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Author Topic: KoN, Tier 3, round 2, 2000 pt orks v eldar  (Read 1531 times)

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KoN, Tier 3, round 2, 2000 pt orks v eldar
« on: October 18, 2010, 04:34:17 PM »
Disclaimers: First, this was a round 2 game (on the 16th, so barely), sorry I didn't get it up sooner.  Second, its been a LONG time (as in years and at least 1 codex, maybe 2) since I last played eldar, so I'm very unfamilar with their units and so may identify them wrong or fail to identify them.

My list: 3 units of 8 nob bikers each, 2 biker warbosses, and a killa kan

His list: Eldar tank (not sure which, 6 str 6 shots total from 2 different guns?), walker with 2 brightlances, 2 guardian squads with weapon platforms, warpspiders, howling banshees, Eldrad, "Mystery Squad" <--- killed without accomplishing anything, I didn't recognize the models and have literally no idea what they were.  ;)

Mission: Modified mission for the tournie we were in.  Table quarters deployment, 3 take and hold objectives, 1 in the exact center of the board, one each in the quarters not used for deployment.  Only fast attack starts on table, all else must start in reserve.

He won the roll for first deployment move.

Eldar Deployment: Took upper left quarter, deployed spiders in roughly center of deployment zone.

Ork deployment: No fast attack, so I got to deploy a whole lot of nothing.

Eldar Turn 1: Does nothing.

Ork turn 1: Can't do anything.

Eldar Turn 2: Tank, walker, banshees, mystery squad, and Eldrad all arrive from reserve.  Tank goes on far left, walker between spiders and tank, banshees right of spiders, eldrad with mystery squad right of banshees.  Nothing else to do, so on to me.

Ork turn 2: 2 nob squads, a warboss, and the kan arrive from reserves.  One nob squad + warboss turboboost 24" in straight towards spiders, the other nob squad turbobossts 24" toward Eldar, kan waddles in 6" between the 2.  Between turbo-boost and lack of range on the kan, no firing or assaults.

Eldar turn 3: All his units advance 6", warp spiders 12".  Spiders and tank fire at left nob squad, 1 wounded nob from each of them.  Walker brightlances kan and kills it.  No other effective firing, no assaults.

Ork turn 3: Other warboss and nob unit arrive.  Warboss turbo up in wake of left nob unit, nobz turbo up between (and behind of course) other 2 nob units.  Warboss splits from left nobz, dakkas then assaults spiders.  Kills 4 in return for no damage, others break and run from the table without ever getting another shot off.  Left nobz move up and right 12", then dakka and assault banshees, kill entire unit in return for 1 wounded nob.  Right nobz move up 12", then dakka Eldrad + mystery unit, mystery unit completely destroyed, but Eldrad unwounded.

Eldar turn 4: Guardian squads arrive, 1 behind walker, the other behind where the spiders used to be.  Tank shoots and kills spider warboss.  Guardian squads and walker both try to shoot up left nob squad for no damage, eldrad uses a psychic large blast template on right squad, no damage.

Ork turn 4: Remaining warboss moves up, assaults and kills tank.  Left nob squad assaults, then kills walker (didn't need proper movement).  Center nob squad moves up 12", shoots up guardian squad, kills 2/3rds.  To far out to assault still.  Right nob squad shoots and kills Eldrad.

Eldar turn 5: Guardian squads to their best, pouring fire into left nob squad.  No damage.

Ork turn 5: Left nob squad dakkas them assaults left guardians - no survivors.  Center nob squad dakka's right guardians.  No survivors.

Eldar tabled.  Victory Orks!

Hindsight: The mission setup was poor on the part of the tournie organizers.  NO ONE did anything in turn one in the enitre tournament.  Even those armies which had fast attack invariable ended up across the table from someone who didn't, so had nothing to shoot at, assault, or even move towards beyond a table edge.  Other then that... well, it was a really straight forward game and a darn easy win.  It didn't matter, so wasn't mentioned above, but the right nob squad ended the game sitting on one objective, and the center nob squad had a couple members trailing far enough back to claim the center objective.  Nothing I would have changed or needed to change and got me pumped for the rest of the tournament.


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