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Author Topic: KoN The Orks Have The Generator  (Read 1866 times)

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KoN The Orks Have The Generator
« on: October 23, 2010, 08:21:41 PM »
AWTY looked at Waagut, “what do you mean a generator?” Waagut exclaimed back “boss, we needs this generator to make the livin metal, so we can build a living stompa, then build a whole bunch more, then take over the world, then take over the planet system, then take over the universe, then take over….” “OK, OK, I get it” AWTY interrupted, he remembers he once died of thirst listening to Waagut talk, that mek could go on and on about something. He had even seen regular meks shrivel up and mummify while listening to him.

“I is goin to go look for it now, you stay here and make sure all the repaires get made to the stuff” AWTY directed. Then he drove his bike, followed by his nob gang into the sunrise.

Waagut looked around and got to wondering how to make it all work. He got the battle wagons working and made sure the various boys were paintin stuff red, and was about to start on a project. When the spy grot came into the camp. The spy grot asked where AWTY was and got told he was away. So the spy grot expecting lunch went up to Waagut and started talking.

“Dem humies has done found the generator, and those eldar are the responsible parties.” Waagut knew, as he was wise for an ork, that the pesky eldar were always meddling in the affairs of waaghs, and often times made them go the wrong way. So he asked the grot where, and was told. Waagut then without paying the grot a lunch went over to the shop and made a radio message.

The Tau had been looking for AWTY to hire him again, this time Waagut hired the Tau. “If you help us gets the generator, we will help you fight the dark eldar that are bothering you” he said over the radio.
“We will assist you now, with your promise to help us later” said the Tau commander. “We will be planet side in mere moments, please send the coordinates. Waagut typed in some numbers from the top of his head where he figured the spy grot had mentioned, and then turned off the radio. As he stepped out of his shack he tripped on a guard squig, so he kicked it and it went flying towards the spy grot. He thought for a moment that the grot looked far too happy for a grot about to get eaten by a squig.

“We can’t wait for the boss, we needs to get there now, mount up and ride” he yelled. The whole camp was mounted and over the nearest hill before anyone could see the spy grot pull a bolt pistol and shoot the squig. Spy grot knew there would be no one to bother him for a long while, he was going to enjoy this lunch.

This fight was with allies and a multi player game.
Eldar and space marines vs Orks and Tau.

The good guys list:
Waagut: Big Mek with KFF, cybork, burna.
4 loads of truck boys (12 orks, 1 is nob with BP and PK) riding in a truck with red, ram, and plank.
2 loads of drive by boys (12 shoota boys) in a truck with red and ram.
10 flash gits with shooty and dakka, and Badrukk
10 mega nobs riding in a BW with red, roller, and 2 big shootas
10 nobs with TL shootas, heavy armor, cybork 7 big choppas, 2 pk, 1 pain boy, Waagh banna and BP. Riding in a BW with red, roller and 2 big shootas
War Wagon (flash gits ride here) BW with red, ram, plates, grots, kill kannon, and a big shoota.
Commander Shaso bond knife, hard wire blacksun, multitracker, target loc, missile pod, plasma rifle, shield generator and two guard drones.
2 body guards multi tracker, target loc, 2 shield droves missile pod, positional relay. He had a lot of stuff listed but I wasn't sure what was standard and what was added.
Commander Shazu (Same as Shaso )
2 packs of 10 fire warriors one with rifles one with carbines
Broad side team commander with lots of hardware
6 stealth suit guys with 4 drones
10 pathfinders 4 with pulse rifles, 3 with rail rifles, and some stuff riding in a devilfish with missiles.
Hammerhead with rail gun burst cannons, seeker missiles and generator.

The bad guys
Captain Shrike
Land raider redeemer with multi melta
2 iron clad dreads, each with melta and flamer
9 assault terminators, 5 with twin claws and 4 with hammers and shields
2 10 man tac squads with flamer and las cannon, sgt has grenades
2 razorbacks with twin link heavy bolter
10 vanguard vets, 4 with claw and shield, sgt with power weapon, 5 with pistol and sword.
Jan Zar
Farseer with spear and guide
4 warlocks, 3 destructors and 1 conceal.
10 banshees exarch with mirror swords acrobatic and shout riding in a serpent with star cannons and star engines and spirit stone
10 scorpians, exarch with chain sabre (didn’t write down any abilities)and serpent with star cannons and star engines and spirit stone
5 pathfinders
6 dire avengers exarch with blade storm and defend
2 units of 10 guardians with star cannon and warlock with conceal
10 wraith guard with spirit seer
2 Fire prisms with holo field, star engine, spirit stone

My writing was kinda sloppy as I was in a hurry, so if I missed anything sorry, I am sure it will come out in the wash.
The set up after scout/infiltrate moves

The battle was a standard pitched battle with the objective in the center, the Ork/Tau team won the roll for first and so set up, the marines/eldar set up and failed to sieze the initiative.

Turn 1
The ork trucks moved flat out to get on the other side of the objective, the stealth team that had infiltrated moved and took the objective, the other ork vehicles moved flat out except the drive by truck the rockit launcher and the BW with the gitz. The tau did very little moving and got ready to shoot. The green baron who turbo boosted during scout moves move next to a rhino.

The drive by boys shot Shrikes vanguard and killed 2, the gits shoot them too and kills 3 one of them a wound on Shrike. The fire warriors cause a lot of wounds on the vanguard and they all save except Shrike. The kill kannon kills one terminator and three guardians, the hammerhead shakes a fire prism and misses the land raider, the broadsides kill a rhino then shoot at the pathfinders and miss, the crisis team shoots at the wave serpent and misses. The green baron shoots at a rhino and missed, the rockit buggy shoots at a prism and missed, the pathfinders shoot at a marine tac squad and kill one.

The only assault was the green baron who assaulted the rhino he missed and he got a weapon destroyed taking the twin link heavy bolter.

Bad Guys turn.
Most of their units move forward, Shrike and his vanguard move towards the objective, the terminators move and roll a 1 for their run, the two wave serpents move towards the trucks, the rhino moves 12 forward, the two dreads move forward and one runs 1 the other 3, the wraithguard move to the green baron, the non shunned prism moves for a line of fire, the land raider moves forward and towards the trucks.

The wraithguard shoot down the green baron, the prism shot at the crisis team and kill a drone, both lascannons shoot at battle wagons and miss, the multimelta from the land raider also missed, the wave serpents and guardian squads shoot at trucks and miss, the pathfinders shoot at the rockit buggy and fail to roll high enough for damage. Shrikes vanguard are just out of assault range so no close combat.

Turn Two
The gold boys get out of their truck and move onto the objective and run with it 5 more. The red pants get out of their truck and get into position to attack Shrike and his vanguard. The blue shirt truck drives up and puts a plank on the rhino, the black boots plank a dread, the nob BW tank shocks the landraider getting an immobilize and stunned. The mega nob BW tried to ram the wave serpent but it dodged. The crisis suit team gets on the other side of the gitz BW, and the pathfinders moved to shoot Shrike.

The drive by boys shoot the pathfinders and kill 2, the two squads of fire warriors shoot the heck out of the vanguard but only 1 failed his save. The stealth suits immobilized the rhino, the hammerhead again stuns and shakes the prism. The crisis team kills 3 vanguard. The broadsides take the multimelta off the land raider, the rockit buggy hits a dread penetrates and explodes it leaving the truck who had planked it with nothing to do. The flash gits get a 3 for ap and kill off the rest of the vanguard, Badrukk caused himself 2 wounds and saved them. The kill kannon kills 2 wraithguard. The red pants using pistols kill off Shrike. The blue shirts truck plank destroys the rhino and the tac squad gets out.
Again no combat
Shrike about to die

Shrike and vanguard shot out of existance

Bad Guys turn
The wraithguard move towards the meganob BW, the warlocks do the same, the wave serpents move towards the middle, the terminators move towards the red pants boys and again get to run 1. The prism comes out from behind cover to get a shot at the gold boys.

The prism and every star cannon in the army fired at the gold boys, I forgot about the KFF and was just taking off boys as they died. Everything the eldar had they shot at the gold boys and killed 8, they failed their Ld and then refailed after the nob hit one with a boss pole so ran 11 towards the board edge. The wraithguard killed the empty truck, tac squad flamered and rapid fired at the red pants killing all but the nob (again I forgot the KFF) a lascannon killed a truck got a krunch result, the other squad of shootas got out. The land raider used its flamer to kill a truck and that one exploded and killed 4 boys, the storm cannon killed 4 more.

The terminators multi assaulted the truck and the shoota boys. They wipe out the shootas and kill the truck getting a krunch and the black boot boys were left standing wondering where their truck went.

Turn Three
The meganob BW rammed the dread who death or gloried and killed the BW and then a slight discussion about 2d6 hits from the death roller, I compromised and said it was against his front armor and so the dread also was destroyed. The MaNs got out behind the wave serpent. The other BW rollered the land raider again and got a stunned and shaken, and since it only moved 6 the nobs got out. The stealth team again take possession of the objective and run 4. The gitz BW backs up to give the stealth team cover. The blue shirt truck moves 19 to get between wave serpent and objective. The crisis team moves to get line of sight to the terminators.

The kill kannon kills one wraithguard. The gitz kill one terminator and Badrukk causes himself a wound. The last 4 shoota boys kill 3 warlocks, the last one failing his LD and running off the board. The broad sides multi shake and stun a wave serpent. The hammerhead shakes and stuns the other one. Both squads of fire warriors shoot at the terminators who laugh off all the wounds. The pathfinders shoot at marines and the marines make all their saves. The rockit buggy shot at the prism and missed. The black boots shoot pistols at the dire avengers and kill 1.

The black boots wipe out the avengers only losing 2, the MaNs with 40 attacks get 6 hits and then only get an immobilize on the wave serpent, the nobs with the PK attacks kills the land raider.

Bad Guys
The wave serpent moved flat out and got between the board edge and the objective. The terminators moved away from the black boots and towards the objective, then ran 1 again. The wraithguard moved towards the shootas and the MaNs.

One lascannon destroys the rockit buggy, the prism fires a template at the stealth suits and it scatters harmlessly. The guardians mow down the black boot boys leaving only the nob and one boy. The wraithguard kill 3 of the 4 shoota boys.

The terminators assaulted the crisis team and kill 2 drones the shaso and one body guard for no losses in return, then roll a 1 for consolidate. The MaNs blow up the wave serpent killing 1 scorpion and 2 Mans leaving the skorpians in the crater that was the wave serpent.

Turn Four
My partner and I decided we would shoot everything at the serpent, and hopefully he could kill it and the gitz would mow down the banshees, and the blue shirts would assault them.

After moving everything getting ready to shoot down the serpent and mow down the banshees, as well as the MaNs getting ready to multi assault the scorpions and the wraithguard, the bad guys said just roll the run to see if you get off the board before you do all the shooting, so a run of 4 was rolled and the game was over.

A Win for the orks. The generator was taken off the board by the good guys,

Now we (the orks) can build a living metal stompa. (The tau were given fermented fungus beer and did not wake up when we stole it out of their camp)Some funny parts is the first turn the orks had a better shooting phase than the tau, the shazu kept rolling a 1 for his reserve roll and so never came in. The eldar player after letting his prism sit still for the whole game remembered he had spirit stones and so finally moved it behind cover.

A great game for all, with only a minor rule disagreement, it did not stop the game. It was close, if the terminators could have ran anything better than a 1 all game the bad guys might have got the generator, and it would have been hard to take it away. Jan Zar and her banshees were a major threat and may just have been what the bad guys needed to stay in the game. If the run roll would have been a 2 there would have been a turn 4.

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Re: KoN The Orks Have The Generator
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2010, 10:40:48 AM »
Random question but you never mentioned the Eldar player had a Farseer. Without a Farseer the warlocks are illegal in this list....Maybe you just forgot to mention he had one but you never said it in the report as well. If he didn't bring one you should mention to him that reading your codex might be helpful.

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Re: KoN The Orks Have The Generator
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2010, 05:35:01 PM »
A very good battle report.  I was just wondering how many points you were playing with.  Your army had to be above 2000 points probably closer to 3000 the tau army was on the light side, the marines and eldar were about even???

With absolutely no codex's in front of me I am thinking maybe a total of 4000 a side?   


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Re: KoN The Orks Have The Generator
« Reply #3 on: October 24, 2010, 05:59:47 PM »
OK, looking at my notes there was a farseer written I just couldn't read my own writing  :-[ so the error is fixed.
The eldar player is a former space marine player who is just starting his Eldar army that is why most of his stuff is not painted yet.

Yes, we were playing about 4.5k a side, and my tau allied contingint brought what he had, dropping his kroot from his list as I said the orks have the troop thing covered. (we really need a green cheese smiley) The tau were great for the long range fire support even though he couldn't kill anything but a razorback and the orks did the majority of the vehicle killing. However his stealth suit team was hard to hit with shooting and that is why his unit got the generator off the board. (insert evil green smiley here)

Thanks for the replies, it was a last second game as the necron players had already arranged other games. For as unprepared as I was I think it turned out ok.
"It needs but one foe to breed a war. And even those who have not swords can still die upon them" (Lady Eowyn)
     We orks are not about being the hero; We orks are about being the mob.
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Re: KoN The Orks Have The Generator
« Reply #4 on: October 25, 2010, 02:21:26 PM »
Great game and Batrep. Nice to see your using that piece of terrain you built.

Nice to see the Orks and tau working together, although as an Eldar player I would have thought the Eldar woudl turn sides and start shiving a few SM's in the battle (mine would have, because we hate all things Mon-Kiegh, and we hate Imperialist barstitches even more).

Loved the pics, and I thank you for sharing, I wish that I could take part in an apoc game every now and then; but I don't often have more than 3 hours to game in.

Love the green Smiley comments BTW, and I will see if I can get one made for you (seriously, it could happen).

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