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Author Topic: 1850pts Harlequins - Cegorach's Revenge  (Read 6389 times)

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1850pts Harlequins - Cegorach's Revenge
« on: May 25, 2015, 06:16:11 AM »

Old Warhammer player returning to the fold with the advent of the new Harlequin's Codex! Most experience is with Wood Elves in Fantasy, and the old Crons in 40K. Looking for some feedback on this Harlequin list I put together after reading through their codex:


3 x Harlequin Troupes:
- 4 Players + 1 Troupe Master each
- 1x Neuro Disruptor
- 2x Harlequin's Kisses
- 1x Harlequin's Embrace
- 2x Harlequin's Caresses 
- Haywire Grenades
- Starweaver
211pts (633 total)


- Lv 2
- Haywire Grenades
- Neuro Disruptor
- The Mask of Secrets

2 x Shadowseers:
- Lv 2
- Haywire Grenades
90pts (180 total)

3 x Death Jesters
- Haywire Grenades
65pts (195 total)

- Haywire Grenades
- Cegorach's Rose

Fast Attack

2 x Skyweaver Units
 - 4 Skyweavers each
 - 4 Zephyrglaives
240pts (480 total)

Heavy Support

 - Prismatic Cannon

Total: 1848pts

Bit of an 'eggs basket' army - Troupes + Shadowseers go in transports and alpha up the board, Skyweavers probably group together and try and take out a flank, Death Jesters sit back and be annoying and Voidweaver provides some varied, if mediocre, fire support. Sticking to the formation quotas gives me that nifty Run + Assault rule from turn 2, and the re-roll of 1s on my invulns.

Any thoughts appreciated!
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Re: 1850pts Harlequins - Cegorach's Revenge
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2015, 09:15:00 PM »
Looks basic and a fun type of list.  Good for just getting going but I see a couple of things you may want to optimize.

First, The Shadow Seers should get rid of the Haywire. The Mist Staff + Furious Charge should be good enough against vehicles and in the shooting phase you will be wanting to use your grenade launcher... you really do, unless facing fearless type armies.

Second is that you may want to give each troupe a role, meaning stack your caresses in one, kisses in another type of thing.  This gives each troupe a role that they can excel in, Tank hunting, horde beating, just smacking people around... right now they are set up for very diverse, all comers, but they don't really excel at any one thing.

Those are my initial thoughts.  Have a blast and welcome back to the game.  The new codex is fun.  A little difficult to play with as 5++ is not too resilient, you want to make sure you get that VoT power each round.

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Re: 1850pts Harlequins - Cegorach's Revenge
« Reply #2 on: December 16, 2015, 10:30:18 AM »
I think I'll echo what Sarenyon said: you may want to specialize your troupes to fill different roles. And it can be a bit hard and lengthy to describe what to specialize and why so I'll refer you to this extremely helpful thread Kiss me, caress me, embrace me... and power swords. It heavily examines the different aspects of the embrace/caress/kiss choice and suggested ways of using them.

And suggestion for list, given you emphasis on shadowseers is: dropping the skyweavers for more bodies in your troupes. There are a few great benefits to this:
1. More bodies equals more attacks (and more possible special CC weapon choices)
2. Your shadowseers are extremely good at keeping on foot troupes alive with their Phantasm discipline powers, so have them run around on foot and do what they do best.
3. You can take better advantage of the Rising Crescendo formation special rule if your assault elements are on foot. Running then assaulting is OP as heck, so abuse it as much as possible.


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