, just don't throw them into Terminators etc. Three Felarchs kitted out this way will set you back not much under 100 points so I would definitely suggest to throw in a couple of "Meatshield" models so they can maintain their effectiveness, A Baron with a Shadowfield will also help a huge amount.

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Quote from: Aurics Pride on February  5, 2017, 04:40:26 PM
I hope you don't mind the thread necromancy but I have spent the last couple of days re-reading the Mymeara book and figured I would get it going again!

The judges allow it and encourage such additions

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Awesome write up! Can't wait to read more.

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Very good, very realistic write-up which I totally agree with. Great job Auric... one things of note... I believe you can upgrade all the bikers to Felarchs (or perhaps up to 3?) which can make a small jetbike based combat unit for the Prince. Waaaay too expensive but the only single source option for Corsairs to have some bike based combat bros for the Prince.
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Aurics Pride

Quote from: Cavalier on February  7, 2017, 06:55:05 AM
Very good, very realistic write-up which I totally agree with. Great job Auric... one things of note... I believe you can upgrade all the bikers to Felarchs (or perhaps up to 3?) which can make a small jetbike based combat unit for the Prince. Waaaay too expensive but the only single source option for Corsairs to have some bike based combat bros for the Prince.

Haha you are correct and I totally remember putting that in your project thread months and months ago! I shall get the post added, definitely worth a mention.

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lol... you know me Auric. Weird Eldar combat unit.... if there is a will there is a way!  ;D
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Aurics Pride


Corsair Voidstorm Band
The Elite warriors of the Corsair fleet, veterans of many a boarding action. Like the Reavers they are an all-round unit with similar upgrades to the Reavers.

Special Rules:
Reckless Abandon- As with the Reaver band, this allows very fluffy hit and run style attacks, works particularly well with Jet Packs!

Wargear Options:
Jet Pack- Much like the Reaver band unless you are planning to put these guys in a Venom or a Falcon this is a no-brainer. Makes the unit very mobile and more resilient, for a bargain price!
Voidplate Harness- Still an expensive upgrade but actually slightly more worth taking for these guys, you are paying a premium for having a unit of Sergeant level models so giving them effectively Power Armour isn't a bad shout, you lose fleet but if you are planning on running a unit in a venom this isn't so much of an issue.
Void Hardened Armour- Don't worry about this unless playing Zone mortalis, in which it's pretty damn good.

Weapon Options:
The weapons options for the Voidstorm Band are the same as the options for the Reavers.
Lasblaster- The Basic Weapon and normally a good choice for ranged fighting but using these would be a big waste of the improved stat line.
Splinter Rifle- Much like for the Reavers not a bad option but again like the Lasblaster a bit of a waste for this unit.
Shuriken Catapult- See above.
Brace of Pistols- Now this is more like it! The boost to your attacks is pretty handy and you are still getting a decent amount of shots from the unit.
Flamer- If you are planning on using this unit aggressively the Flamer can be a good choice to help thin down a unit before assaulting, also helps a bit with overwatch.
Fusion Gun- A great weapon but only being able to take 1 per 5 is a bit of a kick in the teeth, if the unit was more like the Trueborn these could be really nasty.
Shredder- (See Reaver Band)
Blaster- Again like the Fusion gun this is a good weapon but only being able to take one really hinders the effectiveness. You can't use this squad like you would Trueborn or Fire Dragons.
Haywire Grenades- Prior to the FAQ these were worth taking, for the price now though it's really not worth it. Great for a little extra anti-tank but there are better ways of spending your points
Tanglefield Grenades- On this unit they are actually worth taking, if you are going to be using this squad as an assault squad every little advantage you can gain is worth taking. Not a bad price either.
Power Weapon- A good weapon usually but I am not a fan with the Typical Eldar strength, there is a better option which is cheaper
Venom Blade- And here it is! Cheaper than the power weapon and with much worse AP value but your chances of wounding dramatically improve with this weapon over the Power weapon, I find that unless you are fighting against Eldar/DE etc the Venom Blade is more effective.
Blast Pistol- Short range Blaster but you won't lose your extra attack for two close combat weapons, very expensive upgrade though.
Dissonance Pistol- If you take a few of these then they can do something but really the rules just aren't good enough to justify the price.

This is a bit of a strange unit that doesn't really know what it wants to achieve, you have all the Reaver Weapons options plus all the Felarch weapons options but you are limited to only 1 Special Weapon (Flamer, Blaster, Fusion Gun) per 5 models which prevents them from being used in the same way as Trueborn or Fire Dragons. The Felarch statline points towards them being geared to close combat fighting but at the end of the day without spending a considerable amount of points these guys are still only Eldar and have an Eldar statline.
A possible set up for these guys would be a unit of 5 in a Venom armed with 5 Venom Blades and Tanglefield Grenades. Their good initiative and weapon skill plus their grenades will mean that most of the time they will be striking first and armed with Venom blades they'll do some decent damage to most units but unfortunately they won't be surviving many attacks back!


Corsair Malevolent Band
A very interesting unit in the Corsair army, tainted pirates who are kept sealed away until battle looms and they are set free with suicidal fury. A dedicated close combat unit with some interesting rules.

Special Rules:
Reckless Abandon- Not really as useful for this unit as you will be wanting them in combat but in situations it can be useful
Fearless- Very useful! Not taking leadership tests from lost models to shooting and to lost combats can really be helpful and can really help this unit do their job. This trumps the "Dancing on the blades edge" rule that most of the Corsair units have.
Furious Charge- This rule was almost a necessity for this unit as they still have near enough a basic Eldar stat line. Makes them much more effective against T4 models.
Rage- Who doesn't like more attacks?!?
Feel No Pain- Feel no pain gives this unit a decent bump in resilience and is a very fluffy rule for them to have.
Curse of the Void- Basically gives a bubble around the unit where anything Craftworld Eldar, Dark Eldar, Corsair or Harlequins gets a drop in Leadership and also means that Malevolents aren't a scoring unit (Boooooo!)

Wargear Options:
Jet-Pack- With no option of taking a dedicated transport (Unless you pay for one as a fast attack choice) this is a very good choice, the boosted mobility and armour save can really help this unit get to where it's going to do the most damage.
Heavy Mesh Armour- The Same armour save as the Jet Pack but without the mobility, only take if you are sticking this unit in a (Fast attack choice) Venom.

Weapon Options:
Weapon options are a lot more limited for the Malevolents:
Power Weapon- With the addition of Furious charge these weapons actually come into the realms of interest, still very expensive and can be taken by two in every five models. Definitely worth looking at.
Venom Blade- Makes the furious charge a little pointless but the Poisoned with a decent amount of attacks is going to do some damage to most units.
Melta Bombs- Actually not a bad choice here, can be bought for only one model so the FAQ doesn't hurt so much here and is a fairly cheap option. If you aren't planning on upgrading to Power Weapons or Venom Blades it's probably worth taking one of these for a bit of anti-tank.

While not in the realms of Striking Scorpions the Malevolents aren't actually a bad assault unit. A decent amount of attacks on the charge and the extra resilience can make them quite effective. It's worth considering a couple of weapon upgrades depending on what you are facing up against. The Leadership reducing Bubble is a pretty tough on your Corsair units who are already fighting against their own special rules in this regard.
The only real issue with this unit is that the Corsairs are generally a very shooty army and this unit will probably find themselves a little unsupported.
If you want to use this unit I would suggest keeping the unit small and look at either Jet-packs or a Venom if you have a space Fast Attack choice. Also consider the Power Weapon or Venom Blade upgrades for two of your models. They'll need to do as much damage as possible to whatever they charge before it gets chance to strike back.


Corsair Wasp Squadron
Corsair War Walkers! A bit different to the previous edition but still able to put out a lot of firepower and still very mobile!

Special Rules & Wargear:
Corsair Kinetic Shroud- An invulnerable save, much like what the Craftworld War Walkers possess.
Wasp Jump Pack- Not as good as the Jet Pack of the old edition but still an interesting piece of wargear. Like a normal Jump Pack it can be used in either the Movement or Assault phases. If used in the Movement phase then you move as a normal Jump Pack but can only fire Snapshots, if used in the Assault Phase you get the usual jump pack bonuses but with an improved Hammer of wrath.
Scout- Like the Craftworld Warwalkers scout either gives you a free move to get into position or to outflank, a very useful option.
Reckless Abandon- Not as good a choice for Warwalkers as they aren't as fast as the Jet Pack or Jetbike models but still can help get a unit away from an assault unit.

Weapon Options:
Shuriken Cannon- A very cheap option that if you are planning on using these guys aggressively can be a good choice, you can put out quite a lot of decent strength bladestorm attacks
Splinter Cannon- A pair of these turns your wasp into a slightly more expensive walking Venom, a good option for the sheer amount of shots that they'll put out. 3x Wasps armed this way is a seriously dangerous option.
Scatter Laser- Good old trusty Scatter lasers! Good range, good strength, Good rate of fire......Rubbish AP. Getting enough shots they'll do damage, great against pesky battle company players!
Starcannon- Do you like Terminators? No, me niether! That's why I use these to shred them! Great at taking out Terminator/Centurion level models with a moderate rate of fire but good strength and low AP. Also a relatively cheap upgrade.
Bright Lance- The Craftworld staple for Anti-Tank firepower. High Strength lance weapon that is surprisingly good at taking out Land Raiders etc.
Dark Lance- As above but slightly more spikey.
Eldar Missile Launcher- The Versatile choice, more expensive than the other options but can use both anti-infantry and anti-tank modes.

Wargear Options-
Void Burners- Let's you deepstrike, helpful but with your Wasp Jump Pack, Scout and Outflank you shouldn't really have much problem getting them where they need to be.

Sadly not able to pull off the old Jump Shoot Jump tactics that they used to be able to in the old rules but still an effective unit. Huge range of weapon options available to them to fit almost any situation. Definitely a unit to magnetise!
My preferred all round set up is One Starcannon and one Scatter Laser on each Wasp but a lot of people go double Scatter laser. Wasps are a good source of Anti-tank also, armed with Brightlances they can really scare most vehicles.
The improved Hammer of Wrath is an interesting prospect for these guys as they can actually do some pretty good damage on the charge, not something you'd really expect from Warwalkers! It's more of a gimmick than a genuine tactic though, these guys should be shooting as much as possible!

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Aurics Pride

A quick update:


Corsair Venom
A traditional Dark Eldar vehicle which first started it's life with the Harlequins many editions ago! Small and lightly armoured but able to put out good firepower for a small transport.

Transport Capacity:
5 Models- Sadly this means that you can't add ICs into your units if you plan to put them in Venoms  :(

Special Rules:
Scout- Helps get the units in the right place and just adds to the Corsair's speed. Outflank can also be a very good option.

Weapons options:
Twin Linked Lasblasters (Underslung)- The standard option but one that you'll want to replace pretty quickly!
Twin Linked Splinter Rifles (Underslung)- The twin linking is nice but if you want poison then the better option is coming up in a bit....
Twin Linked Shuriken Catapult (Underslung)- The standard Jetbike weapon, good for a bit of accurate bladestorming but very short range.
Splinter Cannon- The Usual Dark Eldar setup. Lots of Poisoned shots at good range, can seriously worry almost all Monstrous creatures and can make a great mess of Hordes. Can't touch vehicles though. (The venom can be given two of these)
Shuriken Cannon- Shorter range than the Splinter Cannon and no poison but at a decent strength with Bladestorm it can be a very viable alternative if you are expecting to face lots of vehicles or heavily armoured units. (The Venom can be given two of these)

Wargear options:
Void Burners- Allows the vehicle to Deep strike, very situational but it is only a cheap upgrade.
Corsair Kinetic Shroud- Gives you the invulnerable save that the Corsair version is missing but at a fairly expensive price.
Star Engines- Again a fairly expensive upgrade but makes it a lot faster. Can be great for getting units in position to threaten very early.
Chain Snares- Lets you tank shock, cheap upgrade but in all honesty very situational and the points can be spent much better elsewhere.

A lot of Dark Eldar players use these units to great success as cheap gunboats and they can do that job well for the Corsairs too. Set up with either twin Splinter Cannons or Twin Shuriken Cannons they can put out a lot of damage for a relatively small points cost. The Corsair Venoms are sadly quite a bit less resilient than their Dark Eldar versions though so it may be worth spending a few points on getting that Kinetic Shroud to keep them alive.
They can be good for getting Voidstorm or Reaver squads in close enough to use their Fusion guns/Flamers while putting down some decent surpressing fire.
Also remember since they are open topped you can assault out of them!


Corsair Falcon
The Eldar's famed Gunboat/Transport unit. Heavier armoured than the venom (Although a lot more expensive) and able to select from a good range of weaponry.

Transport Capacity:
6 Models- Slightly better than the Venom, allows you to join a Baron/Prince/Voiddreamer in with your Reaver or Voidstorm squad.

Special Rules:
Scout- An interesting one with Falcons, the ability to outflank can be great with the anti-tank weaponry available to the Falcon. Can help to find the rear armour of vehicles.

Weaponry Options:
Twin Linked Lasblasters (Underslung)- The standard option, like the Venom you'll probably want to change these fairly quickly.
Twin Linked Splinter Rifles (Underslung)- Accurate poison shots, kinda wasteful if you are setting up for Anti-tank weaponry on top of the vehicle but can add a bit of close anti-infantry protection.
Twin Linked Shuriken Catapults (Underslung)- As above, a little out of place but can help for close range shooting.
Splinter Cannon- Can be taken underslung or in the option turret slot. Like the Splinter Rifles a bit out of place if you are setting the falcon up to be an anti-tank vehicle. When taken with another Splinter Cannon though it can be nasty.
Shuriken Cannon- Again can be taken underslung or in the option Turret slot. The more common choice as it has better synergy with the other weapon options. Can be good for anti-tank or anti-infantry duties.
Pulse Laser- The option that you can't change........and why would you want to?!? Probably one of the most typically Corsair weapons, multiple high strength shots which can make a big mess of almost all targets.
Starcannon- One of my favourite options, good strength and multiple shots with a low AP value, can really make a mess of units like Terminators/Centurions. Has good synergy with the Pulse laser and with the Shuriken Cannon.
Bright Lance- Take this if you are expecting tanks! Good synergy again with the Pulse Laser and able to damage absolutely anything in the game. High strength and with the Lance rule, even Knights and Land Raiders fear this thing.
Dark Lance- As above!
Eldar Missile Launcher- This is the option to take when you really don't know what you want. Expensive in comparison to the others but much more versatile.

Wargear Options:
Void Burners- Deep strike! Very good option for the Falcon as it allows you to start threatening rear armour of vehicles and getting Reavers etc into place to really do some hurt.
Kinetic Shroud- The Corsair version of Holofields really, can be invaluable at times but is a fairly expensive upgrade.
Star Engines- Increases the threat range pretty dramatically. Gets the Falcon into position to really threaten the following turn.

The Falcon is a much more expensive option than the Venom and is not an open topped transport but it serves a much different purpose. A tooled up Falcon can really do a lot of damage to armoured targets and teamed up with a unit of Reavers with a Fusion gun and a Haywire Grenade can really strike fear into most Vehicles.
With the exception of the Missile launcher and underslung Shuriken Cannon the weapons upgrades are all pretty cheap and it's definitely worth spending a little on the Void Burners and Kinetic Shroud to get it into position and to keep it alive. Remember that the Kinetic Shroud gets a bonus if you flat out or Deep Strike!

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Corsair Vyper Squadron
Fast, light armoured skimmers than can put out a fairly impressive level of firepower for a fairly cheap cost. Very similar to their Craftworld Cousins.

Special Rules:
Scout- A free move or outflank can be really important for getting these guys into a position to really threaten, they are fairly fragile so you need to make sure you make your shots count.

Weapons Options:
Twin-Linked Lasblasters- Not a bad option but not really a good one either, you'll likely be wanting to swap these for a heavy weapon.
Twin-Linked Shuriken Catapults- Too short range to really be effective on this model, you don't want your Vypers getting so close to the enemy.
Twin Linked Splinter Rifles- Again not a bad option but certainly not the best.
Shuriken Cannon- Now we are talking! Good strength and Bladestorm, Craftworlders often use twin Shuriken Cannon Vypers and they are still one of the better builds for Corsairs (Can be given underslung and turret)
Splinter Cannon- Can you say Venom...... A great option for Venoms and just as good for Vypers, better range than the Shuriken Cannon, this is the choice for anti-infantry duties. (Can be given underslung and turret)
Scatter Laser- A decent option as you have good strength and a decent rate of fire, makes a decent combination with the Shuriken Cannon for light vehicle hunting.
Starcannon- Less shots than the Shuriken Cannon but more consistent low AP value, a good option if you are expecting lots of Terminators etc, Math-hammer often gives the advantage to Scatter Lasers even against these targets but I always figure it's better to take the dice rolling out of your opponents hands!
Bright Lance- The option for tank hunting, a cheap upgrade and allows you a fairly accurate high strength lance shot on a fast chassis, combines well with the Shuriken Cannon and outflank.
Dark Lance- As Above
Eldar Missiles Launcher- Gives you more versatility but unfortunately a big price jump from the other options, not really worth the expense.

Wargear Options:
Corsair Void Burners- Worth a look as it's only a cheap upgrade but your ability to scout and to Outflank makes this one less useful.
Kinetic Shroud- A lot of points to spend to protect such a flimsy unit, almost half the points of the base model itself, not really worth it.
Star Engines- Again a pretty expensive upgrade, can be good to set you up for Side/Rear armour shots but you are going to need to survive for a turn to make the most of it.
Chain Snares- Cheap upgrade but to be honest you really don't want your Vypers in a position to tank shock.....

Very similar to the Venom but marginally cheaper, a unit of two or three can put out a horrendous amount of shots if armed with twin Splinter Cannons (Venom Style) but they are very flimsy and the only real protection you can give them is just too expensive. If you have the points and Fast attack slots spare it's worth looking at having one just as a Bright Lance platform, they tend to be pretty low in the enemies target priority (but do give up first blood pretty easily!) so can surprise every now and again.
My Favourite setups are either Twin Splinter Cannons or going for Twin Shuriken Cannon/ Shuriken Cannon + Bright lance and then outflank looking for rear armour shots on vehicles.


Corsair Nightwing
The Corsair's "Fighter" flyer, fast and agile but a little bit soft......if you can hit it.

Special Rules:
Deep Strike- A Useful tool for the Nightwing, with the armaments it has can allow you to get rear armour shots on Vehicles or to bring it into more dangerous areas than it would be able to from your board edge.
Supersonic- Makes the Flyer faster, not massively useful unless you are wanting to get off the board to go back into ongoing reserves.
Vector Dancer- Have you used Crimson Hunters before? If yes, you will know just how nasty this rule is. Allowing effectively a "brake turn" after movement this gives your flyers unparalleled maneuverability on the board and can be used to ensure you are getting the most out of their shots every single turn.
Stealth- Improving your jink save? Why not! with how fragile these models are any boost to resilience is very much appreciated. Combines very well with.......
Agility- More improvement to your jink save! With this and the above your jink save is the equivalent of a terminators armour...... Pretty nasty.

There are no optional weapons for the Nightwing, you are stuck with-
Two Bright Lances- High Strength lance shots, good for tank and flyer hunting.
Two Shuriken Cannons- Many consider these a strange mix with the Brightlances but when combined the Nightwing can put out a large amount of shots, all of which can damage any Flyer and most ground targets.

Wargear Options:
Kinetic Shroud- Not a bad option for the Nightwing, although nowhere near as good a save as their Jink save it does allow you to keep on shooting at full BS. Possibly worth a look but probably not worth the extra points overall.

So in true Eldar style the Nightwing is a very fragile unit but when Jinking it's resilience goes up very quickly. In my opinion it is best used making lightning attack runs. Fly in, hit your target with a round of shooting then if you need to Jink head back into ongoing reserves and do it all over again. If your opponent doesn't have much in the way of skyfire then they can make good use of the Vector dancer rule and either stick to your board edge or use their agility to stay on the board picking their targets. Probably the best flyer available to the Eldar (Although the Crimson hunter is nasty and probably better in the formation)


Corsair Phoenix
The Corsair "Bomber" flyer, slightly more sturdy than the Nightwing and packing a serious arsenal of firepower.

Special Rules:
Deepstrike- Like the Nightwing this can be an intriguing option but the Phoenix is less suited for vehicle hunting so not quite as important as the Nightwing.
Supersonic- Good for getting the hell out of dodge but that's about it (Unless you are playing massive apocalypse games...)
Vector Dancer- As with the Nightwing this can be a huge help for keeping your Phoenix doing damage turn after turn. with the range of their weapons the Phoenix can quite easily just stick to your board edge dishing out hurt.
Strafing Run- Improved ballistic skill? Yes please! Combines very well with the Phoenix's missiles, doesn't help against Flying targets but for what you are wanting to target with this model it's a huge help.
Stealth- Improved jink save is always helpful for Eldar vehicles!

Weapons Options:
Two Shuriken Cannons- Can't be changed out and to be honest you wouldn't want to. Combines pretty well with the Missiles the strength and bladestorm means you can hurt a wide range of targets. 
Two Phoenix Missile Launchers- These are the reason that you take the Phoenix! Although Games Workshop/Forgeworld don't want you to use them as they decided not to print their weapon profile anywhere in the book....... Don't be fooled by their name, they aren't missiles in the traditional sense and are basically three Dark Reapers mounted on your Plane! Can make Space Marine players cry slightly as with Strafing run these things shred tactical squads.
Nightfire Missile Launchers- The anti horde version and a slight points increase over the standard Phoenix missiles. Lower strength and AP but swapping these for Blast and Ignores cover. Very good for taking out hordes and can do some serious hurt on Guardsmen etc. Can be seen as a bit of a waste for your Phoenix to be targeting Hordes but unless you've taken Splinter Venoms/Vypers you won't have much anti-horde in the army that can hit from range.
Pulse Laser- A good old trusty pulse laser! High strength and low AP but a little out of place on this model, maybe worth taking as an anti-tank backup.
Twin Linked Brightlance- Can be taken in place of the Pulse laser but not really worth it unless you are expecting Land Raiders. Mathematically it's better to have 2 shots rather than twin-linked so only take if you think that the Lance rule is what is needed.
Twin Linked Starcannon- Again can be taken in place of the Pulse laser and worth taking if you don't expect to be wanting to take out tanks with this thing. Does combine well with the Phoenix missiles and Shuriken Cannons but you are trading the strength of the Pulse laser for twin-linked and with strafing run twin linked isn't really all that important.

Kinetic Shroud- Again like the Nightwing this isn't a bad choice and to be honest probably better on the Phoenix than the Nightwing due to the higher amount of firepower that the phoenix puts out and due to the fact that it's jink isn't quite as good as the Nightwing. With the points that you are spending on the Phoenix it's worth it to keep it alive longer.

A fairly expensive choice but a very good ground attack flyer, particularly if you are expecting to face a lot of power armour. This unit is quite a lot more expensive than the Nightwing and to be honest isn't as points efficient as most of the other units in the Corsair army. It's imperative that you keep the Phoenix alive and shooting as long as possible to make the most of it. Saying that, every now and again it will surprise you and when you see the look on your opponents face as it wipes out most of his tactical/devastator squad it'll be worth it. The base weapons options are probably the best and most effective unless you are expecting to face a horde army then the Nightfire are actually not a bad option to take.


Corsair Hornet Squadron
This is the one you've been waiting for isn't it? Save the best for last!
A very fast gunboat, basically everything that Vypers could even dream to be, one of the most points efficient units in the book.

Special Rules:
Scout- Outflank, outflank, outflank. Absolutely deadly when combined with the weapons that these guys can get, no tank is safe!
Acute Senses- Want more control over where you outflank? Well this will help you! Makes your outflanking a little but more reliable as I am sure you have your eye on a particularly juicy target.....
Skimmer Assault- A very fun rule unique to the Hornets, allows you to still take Snapshots when moving flat out this can be great for putting damage on a particular area of the battlefield or great to use if you are already jinking.....
Star Engines- I'll put this one here although it is technically wargear, makes the Hornets much faster when Turbo boosting. Handy if you need to get your Hornets into a particular area of the battlefield or for getting away from something nasty....

Weapon Options:
Two Shuriken Cannons- The base weapon option and not a bad one but massively outshone by others. Works much like it does for the Venom/Vyper
Scatter Laser- Decent strength and high rate of fire makes Scatter lasers a decent option but again outshone by others. One Hornet with two Scatter lasers provides a little less firepower than a Scatbike squad but at a cheaper price on a more resilient base.
Splinter Cannon- Pretty much turns the Hornet into a more expensive and slightly more resilient Venom, much better options.
Eldar Missile Launcher- An expensive upgrade and not really worth it even though it does add decent versatility to the unit. Would be more interesting if it could take Flakk.
Starcannon- A decent weapon but completely pointless with what's coming in a minute, same price as the pulse laser but less strength and the same AP and amount of shots.
Brightlance- If you are expecting AV14 this is worth a look but really you are going to want to take......
Pulse Laser- Here it is! THE OPTION. High strength, decent rate of fire and dirt cheap! a pair of Pulse Lasers puts the Hornet to less than a unit of Scatbikes but is throwing out a really good amount of shots that can literally hurt anything. Absolutely wrecks light/medium vehicles and high armoured infantry (Terminators, Mega Armour Orks)

Wargear Options:
Kinetic Shrouds- An expensive upgrade but probably worthwhile on the Hornets, with the damage that these guys can put out when fully tooled up you want them shooting as much as they can and this helps with that.
Chain Snares- Just no. Don't go tank shocking with your precious Hornets!!
Void Burners- Allows you to Deepstrike but with a reliable outflank thanks to Acute senses it's actually not really worth the risk.

There is a reason why you see so many of these in the tournament scene. Armed with the Pulse lasers they can pit out a filthy amount of firepower for such a cheap cost. Fast and agile with a long range they can threaten anything on the battlefield right from the start of the game or can make the most of their outflank and acute senses to get behind that Imperial Knight or Heavy Tank and reduce it to molten slag with relative ease. Very good in units, I usually take a unit of two but I have seen them work well in threes. If it wasn't for the price tag from forgeworld I'd probably just fill my fast attack slots with these, there are THAT GOOD.

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The excellent coverage continues! I agree on all points... the Nightwing and Hornets are the sneakiest units in the book...

The Nightwing is johnny-on-the-spot. I use mine to hunt down high priority targets on the board my other units can't get to. Sometimes even with outflank and acute senses the Hornets just can't get LOS on an important target... but the Nightwing usually can. With 2x bright lances and 2x shuriken cannons the Nightwing can mow down infantry and potentially double out or bladestorm even Space Marine warlords. Against ground vehicles its VERY easy to get side armor, almost guaranteed and rear armor is up for grabs after a second turn of maneuvering after you come on. Against other flyers I've had my Nightwing come out on top, out-flyered 3-1 and take all 3 down multiple times! I love the Nightwing to death and mine went on a 20 game stretch before being shot down for the first time. Incredible!

The Hornets... they are incredible... alongside the Warp Hunter they are the backbone of the Corsair army. Can't say enough about them. Definitley MVP's of my army and I almost rate them higher than a Wraithknight. They are that good.

Haven't used the Phoenix but have played against it and its very good. Don't let the price tag scare you... this thing is an offensive beast against infantry targets. Bye-bye Battle Company!

Great stuff AP I'm loving this series. Excellent, excellent in depth analysis. Love it!
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