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Author Topic: 2000 pt Orks vs Space Wolves (thunder calvery) Knuckles on Necrodermis Sector 3  (Read 2503 times)

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So why did the boss put us all the way out here in no where.  Nothing on this stinking planet but rocks and a few ruined buildings.  Nothing even worth lootin.  Does we gots our koordinates right??? 

What the hell is that???   those armour humies bring their pets to battle.  Let's get em boyz....

Knuckles on Necrodermis Campaign:  Week 1.  While the other clans are looking for the tablet we were sent to guard the outer rings from invasion.  Not much longer a massive space hulk transporting a larger fast recon army of Space Wolves arrives. 

2000 point
Mission objective: annihilation
Deployment: spearhead

Mad Dok Grotsnik                         
Big Mek w/ KFF, cybork

10x Lootas
11x Kommandos w/ 2 burnas and Snikrot
10x Tank bustas w/ tank hammer, 2 bomb squigs

30x Slugga Boyz w/ Nob PK/BP
22x Ard Boyz w/ Nob Pk/BP, sluggas
25x Shoota Boyz w/ Nob PK? BP, 2 big shootas
Deff dread w/ skorcha, Big Shoota, Grot Riggas

Deff Kopta w/ twin rokkits / Buzzsaw

Deff Dread w/ skorcha, big shoota, grot riggas
3x Killa kans w/ Rokkits
3x Killa Kans w/ Grotzookas


Space Wolves
Canis Wolfborn, Saga of Wolfkin
Wolf Lord in power armor/ thunderwolf, 2x wolf claws Saga of Warrior Born
Rune Priest w/power armor Living lightning, Storm Caller (w/ grey hunters in razorback)

Iron Priest w/ thunderwolf mount, thunder hammer
w/ 4x cyberwolves
Iron Priest w/ thunderwolf mount, thunder hammer w/ 4 cyberwolves

5x Grey hunters w/ melta gun, in razorback w/ Lascannon/TL- Plasmagun
5x Grey hunters w/ melta gun, in razorback w/ Lascannon/TL- Plasmagun
5x Grey Hunters w/ melta gun, in razorback w/ Lascannon/TL- Plasmagun
12x Fenrisian Wolf pack
12x Fenrisian Wolf pack

Thunderwolf Cavalry rider and mount w/ mark of wulfen and 3 more thunderwolf cavalry 1 w/ PF
Thunderwolf Cavalry rider and mount w/ mark of wulfen and 3 more thunderwolf cavalry, 1 w/PF

Set up.
He gets first turn and sets up with his razorbacks in the farthest table corner.  A pack of wolves w/ Canis and a pack of wolves w the wolf lord.

I set up with my lootas in the far back corner.  Beside them toward the middle of the board with my shoota squad.  in front of the lootas is the tank bustas with my squad of 30 boyz w/ kff mek, and the Mad Dok with ard boyz in front of them.    The can wall is in the front with Two dreads and then the grotzooka kans to right and rokkit kans to left (all in KFF range)  The deff kopta starts on my side and scouts into the vacant quarter below my opponent concealed behind a large ruin.   I reserve Snikrot and crew.

I fail to seaze the initiative.  (how orky let the dogs come to us)

Ork Deployment

SW Deployment

Turn 1
The wolf lord and wolves and a squad of Thunder Wolf Calvary advance to the vacant upper quarter around the ruin in the center.  A thunder Wolf Calvary squad, advance toward my lonely deff kopta, the iron priest advances to the top vacant quarter.  Canis stays in the middle with his wolf pack advancing toward the ruins in the center.  Both razorbacks advance a bit. 

Shooting:  he shoots a lascannon at my Dread and misses and then shoots the second at my kans and misses.  All wolves / calvary groups run.

Assault:  He assaults the thunderwolf calvary into my deff kopta.   He whiffs with all his power claw attacks and then lands 2 wounds on my deff kopta which I save.  I in turn land one wound on one of his calvary.  They stay locked in combat..   I use my hit and run and get out.  Passing my test and advancing toward the nearest razorback (into enemy lines now) 

I advance my moving wall and boyz.  My shoota boys branching out a bit.  I know I will have to go around the center ruin so to do so I divide my forces.  Figuring it is best to keep the KFF with the top half the force gets divided. 

Shooting:  I fire the deff koptas TL rokkits at the side of the razorback and get a penetrating hit (explodes killing one grey hunter in the blast)  my rokkit kans get two wounds on the thunderwolf calvary.  The lootas open up on the advancing wolf pack w/ lord killing i believe two wolfs (only got one shot each). I don't think there was any other noticable shooting to mention. 

Assault;  My deff kopta assaults the grey wolves from the razorback I exploded.  I whiff all my attacks and get killed in return.

Kill Points: Orks: 1  SW:1

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Offline angel of death 007

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Turn 2
His grey hunters advance to the top of an area terrain near a fellow razorback.  The runepriest hops out of the razorback and joins the squad on top of the hill.  The Iron Priest advances toward my Kan squad (grotzooka), the wolf lord and wolf pack advance toward my large squad of boys going around my dread as the thunder wolf calvary intercepts the dread. 

Shooting sees a miss and me making a save on my dread.  He casts livng lightning at my kans but they save all 3 shots. 

Assault  He assaults his iron priest into my grotzooka kans..  Immobilizing and thus killing one, in return they kill off two cyber wolves (combat stays locked).  The Wolf Calvary immoblizes my Deff Dread and loses a one of them in return.  (he breaks and moves far away)  The lower calvary assault my kans but end up loosing all 4 (i think I lose a DCCW here and get some can't shoot next turn results)  His lord and wolves charge my boyz  resulting in 8 dead wolves and 6 dead orks.. (stays locked in combat) His lower iron priest assaults my dread and knocks both close combat arms off.  He loses a cyberwolf or two (combat is locked).

I advance all my boys up that I can most of my boyz are locked in combat though. 

I declare a WAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!  this  gets my shoota boyz into help with combat with the grotzooka kans.  I roll some kinda crappy fleet rolls but advance my boys a bit.  The lootas open up on the razorback causing several hits and I believe takes off a lascannon.  The grot riggas repair my Dread. 

Assault.  The shoota boyz join the grotzooka kans the thunder wolves whiff hard not scoring a wound (I began to feel bad for my opponent as his dice rolls were going to crap I think he even switched dice after this turn)  I kill both calvary left suffering not even a hurt feeling in return ;)  The continued battle with the Wolf lord sees the two other wolves and the lord dispatched for a loss of 5 boyz.  My ard boyz multicharge the Iron priest w/ cyberwolves and Canis with his wolves.  Canis's wolves, the cyber wolves, get cut down and I believe I lose 8 ard boyz.  This leaves Canis and the Iron priest who both break and run. 

Kill Points:  Orks: 6 , SW: 1

My opponent got his other set of dice out hoping that his dice were just cursed. 

Turn 3

His iron priest, Canis, and I believe the calvary move toward my Ard boyz. 

His shooting takes a large toll on me.  He peppers my rokkit kans taking a DCCW (combination of living lightning and lascannon / plasma gun.)

He assaults all his stuff at my ard boys.  Starting with Canis who directs his attacks at Mad Dok and kills him.  It goes down hill for the ard boyz quickly now as they lose all but 7 boys fail their leadership test, use the boss pole, fail again and get easily run down.  They take two calvary and the iron priest with them in the brawl.  He consolidates Canis toward the center of the board and leaves the last calvary mount with PF by my dread / rokkit kans.

My turn i try advancing all my stuff on the other flank but there is a whole lot of nothing out there as all there is... is tumbleweeds.   I advance my kans toward the grey hunters on the hill.

Shooting amounts to a destroyed weapon result in the lootas wrecking the razorback which had popped smoke the turn before.  All my other stuff that can run, do so in an attempt to do something.

Kill Points:  Orks: 8  SW: 3

side of the board where all the action is:

my side were my Lootas and tank bustas watch the birds fly around.


He scatters stuff around a bit but isn't left with much to work with. 

He shoots at my killa kans with everything he got causing them to lose one and lose a DCCW and getting two can't shoot results.  This leaves 2 one missing a DCCW. 

His last calvary charges my dread, Canis charges my slugga boyz squad.  He kills a bunch of my boys and takes another wound on Canis.  He kills 5 orks and I lose a few more to fearless wounds.  His calvary guy immoblizes my dread (locked combat).

On my turn Snikrot comes in.  I use ambush to come out beside the ruin priest and grey hunter squad on the hill.  My kans advance to intercept the other grey hunter squad as with only one DCCW they are the easier target then trying to kill the other calvary mount in CC. 

My shooting only takes down one grey hunter as only two of my lootas got LOS on the grey hunters that came from the wrecked razorback.  The grot riggas repair the deff dreads immobilized result.

In assault I take several more wounds in my locked combat with Canis and a few more fearless wounds.  Snikrot and the kommandos assault the grey hunter squad with rune priest.  The kommandos lose 5 but in return kill the grey hunters and rune priest.    The combat with the Dread and calvary mount is a stand still as he lands one hit but rolls a one to damage.  The kan assault goes horribly wrong.  I end up getting hammered with krak gernades and lose my DCCW.  I think I might have killed one not sure. 

Kill Points:  Orks: 10  SW: 3

At this point my opponent knows his dice are truly against him and conceades. 

His side after the game

My side

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Offline angel of death 007

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What a game.  Looking back I can honestly say I don't know what I would have done differently.  The multicharge with the ard boyz kinda spread me a bit thin.  I had a lot of luck with my deff kopta not getting dropped when he was charged by those 4 calvary mount I thought I lost an easy KP before getting to do anything with him.  Luck pretty much was on my side the first 2 turns with me ace'in most of my rolls and my opponent not doing much of anything due to his dice roles.  His tactics were pretty solid. 

I have never played Wolfgang before and he was a great opponent.  He knew I was doing a battle report so he brought his fully painted SW tourny army and boy was the paint and conversions top notch....

I told him my army was still under construction before.  What i should have said was yes my army was under constuction half of it got hit by a bull dozer on the way in.

I kinda wasn't sure how to play this at first because looking at his list and seeing no heavy support I knew that it was going to be a very fast CC oriented army.  With that huge ruin in the center it made me have to split my forces which was a hard choice if I wanted to move forward.  My only other option would have been to hold back and let him come to me while relying on ork shooting (not the best bet to take). 

All in all it worked out well.  My opponent really got screwed on most of his dice rolls which I feel he got cheated and it cost him the game.  It wasn't a few bad rolls it was several a turn.  Where I on the other hand had a several great rolls over the first 2 turns. 

I would say the biggest lesson I learned was that orks aren't really the best army to multi charge with. Their low initiative means that now two squads get to hack up your squad before you can attack back.  This can really hurt the impact you make. 

I always thought orks had to be the primary strikers but after getting charged several times they still hold up very well receiving a charge.  I was amazed at the range for assault thunder calvary have.  Very lethal.  I think my opponent got was shocked by just how strong kans / dreads are.  I feel he underestimated them and it costed him a wolf calvary unit and his iron priest.  They have the ability to insta-kill his guys in a position where they work best (CC).  I shot him with the ork kan rokkits and it really didn't do much of anything as he said they have a regular toughness not a modified toughness like a marine biker does.  (marine bikers can be insta killed by rokkits, thunderwovles cant)

Well it was a really fun game. I almost did the bonus mission but kinda backed out after seeing my opponents army.  I knew it would be a very hard fight and with his speed i would have got tore up.  On friday I am going to have a match up in which I think I am going to try the bonus objective....  so look forward to seeing it.

till then, hope you enjoyed and good luck to everyone in the Campaign.
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Darn it, I know the feeling (I did the same thing - post batrep, catch up on stuff, now need sleep) but I wanna know who won!  :D  Guess I'll have to check tomorrow.

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Hey Congratulations (even if your on teh other team) as you played a really good game.

I thank you for the Batrep especially the Pictures as I see a lot of nice figures in there. Pass on a well done for Wolfgang's army if you see him again as I do like them a lot (and I am not a SM fan at all). Good terrain too, so who-ever built it deserves some recognition.

Other than that, I know you want to go for the bonus mission so go for it, and good luck as I think you might need it.

Nice Orky list, as its rare to not see a big pile of Knobs in an ork list these days.

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Well that was a great game, glad you had a great victory for the orks.

I am especially jealous as you have beat the SW, where so far I have not, great job. Now we know that the flanks of the waagh will be secure so we can get the generator to build living stompas.
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