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Started by Temperance, April 27, 2015, 10:03:52 PM

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Long story short I've been/still am thinking about getting back into the game (in a painting capacity at least), for the first time in ages. The new eldar jetbikes have really drawn my eye, but I think right now I'm leaning toward picking up 3 and a warlock to paint up while making my old Sisters of Battle the real army I work on.

So question - what's the deal with the repressor these days? Back when I played forgeworld was pretty frowned upon (bymyself, amongst the other people I played with, so I'm casting no blame). So I mostly used it as a rhino then.

Is that the best way to run now, even though people are wandering around with knights and huge huge models from the "official" codices? The old IA2 (I think?) book must be horrendously outdated. I looked around briefly on forgeworld's site for some updates, but only seem to find a picture of the repressor that says It's out of stock. Glad I got two, if they stopped making it. But is there an errata somewhere obvious on the FW site I'm missing? Are there new rules in one of the 10 million forgeworld books that have come out since I stopped following the game (and if so, would any of you recommend I fork over the cash for it rather than just say "pretty rhino, k? k.")?

I haven't picked up the "new" ebook codex yet (really down I can't use the interactive itunes one), but from what I understand it never moved in there anyways. Pity, it always seemed like a pretty cool concept. Hard to pop transports really appeal to me, and it fits the general theme of the sisters being exceptionally resilient without being particularly elite.

Edit: Unrelated question, but since I don't think this forum is superfrequented I'll ask and hope I get a two for one answer. What's the consensus on exorcists vs. HB retributor squads, now that (I think) Acts aren't quite as powerful? Do the retributors pull ahead?

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