Necrons vs Space Wolves @ 2000pts (KoN Campaing bonus mission rnd 1)

Started by moc065, October 7, 2010, 06:50:44 PM

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Bonus Mission - Interupted or Kill Box

QuoteInterrupted... (Bonus Mission for Round 1)
While the Necrons are searching for the Necrodermus generator, an enemy army takes the opportunity to launch a surprise attack! Your force is caught totally off-guard and must hold out long enough to regroup and chase the enemy away!

Your deployment zone is a 12" x 12" square in the center of the table, and you may choose which long board edge counts as your board edge. You must deploy at least 1 HQ and 2 troops choices in your deployment zone. Any other units may be deployed or held in reserves. Your opponent then can deploy his units anywhere within 6-12 inches of any table edge other than your own. The objective is to make it to Turn 5 with at least one Troop unit alive - do this succesfully and you win, any other result is a loss.

The two armies meet.

The Mighty Green Machine
100111 0101 010     SupREME-10 - Necron Lord, RezOrb & Scythe: 1
100111 0010 100     Necron Immortals: 10
100111 0001 001     Necron Warriors: 3 X 10
100111 0011 101     Necron Destroyers: 2 X 5
100111 0011 000     Scarab Swarms: 5
100111 0100 111     Monolith: 2

2000pts, 3 Scoring Units, 10 Kill Points, Phase Out = 12/51 Necrons with 58 figures.

Harald Deathwolf
Logan Grimnar: 1
Stormcaller: 1
Wolfguard - 2 Term w/ML, 1 term w/Fist, 3 Pfists, 4 Joes: 10 + Droppod.
Grey Hunters - Plas + PW, Plas + PW, Plas + PW, Plas + PW: 4 X 9 + 2 Droppods and 1 Rhino
Long Fangs - 5ML + Serg, 1Las, 4ML + Serg, 1Las, 4ML + Serg: 3 X 6

2000+pts, 5 Scoring Units, 14 Kill Points, 66 Figures

The Battlefield is set {12 X 12 is defined by the 4 Dice in the center around the Necron terrain piece}.

We descussed a few rulings for things such as Monolith Teleport, so it was decided that for this mission the Teleport could only be used prior to the movement phase, and that the Necrons would also use the DoW deployment for anythign not set up in the Kill Box to start with. There would be no Nightfight in place for this game; but, other than that the Bonus mission rules were used in conjunction with the standard 40K BBB.

TMGM Deploys first with 2 Monoliths, 2 X 10 Warriors, 10 Immortals + Lord, and 5 Scarab Swarms placed within the 12"x12" Kill Box; the 2 X 5 Destroyers would arrive via DoW on Turn 1, and the 10 other Necron Warriors would arrive as standard reserves through a Monolith when/if available. Here is what it looked like.
The Harald Deathwolf then set up their 3 Long Fang units around the parimiter of the battlefield using the Ruins to gain good LOS, the Rhino Grey Hunters and Foot Grey Hunters also deployed on the Left flank of the Necron long edge, a Wolfguard was placed within each of these units as well as within the 2 Grey Hunter Droppod units that would arrive later, and the remaining Wolfguard were joined in their Droppod by both Logan and Stormcaller and they would also arrive later on (as per Droppod rules). Here is how it looked at that point.

Turn 1a
The TMGM goes first, no wait -- Harald Deathwatch steals the initiative and they go first with 2/3 Droppods arriving (Wolfgaurd + IC's and one Grey Hunter squad). IC's are accompanied by 2 Termies with ML's and 2 Joe Wolfguard and they arrive between the Necron table edge and a unit of Necron Warriors, Scatter is minimal so they are well within range to shoot as they arrive. The Grey Hunter Droppod lands a few inches to the side of the First one, and scatters toward the 2 Necron Warrior units. After that the Rhino advances on the Kill Bow and pops Smoke to initiate the Shooting Phase. The Stomrcaller and Logan have a multitude of insane abilities and pass on atributes, so lets assume that the Wolfguard always have preferred enemy, and the Stomrcaller always passes his LD to have Living Huricane in effect around himself as well as Casting Living Lightning as often as possible. The 2 Lascannons fail to hit/damage either Monolith and then the ML, plasma, and assorted Bolter Fire action begins -- Pew Pew Pew, bang, oouch, pew, etc. Necron Lord (attached to Immortals) takes a wound, and 4/10 Immortals go down dispite being in cover, etc; and 7/10 Warriors from squad Arnold go down. Both units passed the LD tests and due to the proximity of the RezOrb all Necrons will get a chance to WBB, and the Harald DeathWolf has not asaults.


Turn 1b
TMGM WBB has 2/4 Immortals self-repairing and 3/7 Warriors self-repairing, the 2 Monoliths then perform a Teleport action to have another 1/2 Immortals self-repair and another 3/4 Warriors self-repair so that in the end, only 1 Immortal and 1 Warrior were actually removed.
Both Destroyer squads arrived and avoided the 24" Living Hurricane zone by coming in by the rear corner of the Left Flank, making sure to have good LOS on the Foot Grey Hunters and/or the Rhino as they did so. Squad Stallone then moved more central to make room for the Monolith to drop between the Necron Infantry and the newly arrived Droppodding Harald DeathWolf units. The Immortals, Squad Arnold, and the Scarabs then adjsuted their possition to make sure that Wolves would not be able to assault any Warriors in short order. Once that was done the Immortals blasted a Wolfguard and 2 ML Wolves out of a Long Fang (Right Flank single unit with 5 ML's + Serg + Wolfguard unit) and the Destroyers ganged up to drop 7/10 of the Foot Grey Hunters leaving only regular Wolf's standing. Both Warrior Squads then "Ran" to get better possition and both enemy units passed their LD tests. The Necrons did not have any Assault options at this time.

{NOTE: this picture is at the end of Turn 1; but Gary had started his Turn 2 so he was Dis-embarking his Rhino prior to movement.}

End Turn 1, 29/30 Warriors still standing + 9/10 Immortals + 10/10 Destroyers

Turn 2a
The Droppod does not arrive.
Thus the Rhino Grey Hunters dis-embark and advance on the Scarbs to shoot later, the DP Grey Hunters skirt the Monolith to also advance on the Scarabs while the IC Squad goes up the Right Flank to gain LOS on the Immortals and the little Grey Hunter squad (3 remaining) advance on the Destroyer location. Stormcaller rolls to recieve some insane Living Lightning @ str=8 to all unit within 12" of him, as well as his Living Hurricane and his normal use of Living Lightning. The three Long Fangs Squads and the IC Squad all shoot into the Immortals in succesion and in the end there are no longer any Immortals standing, and the Necron Lord takes a wound while reverting to IC status as they ran out of ammo. Both Lascannons shoot the Monoliths but only manage to Stun Moldy-Goldy. Both of the Grey Hunter squad opt to us pistol fire on the Scarabs and end up removing a base and causing a wound on another; but they retain their option to assault. The 3 Grey Hunters feel that they may still be out of RF range and thus they "Run" towards the Destroyers. The Super Duper Living Lightning actually happened earlier; as it took down a couple of Immortals and 1 Warrior from each squad. In assault the Grey Hunter Squads mow through the Scarabs in short order and while the P-Fist guy of one squad is in contact with the Monolith, he fails to do any damage. Thus the two Grey Hunter Squads consolidate or pile in accordingly.


Turn 2b
TMGM WBB is non-existant for the Immortals as they are all gone; but, both of the Warriors from each squad actually self-repair.
The Golden Warriors do not arrive.
The Necron Lord joins up with Squad Stallone and they teleport through Greeny to arrive in front of the enemy IC Squad, Squad Arnold then follows suit through Goldy to also have RF range on the enemy IC squad; while the Destroyers adjust along the back field to avoid future Assaults from the enemy while gaining LOS on the IC squad as well. All Shooting went into the IC squad and as the dust settled the Stormcaller, a Termie Wolf, a Joe Wolf, are gone, and Logan Grimnar is toting a wound as well. It wasn't great results; but at least the Stromcaller would no longer be hurting everything in proximity.

End Turn 2, 29/30 Warriors still standing + 0/10 Immortals + 10/10 Destroyers

More to follow.
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Turn 3a
Droppod does not arrive yet.
Logan and remainder of his Squad advance on the Necron Lord and Squad Stallone, while the Grey Hunter all advance towards the Destroyers; but in a manner to close the gap to the now re-located Necron Warriors. The two Drop Pods start the shooting with their Missile Launchers vs Squad Arnold, and 4 Warriors go down. After that the Long Fangs on the Left Flank put their Lascannon fire into the Monoliths to Immobilize Greeny, and their ML fire into the closest Destroyers to down 3 of them. The Grey Hunters follow up with rapid Fire enmass to drop the rest of the Destroyers from that closer squad. The Right Long Fangs and Logans squad then shoot Squad Stallone to put 2 of them down, before going into Close Combat with them as well. In Close Combat things geet weird, and only 2 more Warriors go down along with the Necron Lord, and the Joe WolfGuard. The Necrons passed all their LD tests for this turn as well, even though they lost CC by -2.


Turn 3b
WBB has 2/5 Destroyers self-repair and join the other Destroyer squad to make them 7 strong, while Squad Arnold self-repairs up to 7/10 and Squad Stallone sefl-repairs to full strength 10/10 minus the Necron Lord (note that the Monolith teleport was used to re-roll and get to this point).
Gold Squad does not arrive.
Squad Arnold advance to the Right to gain LOS on Logan's Squad, while the Destroyers make their way across the back field. In shooting the Terminator Woflguard from Logans squad goes down, and Logan takes his second wound (2/3). While the 7 Destroyers target the closest Grey Hunters; but only manage to kill 3/10, Wolfguard and Power Weapon guy + 1 Joe are dead. The Wolves pass all their LD tests and the Necrons do not assault anywhere.

End Turn 3, 27/30 Warriors still standing + 0/10 Immortals + 7/10 Destroyers

Turn 4a
Droppod rolls a 1 and still does not arrive.
Grey Hunters move to get Range/assault on Destroyers, Logan and Long Fangs stand and prepare to "Unload". Shooting has the two Lascannon and ML Long Fangs removing a weapon from Greeny Monolith (Gauss Flux Arc is now str=3 or something) and Stun the Goldy Monolith; as they had no LOS/range to any other target. The Right Long Fangs and Logan drop a couple Warriors from Squad Stallone. While the Grey Hunters use pistol fire (to retain their Assault options) on the Destroyers, two Destroyers go down, and the Grey Hunters no longer have assault range. The 2 Droppods and the Rhino pelt squad Arnold to have 2 of them go down; but all the Necrons pass their LD tests again. Logan runs into Close Combat with Squad Stallone and he quickly dispatches 4 of them while taking no wounds in return, he then runs down the rest of the squad as they attempt to run away; ending his consol by the edge of the Greeny Monolith.

{sorry I missed the picture}

Turn 4b
WBB has 1 Destroyer self-repair, and 1 Arnold Warrior Self-Repair.
Gold Squad Warriors arrive via the Gold Monolith.
Greeny Monolith uses its Paricle Whip to nuke Logan; but his Belt of Russ invul save keeps him in the fight. The Gold Warriors "run" to spread out a bit better and brace for incoming Droppod squad; while the Arnold Warriors and all the Destroyers blast away at the closest Grey Hunters to reduce them to 2 figures (joe + Plasma dude). Those Grey Hunters then fail their LD and start to fall back.


End Turn 4, 16/30 Warriors still standing + 0/10 Immortals + 6/10 Destroyers

Turn 5a
Droppod arrives by default of turn 5, Scatter puts them a little farther from the Necrons; but still well within Rapid Fire range. The 2 Grey Hunters regroup and prepare to fire.
Logan can't reach CC with Necron Warriors so he sets up to assault the Monolith, while the larger Grey Hunter squad advances towards the Necron infantry/destroyers. Shooting has all Long Fangs targeting the Monoliths as the infantry is out of LOS/range; Greeny Mono has itsGFA reduced to str=2 while Goldy is stunned again. Shootind is concentrated into the Warriors in an attempt at Phase Out (like he did for most of the game actually), but as the dust settled the 6 Destroyer remained as well as 4/10 from Squad Arnold and 6/10 from the Gold Squad of Warriors. Logan failed to do any damage to the Monolith in CC.

{soory no picture again}

Turn 5b
~~ note that this was only in fun, as there was no way for the Necrons to lose the game at this point.
WBB had the Gold Squad back to 8/10 Warriors and Squad Arnold back to 5/10 Warriors.
All Necrons advanced on the newly arrived Grey Huntes and fired into them reducing their number to 6. they passed their LD test and only Joe's died to that shooting. Logan then attemped one more smash with his fist into the Green Monolith; but once again he failed to damage it.

End Turn 5, 13/30 Warriors still standing + 0/10 Immortals + 6/10 Destroyers
Results, Victory for The Mighty Green Machine.

I would once again like to thank my opponent as he played a great game, making an insane number of saves on his Power Armour or Termie Armour respectively. I also wish to thank GW Halifax for the use of their great facility once again, it was great bantering with guys like Dan, and meeting Dallas, etc. Looking at the awesome newly arrived Dark Eldar stuff was a distraction; but a welcomed distraction, so I thank you for that apportunity as well. I know we messed up the rules a little, but we went over things together as both Gary and I feel that Monolith's are a bit broken, same goes for Logan, Stormcaller, and a few other oddities that we chose to play with for fun. This truely was a fun game, as I was 100% playing to gain the Bonus mission point and try old Old School Necron style with 5th Ed, while Gary was testing out some Named Characters (something he rarely does). 

Comments and Criticisms are welcome, and Gary is welcome for a re-match anytime (sans Monoliths and nabed Figures preferably).


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