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Author Topic: Necrons vs SM's (KoN Standard game round 3.5)  (Read 1547 times)

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Necrons vs SM's (KoN Standard game round 3.5)
« on: October 25, 2010, 10:46:07 AM »
Ok, I was under the assumption that we had 4 weeks of the Knuckles vs Necons campaign, so I actually did a round 4 game; if that is not the case though I will simple use this as my second game for round 3.

Anyway, The Mighty Green Machine was doing very well in the Campaign until one group of bio-mass actually stalled SupREME-10 while he was trying to "Secure the Tablet" in the bonus mission of round 3. El-Deceivio punished SupREME-10 for his upstart actions and subsequent failure; but he also decided that the bio-mass needed to by educated in teh true 3vil ways of the Necrons. Thus he assembled his personal force and decided to hunt down the Bio-mass that actually stalled his race's progression to secure the Necrodermus generator. (in short, this is a re-match of Necrons vs SM's, same Generals as last game, only we both have different lists so that we can't tool up on each other - without further adue, here are the lists, etc).

The Might Green Machine
El-Deceivio (deceiver)
SupRINM-11 (D-lord, GoF, Phyl, PS, and scythe)
Squad Arnold (10 Warriors)
Squad Stallone (10 Warriors)
The Soul Seekers (7 Pariah)
Gold Squad (3 Wraiths)
Blue Squad (3 Wraiths)
Babies en mass (5 Scarab Swarms)
BMF, Plastique, Cave Dweller, Greenie, and Green-Meanie (5 Tomb Spiders).

1693pts, 2 SU's, 12 KP's, PO = 6/27 with 45 figures


Elite Drop Pod SM's
1 Librarian
10 Sternguard - 4 C-Melta, 3 C-Flamer, 2 H-Flamer, Vet with Fist and C-Flamer.
     Drop Pod
10 Sternguard - 4 C-plas, 2 H-Flamer, Vet with Fist and C-Flamer.
     Drop Pod
10 Tac Marines - 1 ML, 1 Flamer, Vet with Fist.
     Drop Pod
10 Tac Marines - 1 ML, 1 Flamer, Vet with Fist.
     Drop Pod
1 Dread - DCCW/HFlamer, TL-HFlamer
     Drop Pod
5 Vanguard Vets -  4 PW's, Vet wtih LC's, 5 JumpPacks.

1700pts, 2-4 SU's, 12-14 KP's, 52 Figures


The Battlefield was with 5 Mission Objectives (Seize Ground) with the Crystal being representive of the same crystal that we fought over in the last mission we had vs each other, the barrels and SM statue being the other MO's. And the Deployement was DoW with the SM's being forced to have 1st turn. He used one Tac Squad (combat Squaded) to grab 2 objectives early, while TMGM decided to walk on turn 1, with both warrior squads actually remaining in Full Reserves.


Turn 1
Drop Pod insertion with 3 Pods (Tac squad central, and Sterngaurd on either side). No shooting as there was no enemy yet, although he did "run" forward a bit. (I then discussed how the D-Lord + Wraiths could infact assault on turn 1 should he be within 18" of my board edge, and I allowed him to revise his "Run" so that I didn't get a free-bee assault on his units as I entered the battle).

TMGM Walks on with the Scarabs actually using Turbo to increase their cover save potential. The D-Lord and Wariths took cover from any possible shooting, and the Pariah did shoot but with no effect. Finally the Tomb Spiders Ran forward and articifaced a baby each while El-Deceivio also ran to keep pace.

The SM's had 2 of the objective firmly in their grasp while the Necrons had none.


Turn 2
Dread Pod Arrives and lands almost perfectly on target to have the Dread roasting Wariths en masse. The SM's adjust their possition a little and in shooting the Dread downs 5/6 Wraiths while a few Scarabs feel the brunt of the SM shooting until there is not longer a Swarm at all.

WBB has 4/5 Wraiths Self-repair into one nice 5 Machine unit.
No Reserves arrive.
TMGM advances as two distinct flanking forces. The Pariah shoot 2 Sternguard off the Left Flank (imagine them trying to hide behidn some ruins like that ). Then a couple Tomb Spiders getting close enough to assault a 5 man Sternguad team on the Left and then El-Deceivio, D-Lord + Wraiths hitting the 10 man Sternguard team + Libby on the right flank. CC did not go so well for the SM's as the 10 Man squad evaporated and left a lone Libby (1 wound left) to fight all those Necrons, and the Tomb Spiders blew up a Pod and killed three Sternguard and then the remaining 2 opted to run out of CC and try to regroup later on.

The SM's still had a frim grasp on 2 Mission Objectives with the Necrons holding none.


Turn 3
Vanguard Vets arrive from Reserves.
The SM's adjust their possition a little; but minimally aside from the Dread that is desperately trying to get into the batte again. Shooting ahs a Baby Bud Deing and a Tomb Spider being wounded. CC has the Vanguard Vets killing all the Pariah in very short order, and then the Librarian gets punched in the face by El-Deceivio (Splat). Teh Tactical Squad tries to use its fist vs a Tomb Spider but the CC is a draw of poor dice on both sides.

WBB is not an option.
Both squad Arnold and Squad Stallone arrive from reserves (and line up on the Vangurad Vets for a little RF Fun).
TMGM Adjust its possion to start to take a more dominant possition on the field and to quell priority targets. In shooting 4/5 Vets go down to Rapid Fire and they pass their LD test. In assaul El-Deceivio runs over and rips both arms off of the Dread and immobilizes it as well before one Tomb Spider (that doubled back) can pop over and waste the last Vanguard Veteran. The D-Lord and Wariths then work over the tactical Squad and its Pod a little while the Tomb Spiders continue to work on SM's around the SM Statue while his brethren also work to hunt down SM Stragglers.

The SM's still have a good grip on 1 Objective; but the Necrons are in possition to turn the tide of battle.


Turn 4
With 2 of the SM units auto-falling back there is very little movement left to the SM's. But they do manage to coordinate enough shooting into the Wraiths to actually obliterate the entire unit. In CC a few more SM's die to Tomb Spiders and the Dread is squashed flat by El-Deceivio.

WBB is not an option.
TMGM has Squad Arnold and Squad Stallone move to secure 2 of the Objectives with ease. They then move the rest of their force to conintue the removal of as many SM's as possible. The D-Lord jumps the fleeing Tactical Squad at the far back SM objective and kills 3 instantly, he does receive a wound from their fist Veteran; but they loose another guy to the silly way that Marines take Fearless saves if they get caught while fleeing. In other places the Necrons pretty well route the SM's off the battlefield.

The Necrons now hold 2 Objectives and can easily spread out to grab 2 more; while the SM's contest the last one; but have little hope to overcome a D-Lord and several Tomb Spiders that are closing the gap on that possition. Thus the SM's Conceed.


Thus the battle ends with another Glorious Victory for The Mighty Green Machine; but I would like to appologize to Richard as I was totally ruthless and he was a true gentleman throughout the game. I also want to invite him to a rematch at any time, and thank GW Halifax for once again allowing us to use their wonderful facility.

Cheers and Happy Gaming

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Re: Necrons vs SM's (KoN Standard game round 3.5)
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2010, 08:24:20 AM »
Excellent Batrep, and I really like the way you did the pictures. Please tell your friend Richard he really does need to execute a dice, and then all the rest will roll so much better.

That game looked really close, and I'll bet is was only a few dice rolls from being a real nail biter. Richard really needs either new dice or to dicipline the ones he has. Have him PM me for instructions...(gee wonder where that came from)

Seriously a great game and a good read, Glad to see your camera is working again. I look forward to the next one, as it seems we all get a final finale game.
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