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Author Topic: Warmasters Challenge coverage. Part 1.  (Read 1005 times)

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Warmasters Challenge coverage. Part 1.
« on: September 20, 2010, 06:56:49 PM »
So, I am now sitting in my apartment in Toronto after journeying back VIA greyhound bus from Kitchener-Waterloo after the Warmasters Challenge Tournament. The largest 40k tournament in Canada. I first heard of warmasters from fellow Mod here GML, and this summer signed up to participate in the event for the first time. The only tournament experience I've had before were ones in my local gaming store of around 15-18 people.

I had settled on trying out my Chaos Marines for a change, as I needed to do a lot of extra work on finishing details on my Necrons I did not have the time to do. However, I did still have some painting and modeling for my marines, and I was working on the force well up until the week I left. I have had friends from the summer camp I work at I would stay with in Waterloo, and had the tournament organizer team me up with some random dude over the internet. All seemed well. Thus, I departed friday afternoon on the Go-train to Waterloo to get my self settled on the couch of my friend Rachel's place. I arrived two hours later, and after eating the leftovers in her fridge, catching up, and sharing stories about camp, she went out to party and I unrolled my sleeping bag and went to sleep.

The place where the tourni was held, was called bingemans, and was about a 15 minute car ride away from where I was staying, or an hour bus ride. I having slept through my alarm rushed to have a quick shower, gathered my case and bag, and bolted out the door. I was thus fixed with a quandary of sorts. I was starving, but if I stopped to have breakfast I'd miss my bus and have to call a cab. Knowing that I would be in no state to  game on an empty stomach, called a cab and went to McDonalds to get a BLT. The cab dropped me off with plenty of time to get registered and meet my ally for the first time. It was not long until we started our first game.

Our force.

Daemon Prince w/Mark of slaanesh, lash, wings.
Chaos marines x5 w/rhino, meltagun.
Chaos marines x5 w/rhino, meltagun.
Five squads of three chaos spawn.

My ally had

300pt Hive tyrant with all sorts of goodies.
A horde of hormigaunts
A brood of genestealers
three bonesword laiden warriors.
three zoanthropes

Our first opponents was an Eldar and Ork tag team.

Warboss/nob bikers.
lootas unit.
30 man shoota unit.
30 man slugga unit.

Farseer w/bansees in wave serpent.
dire avengers in wave serpent.
Two First Prisms.

The game was Dawn of War, with a flag in the middle as the primary objective. Secondary was kill points, tertiary was destroy a force field generator given to on model in each side (which gave the unit a 5+ cover save).

We went second, and chose to walk our armies on first turn, while our opponents deployed the shootas, warboss and nob bikers all the way forward.

The game began well, with my spawn getting a nice charge off on the shoota boys, and killing the unit in a few rounds, however I lost my prince early on from a charge by the nob bikers. The genestealers where shot to death by the Dire Avengers, which where then nuked by a Zoanthrope. The Hive tyrant, and hormigaunts spent a good portion of the game eating the nob bikers, who where slowly whittled away (the warboss being killed by an implant attack).

However, the tides turned when my spawn where counter-charged by the slugga boyz and eliminated, while my marines who attemped to capture the flag were overwhelmed by the banshees and sluggas. In the end our opponents accomplished all three objectives.

Game 2.

This game was against Orks and Imperial Guard.

Primary objective: control more objectives (which deep struck onto the table each turn).
Secondary: Control more table quarters.
Tertiary: Victory points.

The orks had an ard boyz unit and warboss in a battlewagon, with nobz in a battle wagon as well. A third unit of shoota boyz where in a truck. The guard had two vendettas, one platoon, a unit of vet's, master of ordinance, chimeras, two griffins and a lot of lascannons.

The game basically came down to my tyranid ally loosing 1/4 of his army to the guard ordinance every turn, while my lord was killed from lascannons turn 1. Then the game resulted in a massive middle of table combat between The spawn, remaining gaunts and the Ard boyz.

However, by the end of the game all I had left was a unit of marines in a rhino, and my ally only had a zoanthrope left, while our opponents where basically untouched and controlled the majority objectives. We lost the three objectives again.

Game 3.

This was against two salamanders armies.
 They had.

Kasaro Kan
five thunderhammer Terminators in a redeemer.
One bike commnad squad with storm shields, lighting claws, and apothecary.
Multiple bike squads.
Two attack bike squads.

Primary: Kill Points.
Secondary: Control Terrain
Tertiary: Control more objectives (of which there was two).

We chose to go first, and our opponents chose to use Khan's ability to outflank their whole army. We then had the majority of our force turtled in the middle of the table, with stealers on their objective in a building, and a squad of marines on ours behind another.

When our opponents second turn begun, they got Khan and the command squad, two biker squads, and an attack bike squad all come in the left flank. Their shooting wounded a spawn, but accomplished not much else.

In our turn, the hive tyrant Paroxy'd one bike squad and killed them off, while my prince and four spawn units charge the command squad (after lashing them in a nice position). My prince, failed to do any damage, but the spawns resilience kept them safe as I killed off the apothecary and one of the bikes.
The command squad combat went on for a few rounds, which saw my spawn eventually whittle down the command squad, and Khan hit-and-running away, who was followed by the prince and killed. The terminators and Vulkan arrived on the left flank, but where paroxy'd by the tyrant, and all the termiantors where killed off by two chaos spawn on the charge. Vulkan broke from combat, and spent the game fleeing. The left flank saw two bike squads show up, and kill the gaunts and wound the warriors. By the end of the game, both sides had the same number of kill points, while we claimed the secondary and tertiary objectives. I guess that means a minor win for us.

Game 4.

Blood angles, sanguinary guard heavy.

Dante, Sangunar.
three sanguanary guard squads.
two assault squads.
furoso dread with drop pod and talons.

Primary:Capture the flag (held by a model on each side).
Secondary: Loose the fewest kill points.
Tertiary: Take their base.

This game started well, with our opponents opting to deep strike their whole force, and the stealers again infiltrating in a building in their table edge. The first to come in where a unit of sanguinary guard, sanguinar and the dread. I lashed the guard with my prince and then charged with the prince and three spawn squads, which had them all see death. The stealers charged the furosos dread, which didn't get any rends and saw a quick death.

A massive combat took much of the game in the middle part of the game, with the second squad of sanguinary guard, and dante, against some spawn, tyrant and my prince. This held up the heavy hitters while the dread ate the guants and the sanginar was held in combat with a zoanthrope.

At the end, the stealers flag was unclaimed, but our opponents still had theirs. They also accomplished both the secondary and tertiary objectives.

When all the results where tallied, we where placed in 48/54. Not dead last at least.

I'll work on the second day's recap later, as I am now tired of typeing.
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Re: Warmasters Challenge coverage. Part 2.
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2010, 09:43:32 PM »
So, after my first day of gaming, the night came quicker then I had thought. Any hope I had of catching the bus back to where I was atying was shattered. Thus, I got a late night cab ride with a fellow who had a penchant for metal music, and introduced me to a christian radio station which played some pretty impressive metal licks.

Thus, I arrived back at my friend Rachel's, who was having a pre-drinking party. My other friend Emily had just returned to the city from a wisdom teeth removal operation, and invited me to stay at her place the next to days I was in town, I accepted her offer and thus found myself introduced to her room mates, friends, a crazy cat, and a nice big bowl of pasta. We then watched zombieland, looked up bus times for the next day and realized that it was already one in the morning.

Five hours later I woke up to a bowl of plain oatmeal and a handful of chocolates Emily gave me to snack on, to catch my bus. The bus I found without problem and I arrived at Bingemans with a complete stranger, who offered to drive me from the bus to the local of the tourni ("Just dropped my son off at paintball, looks like you need a lift!").

I then found myself across the table from Grand Master Lomandalis. With a taunt from him of "cheerleader. Prom night. Going down", we started.

My 1850 point list on the sunday singles tourny was.

Grand Master Lomandalis's Deathwing list.

Mission was;

Primary-Seize Ground
Secondary-Kill Points
Tertiary-Get units within 6" of opponents deployment zone.

+1 Kill all enemy HQ's
+1 Acheive more than five kill points.
+1 Score more than 150 victory points

-1 None of your troops are alive.
-1 none of your HQ's are alive.
-1 None of your elites, fast, or heavy are alive.

The game begun rather well for me. I had my marines focuses on the right flank, while my prince was in the middle and spawn and lord on my left. He had his grey knight and terminators in a landraider central, while the vinidcators both came in on my right to deal with my troops.
Belial and his squad arrived, along with another terminator squad in my center and killed quite a few spawn in their opening volly. I had all my obliterators deepstrike on my second turn, while the prince lashed one of the terminator squads into combat range. A huge combat eurpted in the center of the table, seeing the terminators all killed off, while I lost a few spawn. My lord shined by actually killing things and rolling 6's for his deamon weapon twice in a row. My lord was vaporized by a vindicator blast shortly after, while my troops attempted in vain to melta the ordinance tanks. Eventually the greyknight and his squad, after killing a squad of obliterators, was charged by my hordes of gribblies and the grandmaster was taken down by chaos spawn.

My right flank saw one vindicator eventually killed, by I could never kill the landradier. The final terminator squad arrived on an objective on the left flank, and although he killed them to one model, my prince was killed off by them.

The game ended with two objectives contested (landraider and a vindicator) and GML holding one objective with his last terminator.

I lost the secondary objective, and we tied on the third.

Game two.

Agaisnt Blood angels.

two sanguinor guard squads
Two five man assault squads
auto/las pred
baal predator with three flamers.
Furosos Dread with drop pod.

I will say, that out of the day, this was my most difficult game. Not because of the game it's self, but because of my opponent. I am fairly sure he thought I was constantly trying to cheat, and questioned me on nearly ever move I made. Also, pushed the rules multiple times himself. Most of which, I let slide as I didn't feel like bothering with it. However, due to it all we didn't have the time to make it past the third turn.

Primary-Capture and Control
Secondary-Victory points
Tertiary- reduce more enemy units below half/kill.
Seize ground deployment.

I got the first turn, and deployed one squad of obliterators on either flank. Spawn all on the left, while the marines on the right. My prince hid behind a tower in my deployment zone. There was four objectives (two on his end of the table at either flank, and two roughly in the middle).

He set up sangninor, baal, and an assault squad on the right flank, while the second assault squad and a sanginor guard squad was on the left. all infantry in cover. Auto/las pred in the middle behind a crater (which my opponent claimed gave him cover....)

I started off by plasma cannoning the squad on the top right objective, killing a few and forcing them to flee. However, I was not able to bring my rulebook with my (due to my transportation) and my opponent insisted that jump pack troops only fell back 2D6, and they stopped running at the table edge.

The dread landed in the middle of the table, and was thus stuck in combat with my spawn for a good part of the game, and I was not able to harm it at all, due to terrible rolls. On the left flank, I had trouble killing his sanguinar guard and assault squad.

At the end of the game (which was turn three), I had failed to achieve any of the objectives. Good news is, I got back a blast template which I 'lost' yesterday.

Game three.

This was against an ultramarine player, really cool guy.

Libraian w/avenger and null zone.
Marinus calgar
two tactical squads w/flamer lascannon and heavy bolter razorbacks (combat squads)
One tactical squad with multi-melta, meltagun, and sgt w/combi-melta.
Two landspeeder Typhoons.
Two dreads with two twinlinked autocannons.
Landraider (calgar and meltagun squad inside).
Two multi-melta attack bikes.

Primary-Kill points.
secondary-capture and control.
tertiary-table quarters

He won the first turn, and chose the table to my top right. Had the lascannon squads in cover in the back, dreads to the left, razorbacks to the right with the attack bikes and the raider in the middle with the speeders. I lost a few spawn to his opening volly, but managed to assault his attack bikes right away with a squad of spawn with a lash. This combat allowed me to sneak a couple of my Rhinos up behind the cover and I was able to start taking out his transports and speeders with the obliterators and my infantry squads. Once the attack bikes fell to my spawn and lesser Daemons, they swarmed over the ruins of a razorback into his firing lines. Another pack of spawn charged his last dread (the first falling to a deepstriking obliterator cult) and held it in combat the whole game. The librarian and his squad left their immoblie razorback, only to get vaporized by plasma and lascannons. Calgar and his squad killed the spawn on my left flank, and controled my objective, while I was able to contest it with a Rhino, while I heald the remaining objectives with my deamons and marines.

I managed to win the Primary, and the secondary. However, all the table quarters were contested and thus the tertiary was a draw.

Game 4.

This game, I knew from the beginning would be tough. However, like my previous opponent he was a great guy to play agaisnt.


Great Unclean one
Two units of five blood crushers w/icon, musician, fury.
Five units of plague bearers.
One unit of seekers of slaanesh.
One slaanesh prince with paavane and iron hide.
One nurgle prince with wings, nurgles rot, noxious touch.

Deployment-pitched battle.

Primary-Victory Points.
Secondary-Seize Ground.
Tertiary-Kill Points.

My opponent gave me the first turn, and I deployed causiously in the center of my deployment, with my spawn forming a wall around the rest of my force.

He brought down on turn one everything but the plague bearers.

Seekers, and one unit of blood crushers in the top left flank, great unclean one right smack on my immediate left, and the princes behind the blood crushers to my center.

I had spawn charge the Great Unclean One, after taking a wound or two off with my marine shooting, while my Lord, Prince, and two squads of spawn charged the blood crushers. I was able to reduce the unit to three wounded models after the combat, and only lost a couple of spawn. The great unclean one had an easy time fighting the spawn, which caused a lot of wounds, which it was able to ignore.

My tactical squad which shot at the Greater Daemon, were charged by the seekers, while the second blood crusher unit charged my spawn attacking the Great Unclean One, finishing them off, the seekers managed to kill three of my four marines, who killed a couple of seekers in return. The plague baears begun landing on objectives around the table, the his princes charged mine and killed it. My lord however, was able to cause a lot of wounds on the blood crushers and managed to kill them off.

Obliterators came in, as well as lesser Daemons. The daemons charged the Greater Daemon, which I was able to wound with my Oblit's plasmaguns, while my second squad torched a plague bearer unit with flamers. At this point, my Lord and spawn begun to get picked off by the Daemon princes, and my obliterators and Tactical marines quickly fell to the daemon horde. I managed to kill only the one blood crusher unit, one unit of plauge beaeers and the seekers, while I lost my entire force.

At the end of the Day, I came in 59/66 with a total of 134 points. And walked away with a Necron battle force from the door prize draws. Overall a very good time had.

I then got a ride back to the bus stop by my teammate from the day before, and got back to my friends place, where we made dinner, watched some Doctor Who and eventually went to sleep. The next day, had a late breakfast and got on the 1:30pm bus back to Toronto.

Next year though, I will go back, and I will do better.

The Warmasters Council took a bunch of photos which I am sure they'll post at some point, and thus I'll add pictures when that happens. I forgot my camera the second day and didn't take any pictures.

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