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Author Topic: The Orks Are Taking Necrodermus; Orks vs Necrons  (Read 2421 times)

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The Orks Are Taking Necrodermus; Orks vs Necrons
« on: October 9, 2010, 09:42:09 PM »
The Entrance to The Tomb

This game was 2500 points fought between me and lettheharvestbegin. The scenario was “Fight To The Death” (scenario page 22 of the “Battle Missions” book) The special rules of the scenario allowed the necrons to be stubborn. We also modified the “Up To Something?” scenario to have one traitor each.

My List:
Big Mek Gitburna: heavy armor, cybork, BP, KFF, Burna
Big Mek Waagut: same gear as Gitburna
Traitor: Necron Lord with thing to chase stuff down 2d6, and phylactery.
4 loads of truck boys (12 choppa boys 1 is nob with heavy, BP, and PK) with a red truck with ram.
15 Burna boys, 3 are meks with CMB
6 Mega Nobs in Battle Wagon “Old Red” (red, grots, armor, roller, 2 big shootas)
The Green Baron (deffcopta; rockits and saw)
1 Skorcha Buggy with red paint
1 Rockit Buggy with trakks and red
Battle Wagon “More Red” grots, red, armor, roller, 2 big shootas
Battle Wagon ‘Big Red” Kill Kannon, grots, ram, 1 big shoota
10 Flash Gitz; shootier, dakka, pain boy, Capt Badrukk

His List:
Traitor: Big Mek Slingblade, mega armor, cybork, squig
Lord with WarScythe, Phase Shifter, Phylactory, Ressurection orb
5 Destroyers
5 Destroyers
10 Scarab Swarms
20 warriors
17 warriors
10 warriors

On all pictures you can click to enlarge it for full viewing (thanks Moc065)

Turn One
(The Necron Traitor yells defiance at his former race)

Big Mek Gitburn lookes at the ruins in front of him, the necrons were busy, and there was a lot of noise as his battle wagon roared towards the monolith. "How come it is always so quiet when AWTY gets into a fight, and so noisy when I get into a fight?" he wondered out loud. Just then the kill kannon fired and shook him from his thoughts. "Lets get that metal boys, lots to go around if we get them all this time" he yelled, and the fighting began.

The Orks went first. Everything moved forward, the Green Baron stayed near the Big Red as he only moved 10” Old Red drove 13’ and crushed 4 bases of swarms under its death roller. The Black Boots truck drives 13’ and the boys got out right next to a unit of destroyers.

The kill kannon shot did not skatter and flattened 5 necrons of the big squad and the Flash Gitz fired only dropping one, Badrukk missed all his shots. The Green Baron fired and got an immobilized result on the monolith on the entrance. A big shoota from a trukk dropped a destroyer, the skorcha caused 8 wounds on the scarabs, and the massive amount of pistol shots failed to wound anything.

The Black Boots charged the destroyers and killed 4 with no losses in return, but the destroyers stayed passing its LD.

Necron turn: WBB rolls 2 of the 4 destroyers got back up, in the other squad the one down destroyer got back up. The destroyer squad not in combat moved away from the orks, and the Nightbringer moved towards More Red, and the large squad moved towards the oncoming orks.

The Nightbringer fired its flaming eyeball shot at More Red but the penetrating hit was saved by the KFF. The large necron squad fired at Old Red and glanced it to death, the MaNs and the traitor got out. The Destroyers fired at More Red and the two glances were saved by the KFF. The particle whip landed its template dead on the Mans Squad killing the necron traitor and one mega nob, the 10 warrior squad RF’d the MaNs and wounded 1, the nobs passed their LD.

The Nightbringer assaulted More Red and exploded it, the explosion killing 2 burna boys, the black boots and the destroyers sissy slap each other neither side causing any wounds and staying locked in combat.

Turn Two
The Orks continue moving forward, the goldy boys (former ard boys) drive past the first combat with destroyers and get out, the blue shirt boys drive up to the large squad of warriors and get out, the red pants attempt to drive past the Nightbringer and for the first time I rolled two 1s in a row and their truck became disabled in difficult terrain. The MaNs move towards the large squad, and the Green Baron and rockit buggy moved to get line of sight on the nightbringer, and the skorcha moved to get a good line of fire (pun intended) on the scarabs.

The kill kannon fired at the large squad of warriors and it scattered onto the monolith not causing any damage, the flash gitz knocked down three warriors and Badrukk missed all his shots again using an ammo grot to reroll his one get hot roll that missed also. The Green Baron and rockit buggy both missed the Nightbringer, the skorcha caused 4 more wounds on scarabs, and a big shoota from a truck caused two wounds on the nightbringer who failed both saves.

The goldies assaulted the other destroyers killing them all before the nob could even swing, the blue shirt boys and the MaNs assaulted the large squad with lord, knocking down 10 and the lord with only 4 boys and a Mega nob getting killed in return, the necrons passed their LD and stayed in combat. The black boots finally kill the last three destroyers for only 1 boy killed in return and consolidate towards an empty truck. The flamers tried to assault the Nightbringer who pushed them back (I forgot about that power) but the Mek Waagut chose to stay and fight, dying horrible but causing a wound as obviously as he was wandering around with his head smashed in, his burna went off and hit the Nightbringer who failed to make his save.

Necrons WBB rolls got 6/11, the lord stood back up with all his wounds. His other monolith deepstruck in landing on top of the flamers, and his reserve squad stepped out and leveled their guaze weapons. The disabled monolith teleported the large squad out of combat and got 3 more back. The traitor Slingblade moved towards the monolith with the intent of fixing it. The 10 warrior squad moved to get a clear line of sight on the Green Baron, and the Nightbringer moved towards the black boot boys.

The new squad shot up the flamers killing 6, who passed their LD, the 10 warrior squad caused 6 wounds on the Green Baron who saved all but one because of the KFF. The guaze flayer killed the rockit buggy, and two trucks, the large squad RF’d the MaNs causing 8 wounds and they saved 7.

The Nightbringer assaulted the black boots and killed 2, the boys struck back for no wounds but the nob caused 2 and the Nightbringer failed his 4th save. The orks passed their LD and stayed in combat.

Turn Three
The flamers move to square off with the new necron squad, the red pants move out of difficult terrain to get close to the new squad, the goldies moved towards the traitor with the intent to stop him, the mega nobs move to within an inch of the disabled monolith, the Big Red moves forward, the skorcha gets a line on the last two bases of scarabs, (that he forgot to move) and the death copta moves to stay under the cover of the KFF.

The red pants shoot pistols but fail to wound, the burnas flame down 5 necrons, the Green Baron missed the Nightbringer again, the flash gitz knock down 5 necrons but Badrukk missed all his shots again.

The MaNs storm the monolith causing 3 weapon destroyed results and shaken and stunned. The blue shirts knock down 5 and the nob kills off the lord again but the necrons pass their LD and stay in combat. The goldies assaulted the traitor and killed him, the Nightbringer pushes back the black boots, the red pants kill 5 for none in return and the necrons pass their LD and stay in combat.

Necrons; WBB the lord fails his roll and is now all the way dead, the others were 3/5 and 4/10. The disabled monolith teleports the squad out of combat with the blue shirts and gains another 3. The other monolith teleports the other squad out of combat with the red pants and gets one more back. Nightbringer moves towards the new squad.

The disabled monolith does no damage with its guaze flayer due to the -3 on its weapons, the large squad shoots Big Red getting 5 glances, the KFF saved 3 and then he of course rolled a 6 and a 5 destroying the Big Red the Flash Gitz get out along with Gitburna. The 10 warriors shoot and kill the Green Baron. The other monolith guaze flays killing 2 boys, and a truck. The new squad RF’d and killed 4 flamers and 2 of the meks, the last mek made his LD. The Nightbringer shoots at the black boots and killed 1.

The nightbringer assaulted the black boots and using his template of death killed all the boys and the nob wiffed failed his LD and was swept. The MaNs get another weapon destroyed and 5 shaken and stunned results.

Turn Four
Flash Gitz spread out and get closer to 10 warrior squad, the goldies move through terrain to get to the rear of the large warrior squad, the blue shirts get into the face of the warriors who still had their backs against the monolith, the MaNs move back one inch, the mek with CMB moves closer to the Nightbringer, and the red pants move to the other monolith and the new squad. The skorcha moves to get a shot at the 10 squad.

The flash gitz shoot down 5 with one of them falling to Badrukk who had to use last two ammo runts. The blue shirts and goldies shoot pistols dropping 1, the mek misses the nightbringer, the red pants knock down 3 warriors with pistol shots and the truck missed the nightbringer with its big shoota. The skorcha hits 6 but only knocks down one warrior.

The red shirts charge the warriors but are pushed back by the nightbringer, the blue shirts and goldies charge the large squad causing 8 wounds that were all saved, then killed 4 orks in return, the two nobs kill 3 warriors, the orks pass their LD with the help of the boss pole killing the last blue shirt boy. The MaNs charge the monolith, and exploded it. Killing another ork boy and and knocking down 2 warriors. Then the flash gitz charge the remains of the 10 man squad causing 16 wounds and Gitburna causing 1 power weapon wound, knocking down all the rest (4) and consolidating 6 towards the large squad.

Necrons WBB 1 of 4, and 3 of the destroyed 10 warrior squad join the large squad. The large squad got 1/1 of its warriors back. The monolith moves towards the large squad, the new squad moves towards the large squad too. Nightbringer moves towards the skorcha.

The new squad mows down the red pants with only the nob surviving, the Nightbringer fired at the red pants nob and killed him. The large squad which is now only 14 fights and kills the last 4 goldy boys and the two nobs (blue shirt and goldy) kill 3 necrons in return and pass their LD.

Turn Five
The skorcha moves to flame the new squad, the mek with CMB gets at point blank of the Nightbringer (1”) the megas move towards the oncoming monolith, The gitz spread out and close in on the former large squad of necrons.

The skorcha causes 8 wounds and all are saved, the mek shoots his CMB at nightbringer and causes a wound. The mek was excited, he would finally get some recognition for all his hard work now that he had just killed the dreaded necron thing, the look of happiness on his face was disintegrated before he even knew he was dead. The nightbringer failed his last save and exploded, immobilizing the skorcha, exploding the last truck and killing the mek that killed him.

The Flash Gitz charge into the combat between the two nobs and the necrons, causing 21 wounds, and 8 necrons fall down, the nobs killed 3 more leaving only 1 necron standind who passed his LD and stayed in combat.

Necron WBB 2/2 and 5/8, the monolith tank shocked the MaNs one death or gloried and got a shaken and was crushed loudly. The other necron squad ran to try to get to the other squad and rolled a 2.

There was no shooting and the combat the gitz kill 1 the mek killed one the necrons swung back but the gitz made all their feel no pain saves, and the two nobs killed one each, of course the necrons make their LD and stayed in combat.

Note: The white mouse (The Ultimate Spawn of Evil) is a stand in for Capt Badrukk

Turn Six
The Mans move towards the oncoming monolith, then charge it. They both get 2 glances and 2 pens, then rolled all 1s and 2s. The mek killed one warrior, the necrons cause no wounds in return, the gitz were not in base so did not swing and the two nobs killed one apiece.

Necron WBB he needed both of his warriors to stand back up or he would phase out, he got 1 of 2 and so ended the game.

A win for the orks, however pyrrhic, only the gitz were at full strength. Lettheharvestbegin is starting to get too good at fighting the orks.

Big Mek Gitburna was happy, more of the living metal laying all around from the exploded monolith, soon he would have enough for a living stompa, and since AWTY was still with the painboys, Gitburna started to have thoughts of starting his own waagh....
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