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Started by Lt_PliskinAJ, May 12, 2012, 10:09:05 PM

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This last year or so I have been rather absent from these forums. The main reason is I have been playing other games then 40k. I have been playing WHFB, BFG, Warmachine, Dust and flames of war.

I have been collecting a building these for a few years and I have only really painted my 40k stuff. Even that isn't fully painted and here is the issue, all these armies being half painted as best need to be completed. My problem before was it was boring as hell to paint 130 empire swordsmen in one go. Sure I could do a quick airbrushing in an hour or two but it wasn't even table top quality. With my wide selection of models now I can work on 5 state troops one day a warjack the next and then an imperial cruiser the next. This isn't including the 3 different 40k armies I have and terrain.

My goal is to put some paint on at least one model a day until they are done. What I will do is load a before and after picture of the progress of the day. I'll admit I might only have a after photo on some occasions.

If anyone has any suggestions or ways to go with it please comment. I want to make some painting momentum and keep it up so I can get my percentage of painted models above the 30% mark. I have made a bad habit of base coloring and putting just enough color for them to look ok from 5 feet away and I want to break it.

So here is the first post 5/12/12

I had my baneblade only in some basic colors. I didn't take a before picture since I decided to do this after I got some paint on it.

Here is a photo I had of the baneblade back in 2010.

After I dusted it off this is what I did.

I painted the eagles yellow added the yellow ID plate on the sponson and added some gunmetal to the demolisher cannon, heavy bolters, auto cannon and lascannons. I was quite happy with the new GW yellow. It covered the large plate well and only took a few coats to become even for a large area.


Day 2 5/13/12

I have had this guy for the past year now.

I originally got him just to paint and I never got around to it.

I managed to get most of his basecoating done. I would have inked him and detailed him out a bit more but I ran out of time for today. I will come back and ink him later.


Day 3 5/14/12

I got the tanker inked up and shaded. Detailed him out and when I get a hold of my wife's SLR I will take a better photo.


Day 4 5/15/12

I went for an empire knight.

At first I thought it would be a complete pain in the ass to do because of the large areas of metal and the horse itself which took me a while to find the right color, but the new GW paints cover really well. I didn't have the metallic streaking that I have gotten before with Vallejos and previous GW paints.

I thought I would have needed more paints to get a good color scheme for him but the horse really only has 4 paints on it and an inking and the knight is almost all metal with a blue headband and 1 hand then inked.

Tomorrow I'm going to work on something TAU.

Shas'La robo

woooo TAU!!!!  ;D :P

Paint your scratch built Warlord Titan!!!  (if it's not built yet, then stop slacking/painting empire and get back to work :P)

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awesome.  i really need to start doing this.


Day 5 5/16/12

Yeah the Titan. It is going to take me some time to build up enough steam to work on that biggen. I have it on the top shelf of my work bench and its gets to look down on me.

Ok so for my TAU. I took prob my favorite TAU model and did a test camo scheme for it.

I kind of wanted to do something like a 1991 Gulf camo pattern.

This is what I came up with.

Now this is the next problem. Clean TAU or dirty TAU? I know most people to the clean TAU and the few dirty TAU I have seen don't work well but I believe if I managed to pull it off it would look amazingly bad ass.

At least I think I should do some paint chipping and some greasing like this.


Day 6 5/17/12


I couldn't fine any foam so I used a scotch pad for the first part it actually had a cool effect of wearing the paint down. Later I did find some foam and dirtified.

And around this time people normally post a picture of their cat. I don't like our cat so here is a pic of our hedgehog.


Day 7 5/18/12

Ok first off Commissar robo I hate you. I went back to the warlord. I installed the pistons for the heels and put in some gears for the legs. For the next few days I will be doing body work to start painting.

If you notice I also installed the clips for the the shin guards I will build them later. I need to clean up the gears and make them look like the enter the machine and then like I said some body work (gap filling and sanding) then its off to paint.


Looking good man!

Love the weathering on your Tau vehicle.
I agree most peeps that do weathering make it look actually pulled it off nicely with paint damage in the right direction  ;D


Shas'La robo

QuoteOk first off Commissar robo I hate you. I went back to the warlord. I installed the pistons for the heels and put in some gears for the legs. For the next few days I will be doing body work to start painting.

I'm sorry. ::)

Not really. :D Titan's are too cool not to work on.

Quote from: Dice_Junkie on April 11, 2011, 04:08:21 PMhug cover, shoot the big ones, and cripple the fast ones. if those cant be achieved, kill em all.  8)


Day 8 5/21/2012

I took a few days off for the weekend but I came back to day with avengence.

I finished gapfilling and primed the titan.

Waiting for the painfully slow upload from my phone....

I chose a normal grey primer as I don't know exactly what color I am going to paint it yet. It will probably be a lighter color because you can show weathering much easier. Maybe some of a razzle cammo because its way to big to camouflage to not see but it might be good to break it up a bit and hide heading like a ship.

I just now realized I didn't have my phone on wifi and its a lot faster now.

After I got the model upstairs from the outside I decided to some prelim shading.

Shas'La robo

Yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ;D 8)

Looking good so far...

Quote from: Dice_Junkie on April 11, 2011, 04:08:21 PMhug cover, shoot the big ones, and cripple the fast ones. if those cant be achieved, kill em all.  8)

Ginger farseer

This looks GREAT! I want one...

Anyway, I like the idea of breaking up the colours a bit, so it isn't just one block with detailing.

Good luck with the great paint, can't wait to see more of the titan!
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Day 9 5/22/2012

I glued on the cockpit cover after I primed it.

I wanted to paint under the hood before it was put on because I wouldn't be able to get any paint there after installation. Its really dark in there but if I left it white it would show like a sore thumb.

Then I went to work the radio operator.

I have only put some base coloring down. I still need to put some paint on the feet, bandage and then detail and shade. Then I have 2 more to do.

Yes I know he has a bit of an X-man color scheme but I figured in a massive walking machine having high visibility colors for the crew would be a reasonable choice.


Day 10 5/29/2012

I got some more paint on the titan.

I toned down the shading and put in the first color of the cammo on the torso.


I express my adoration for your painting skills. The tanker and the tau-thingy are both very nice. The tanker has good shading, and the tau-thingy- excellent choice in colors. I will say that the Tanker should have a bit of flame on the end of his cigarette. Nice Titan.
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Thanks for the complements. I really don't think I'm that good of a painter. Its amazing how much inks let you "cheat".

Day 11 5/31/2012

I managed to put a light metallic paint on the barrels, put the base coat on the cockpit, paint the C&C panel and base the other two men in the C&C.

I figure 2 of them will be crew. One Commander, Radio operator and then a field officer.

And this is what they are going to be talking about.


Can't imagine why a Titan would need (or be able to use) camo... but there are certainly other examples to support this! perhaps the camo should actually be an intricate picture of a building, so the thing can masquerade as an inanimate skyscraper...

Loving it though, and the command deck battlefield looks great - reminds me of a piece of 40K artwork.


"Why is that building moving."
"That is not building, its a battle staion"

I figure its like the disruptive battern on warships. Its not there to hide the ship just make it harder to figure out heading and class of ship.

Ok so day 12 6/3/2012
I picked up the dust warfare book. Its the book that makes dust tactics into a true table top game and after reading most of it I think its going to be a huge improvement. I pulled out my old Dust box and put some paint on a test US trooper.

Now  I haven't finished painting it or even gotten close to shading it. I think the gun body needs some color, boots and I need to put some color on the armor. Prob just some chipping.

This next part is for me so I don't forget what paints I used.
Skin - Kislev Flesh (GW)
Field Jacket - intermediate green (Vallejo)
Pants - US Dark Green (Vallejo) <- also very similar to the stock prime it comes on the model.
Leggings/gloves/pack - Japan Uniform (Vallejo)

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