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Author Topic: Necrons vs CSM 1500 points  (Read 913 times)

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Necrons vs CSM 1500 points
« on: October 20, 2010, 12:47:41 PM »
Well I finally got into what I considered my first real game with necrons, my 5th the first 4 were tutorials as learned the ins and outs of the Faded Legion.

Sorry no Pics, maybe I will bring my camera and this is how I remember it going down.

My list was a follows, with 1500 pt game.

Lord, Rez orb, staff of light, and VOD

Lord, Destroyer body, Staff of light and Destroyer body.

2 x 10 man Warrior group

3 Destroyers

6 flayed ones. (In reserve)
2 x 6 man scarab swarms with Disruptor fields

Proxies Tomb Stalker (As I lack models my opponent had no problem letting the tomb stalker in)

1496 or so points

His army from Memory
Chaos marines

Demon prince
Typhos (sorry for the spelling)
2 x 2 man obliterater squads
3 x 10 man squads, 2 plasma, vet, and mooks

The deployment was spearhead and 4 objectives were on the board. The CSM went first and set up.

The center was dominated by a large piece of terrain that blocked direct line of site, each corner held some cover. My opponent deployed an obliterater squad on each flank backed by a squad. The Demon prince was posed to go up on the center terrain and come up the center. Typhos and the final squad were in the rear holding on objective. Objectives are one in each deployment zone. One in center on high cliff, some 12” off table, and one on the left flank.

I deployed my 2 squad of warriors in the back on an objective in cover. Destroyers and destroyer lord on my right flank screened by the immortals and lord. The Tomb stalker was centered ready to move out either way shielded from direct fire.

Turn 1 I failed to seize the initiative.
CSM moves his oblits along the side of the center piece. A squad moves out on either flank. The demon prince comes up over the top of the terrain to sit on the center objective. He shoots at the immortals, I have cover but he downs one.
The oblits plasma the immortals but drifts off and no effect.

Nercons I shuffle the destroyers to be able to unload all shots on Demon prince, Immortals do the same.  With no targets for the Scarabs they move out to threaten squads by turbo boosting to striking range (With no vehicles it made sense). The Tomb Stalker moves up and closes on the prince, then flees to within 4 inches of him. The immortals and destroyers unload on the prince. The prince takes 1 of his three wounds. The tomb stalker charges and inflicts another wound on the prince and receives 2 back. The Stalker then hits-and-runs 9” away.

Objectives CSM 1, Necrons 1

Turn 2
CSM the Obliteraters move forward, the squads advance along the flank. The back squad stays put. The demon prince flies out, no wound, and lands near the tomb stalker.  The oblit’s fire and take out one immortal, the other flank fires but is out of range. I forgot the oblits have flamers and they wipe out the left flank swarm and kill 3 on the right. The prince fires and fails to wound the tomb stalker. (bad to hit rolls). The Prince charges and rolls 10 attacks on the tomb stalker and inflicts only one wound! The tomb stalker in response kills the prince ripping it to shreads!

Necrons with the immediate threat out of the way I can move out. The lord and his Immortals VOD across the board into the corner in range of the back squad. The destroyer lord and destroyers zip to shoot at the right flank oblit’s. The stalker moves to within charge rang of the CSM, but obscured from the left flank Oblits. The 3 remaining scarabs turbo boost to the back corner to threaten the back objective, and put pressure on the CSM there. The flayers fail to show. The downed immortal gets up. Shooting the back warriors hit a CSM and down one. The destroyers do nothing to the oblits with their   2+ saves. The lord shooting from the rear into the back squad takes 2 CSM.  Assault the Tomb stalker charges in and takes with 6 attacks three CSM. The return attack wounds the stalker he now has 4 and fails his Hit-and-Run roll.

Objectives CSM 1, Necrons 1

Turn 3
CSM Oblit move forward, back squad moves to protect the objective. The left CSM moves forward toward the left objective. The Oblits on the right plasma template my warriors and take 2 off the board. The ones on the left down a Destroyer. The back Squad drop the 1 immortal, and took cover versus the plasma weapons. The CSM in assault with the Stalker loose 2 CSM, but kill the Stalker. (a lot of 6’s to hit and a lot of  1’s  to save, LOL). The CSM consolidate closer.

Necrons. The destroyer fails to get up, the immortal fails to get up. The flayers forgot there was a battle today. The Immortal group VOD to a cliff top, drift off target, so all but 2 immortals cannot shoot, all make dangerous terrain check. The destroyer shift range to stay out of the Squads weapon range but hit the left Oblits.  Now the destroyers hit and put one wound on the Oblits. The lord on the cliff and his squad tear into the CSM below, the Lords staff take out 2 who fail their FNP. The warriors long range shoot and take 1 more. (I must say he rolled a lot of ones.)

Objectives CSM 1, Necrons 1

Turn 4
CSM Oblits move forward, left and right flank CSM squad advance on objective. Back squad repositions itself. The oblit on the left flank hit and take 2 warriors, Left CSM fire into warrior squad, one overheats and dies from plasma, but are still out of range to assault but are nearing my objective. Oblit on right shoot and take down another destroyer.

Necron Destroyers stay put, the 2ND destroyer fails to get back up. The Flayers decide to get into the game and flank in furthest from the action (Not their best day) they move into terrain and run close to the Obits. The Lord VOD back to the rear objective and drifts into the terrain all make the dangerous terrain check. Scarabs turbo boost into terrain to threaten an objective on next move, make all dangerous terrain checks. One squad of warriors advance to put enemy in rapid fire range. Destroyers put a wound on the right flank Oblit, finally! Lords group downs 1 CSM on the rear objective, The 2 rear squads chew the left flank CSM up downing all but 1. One squad double tapped the other regular.

Objectives CSM 1, Necrons 1

Turn 5
CSM Oblitz move, right flank  passed objective, Typhos finally leaves the squad and advances on the Scarabs in cover, left flank Oblitz advance near Flayers. Oblitz on right flank miss the destroyers. Left flank roasts 3 flayers, who stay put. Back CSM drop 2 immortals. Left sole CSM squad advances toward left objective. Typhos kills a scarab with his fire. Assault by Typhos sees scarab swarm finally killed.

Necrons Both immortals get up, 2 flayers get back up. Lord and Destroyer’s turbo to top of center terrain and land on objective and make dangerous terrain check.  Lord and immortals advance to threaten objective next turn.   Flayers close up near Obliz on left flank. Warriors unload something like 38 shots into lone CSM, score 10 hits and 6 wounds. The CSM laughs and shrugs all wounds off. Flayers hit but fail to wound Oblitz, Oblitz kill off  2, make leadership checks.

Objectives CSM 2, Necrons 1

Roll off and game continues

Turn 6
CSM Oblitz on right flank advance, Typhos rejoins CSM right advancing squad, Squad advance to control Objective. Rear squad advances to objective.  CSM on right moves and fails to down necron. Oblitz hit destroyers, but they make cover saves. The lone CSM assaults the warrior squad and contest objective. Warriors lose 2 and fail to wound CSM, but make morale check. Flayers and Oblit mix it up loosing 2 more flayers, leadership is made.

Necrons Destroyer Lord leaves squad and turbo boosts to right objective to contest it. Rear warrior advance on CSM in battle but do not join. Lord and immortals move forward and contest the rear objectives. Destroyer fails to wound Oblit. Loose 2 more warriors in Assualt, but make leadership roll. Lord and immortals down 2 marines.

Objectives CSM 0, Necrons 0

Roll off and game ends.

I must say I was satisfied about how it went all down. We all had our shares of good and bad rolls. The Stalker was a monster and I will definitely be getting at least one. I need 3 more destroyers and my lack of heavy support is killing me, and a thanks for my opponent letting me proxie in the tomb stalker or it would have been over by turn 4, a prince and typhos was a heavy list.
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Re: Necrons vs CSM 1500 points
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2010, 03:06:36 PM »
What can you do..... Daemon Princes are all nasty.... It did sound like your Tomb Stalker went down in a slightly.... mediocre fashion.

I wonder if you took the Tomb Stalker points and bought yourself a squad of 3 Tomb Spyders, would it have been any different? I'm just playing devil's advocate here because although I haven't played the Stalker, he is worth more than three spyders which have access to ablative wounds (scarabs).

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Re: Necrons vs CSM 1500 points
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2010, 04:10:39 PM »
Demon Prince rolled 10 attacks?  This could be a typo, but the max amount of attacks a Prince can ever have is 6 on the charge and only if they have Mark of Khorne.  I hope you didn't get jipped.

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Re: Necrons vs CSM 1500 points
« Reply #3 on: October 23, 2010, 04:14:35 PM »
I believe he had a demon weapon that allowed him to roll a D6 and add that to the base attacks, but if he rolled 1 he took an unsaved wound.
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