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Author Topic: Kon Orks vs Necrons: The Stompa  (Read 3575 times)

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Kon Orks vs Necrons: The Stompa
« on: October 30, 2010, 04:09:10 PM »
Battle Report Orks vs Necrons

This is a fight between me and lettheharvestbegin. It is the “Linebreaker” scenario from the “Battle Missions” book.

My List
Big Mek Gitburna; KFF, Heavy, Cybork, Burna

The Dakatoof Stompa
Titan Close Combat weapon, 2 Supa-rockits, 1 Supadupa-rockit, Death Kannon, Supadupa-Skorcha, Boom Gun, 2 big shootas one front one back, 4 death coptas. (Eye in the sky rules)
4 structure points
2 power fields
Living metal rules
Note: the Living metal rules are for this game only as the stompa has been built from the parts of exploded monoliths from the Knuckles on Necrodermus Campaign.

(Click on pictures for full size view)

His List
5 destroyers
5 destroyers
11 warriors
11 warriors

Gitburna started the stompa moving, the first few miles were boring, then up ahead he saw something shimmer. Using his looking glass he saw it was necrons, and they had their big boss Nightbringer with them. He pulled on the loud speaker lever and yelled “FIRE.”

Set Up
As per the Battle Missions book, except I made a mistake and didn’t notice that 2/3 of his force was to start in reserve, so he set up all his models in his zone. We didn’t notice the mistake until after turn one had ended, so we just left it as is.

Turn One
The orks failed to seize initiative so the necrons went first. He moved everything forward.

The destroyers tried to fire but were out of range, the monolith tried to fire placing the template on open ground and trying for a good scatter that missed. The warriors and Nightbringer ran.

The Ork Turn
The stompa moved full movement.

Fired a supa-rockit at the monolith and missed. Fired a death copta that landed safely in between a unit of warriors and destroyers. Fired the death kannon that kills 5 warriors, the boom gun kills one of the same squad. The superdupa flamer hits the other squad and knocks down 1. The death copta fired at the monolith and missed, the big shoota shoots ant the nearest squad of warriors causing one wound, but it was saved.

Turn Two
1 of 2 wbb. 1 squad and the Nightbringer move towards the stompa. The now smaller squad moves toward the copta. The destroyers all inch forward.

The small squad of warriors double tap the copta killing it. The Nightbringer shoots lightning at the stompa and does nothing. The monolith shoots particle whip, hits but does no damage.

Orks Turn
The stompa moves forward full movement

Launced a copta to land in between the small warriors and the destroyers. The supadupa-skorcha drops 3 warriors, the big shoota misses, the death copta misses, The death kannon lands on the 6 warrior squad and smushes them out of existence. The boom gun, with help from the spotting of the death copta drops two destroyers. The stompa assaults the monolith and hits twice getting a weapon destroyed and an immobilized result.

Turn Three
2 of 3 warriors WBB, and 1 of 2 Destroyers WBB. The warriors move through cover 6. The Nightbringer moves towards the stompa. The destroyers move towards the middle of the table.

The 5 destroyer squad shoots the copta and kill it. The monolith shot particle whip and missed. Nightbringer shoots lightning and missed.

The Nightbringer assaults. Getting 2 penetrates, scoring a weapon destroyed, then a chain reaction getting a structure point, then another chain reaction getting another structure point, then another chain reaction getting another structure point, and then rolling a drive damage. Yes folks his single dice rolled 3 sixes in a row.

Ork Turn
The crew opt for damage control, repairing one structure point and the CC arm.

Turn four.
The warriors move through cover but do not get close enough for double tap. The destroyers move up a little.

Single shot warriors got 2 glances one for drive damage and another got driver stunned. The destroyers fired and got lots of glances leaving the death kannon, the boom gun, and the skorcha crews stunned.

The Nightbringer attacks again, this time getting 2 more penetrates, causing another drive damage, and then rolled another stinkin six. Chain reaction getting a structure point and then another 6 for another chain reaction, for the last structure point and then another 6 causing an explosion. One death copta died in the flames, the other death copta and Gitburna survive and make their LD and armor saves. That’s right folks he again rolled three sixes on a single dice.

Ork Turn
The death copta turbos to get out of the reach of night bringer, Gitburna moves his 6. The mek declares a waagh and runs into the squad of 4 destroyers. Where he kills one with no wounds in retun. The necrons pass their LD

Turn Five
No WBB as nothing fell down. The necron warriors teleport and move closer to the mek. Nightbringer moves towards the mek.

The destroyers gun down the copta, Nightbringer runs towards the mek.

The mek kills 2 destroyers and gets a wound in return. The necrons pass their LD.

Ork Turn
The mek kills the last destroyer and consolidates 3 away from the night bringer.

Turn Six
No WBB. The warriors, Nightbringer and destroyers all move towards the mek.

The warriors shoot at the mek, most of them are within double tap range, causing 6 wounds and the mek fails 3 of the saves, and falls down mostly dead.
(Sorry no picture as he started cleaning up as soon as the last dice stopped rolling)

A win for the necrons, but the orks didn’t lose as there are no ork witnesses to say otherwise. The secret of living metal is safe… for now.

The Nightbringer rolling three 6’s in a row on two CC attacks are some of the most amazing dice rolling I have seen. Then to top it off the apocalyptic explosion didn’t hurt anything…

John is a great sportsman, convinced he was going to lose after the first turn was over he kept playing anyway and pulled the luckiest dice trick in the campaign to kill a stompa with the Nightbringer. They then chased down the mek and killed him to make sure the secret of living metal stayed on Morgargdurlurkgulsh Ardregsnikslag. A great game, and a surprise ending.
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Re: Kon Orks vs Necrons: The Stompa
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2010, 04:41:02 PM »
Nice batrep and pass on a Congratulations to lettheharvestbegin, as he earned that one.

Holy friggin 6's batman, the stompa went down (and I thought it near impossible).

Woot for the Necrons. Well done though SKEETERGOD, as you took a very interesting force and approach.

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Re: Kon Orks vs Necrons: The Stompa
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2010, 07:58:34 PM »
the monolith tried to fire placing the template on open ground and trying for a good scatter that missed.

how is this legal? is there a sneaky trick of cron weapons I am missing?
otherwise, sweet battle, well suited to campaign; cool idea etc
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