Heavy Flamer or Heavy Bolter

Started by CO9220, November 5, 2014, 09:46:09 AM

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Hi all.
Just putting together my first hydra/wyvern kit. I intend on running it as either at some point and am wondering whether the Heavy Bolter or Heavy flamer would be the best bet and your reasons for that choice.
Thanks all (in advance).


My vote is for heavy flamer. If you need to use the secondary weapon, that probably means somebody has gotten awfully close to you, and that is where the flamer shines.


I magnetized mine so I don't have to decide.

But I agree, especially if it's a Wyvren you'll probably want the flamer since it's got that ability to just hide behind a hill and lob shells the flamers will make a better auxiliary weapon vs. out-flankers and deep strikers trying to take it out.

For the Hydra, since it's a little more... single purposed, I tend to take the bolter instead (as well as an HK missile and stubber if I've got the points) to give it a little extra something to do, especially during the typically flyerless turn 1.

Hamburgler Hill

Looks like most people are of one mind on this.

If you're going Wyvern - then flamer because deepstriking/outflanking units will be all up in your business back field with, usually, very little else left to defend the piece.

If you're going Hydra I'd take the HB because it synergises well with the main turret plus you can point the whole thing at deepstriking/outflanking units that make it too close.
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Heavy flamer the whole time. It is not likely to be able to shoot at the same target at the main weapon and it is very useful as a "weapon in being".

You want to come close to assault my tanks in close combat? Well my wyverns, manticore and basilisks will turn round and all heavy flame you instead or firing their main guns. it means you don't need to leave a squad back to babysit them to prevent this. Although you may be able to shoot the HB at the same target some of the time the HF is much more valuable as a deterrent in my opinion.

Like the Ghostofman says if you magnetise you can choose, but I'd never choose the HB.
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I'm going to go with the Heavy Flamer as well.  It's a good way to fight back against the deep striking/outflanking units that are out to get artillery.  Like others have said, if you need to break out the secondary weapon when things must be getting hairy.

For the record, a heavy stubber/storm bolter is a great option for either one of those vehicles, since they'll usually be sat back in a stationary position. 

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