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Author Topic: New to fantasy - 2000 point VC list  (Read 4012 times)

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New to fantasy - 2000 point VC list
« on: December 19, 2012, 01:48:57 PM »
Lords - 500
Stragoi Ghoul King (260) 500
- Terrorghiest 225
-sword of striking 15
Heroes -235
Manfred, the acolyte - (200) 235
- the cursed book 35
Core - 700
40 Crypt Ghouls - 400
30 Crypt Ghouls- 300
Special- 190
6 Hexwariths  - (180) 190
-Hellwraith 10
Rare- 375
Terrorghiest  -225
3 Cairn Wraiths - 150

Basically the idea with this list is to have my choppy ghoul king sitting on the front line projecting his ld 9 18" with mannfred behind him raising zombies behind my opponent. It is an aggressive vampire list but it doesn't employ hammer and anvil tactics.

The hexwraiths and cairn wraiths wil go forward and attack small units and war-machines  on one flank the non mounted terrorghiest will do the same if there is a valid target on the other flank. Hopefully this makes my opponent bunch up to the center and deletes the units on the flanks

The main line of ghouls and my ghoul king will probably remain just behind mid-field and not charge until im happy with the engagement (confident that i should win/ may depend on magic matchup) and i may even summon small units of zombies in front of units to stop charges coming at me. hopefully i'll be able to hit them in the flank or the rear for with zombies and wraiths mainly for the extra res if i need to take out a unit.

Any feedback would be appreciated hope its not too hard but as im new i can tell if it will be. I just hope its not the new double war hydra list, but people can yell at me if it is. :)

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Re: New to fantasy - 2000 point VC list
« Reply #1 on: January 1, 2013, 02:16:42 PM »
Hi there and welcome to the hobby ! Don't worry, i made most of the mistakes you did, and a few more, so you haven't done too badly. As long as you learn from them, you'll do fine.

Lords and Heroes - Your lord... He has no survivability. which is bad, because one canon shot and your enitre army is taking damage, and then you're relying on someone in heavy armour to survive for the rest of the game. Rule one about vampire generals is that you need to have a ward save on them, they're just too valuable not to have one. they need to live, and in this many points you just can't fit a ghoul king on a terrorgheist and have it be viable. It neds a ward save, but don't worry, you can fit another terrorgheist in your rare section. You could feild a normal ghoul king, but i wouldn't, as they can't take armour due to the armoured mage specail rule.

That leaves you with a Master necromancer or a Vampire lord as your general. A master necromancer is your cheap high level magic user without all the bells and whistles,l but you probably don't want him as you have mannfred the accolyte doing all your magic for you. That leaves you with a vampire lord as a general. Now, you probably want a fighty lord, so don't buy too many magic levels, but its not that great to put too muich emphasis on his fighting. (golden rule of warhammer - super-fighty characters are never worth it - units will do more damage) you'll want some magic armour and also a ward save to protect him. HE should work out much cheaper, and won't get shot down quicker than you can say "fire magnet".

Mannfred looks fine, personally i'd use a level 3 or 4 lord and a level 2 vampire for my magic needs, but this mix of magic levels could work just as well.

Core-Looks fine, you have your 2 main units, one for each vampire. a horde of ghould will kill pretty much anything of the same size (if it's core) i would suggest you include a squad of zombies as well,because raising sounds great in thoery, but now you can't focus raise, they basically give away free victory points. so chuck some of those inl, and maybe drop down to 2 sqauds of 30 ghouls, beacuse by your turn 2 charge, you shouldn't have too many casulties.

Specail - i love mt hexwraiths, but are you aware they come in boxes of 5? if you have 6, take 6, otherwise, drop the squad to 5. if your planning on using the soul reaping move, you don't really need the champion, so you can drop him.

Rare - Terrorghiest, fine great choices in your rare. You didn't fall into the classic pittraps of giving it all the upgrades under the sun which is god. i wouldn't use 3 cairn wraiths, They'll die to combat res. either up that to a squad of 5, or take something else in your rare, such as a black coach or vagulf (both solid choices).

Hope you have fun in the hobby!
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