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Author Topic: Knuckles on Necrodermis Terrain project: Ancient Tablet and Diorama  (Read 3971 times)

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Campaign Terrain Piece [Ancient Tablet objective marker]

What I'm looking for from participants is the following:
Have a good picture of your Ancient Tablet objective marker - it ought to be on the 40mm circle base [same size that C'tan or Warbosses use] if possible. Extra credit if you craft a diorama stand that holds the objective marker, your Campaign hero and whatever else you fancy.

If you can, have some step-by step photos - these'll be helpful
If not, or in addition, have a couple pictures of the objective [and its diorama if you go this route] from different angles

Have a small writeup of the following:
-Why you chose to model the Ancient Tablet as you have
-Some info about how your army came into possession of it [or lost control of it!]
-any distinguishing features you've added to the model [inscriptions, texture, campaign-based diorama elements, etc]
-the distinguishing features need photos to go with them!

This one can be done sort of like the Campaign Hero Portrait submission, visible here [click to view].
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The campaign is now open, and so to is this thread!  Even if you have no desire to particpate in any actual games, please note, you are still permitted to join a team with the express intent to participate solely in the objective marker/diorama element of the campaign. I look forward to seeing what all of you turn out! Direct your questions to myself, NecronCell2131, or OD from TV.
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Re: Knuckles on Necrodermis Terrain project: Ancient Tablet and Diorama
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2010, 10:27:39 AM »
Here is my entry for the tablet (objective marker) diorama

The Idea here is that Orks looting the battle field found a large piece of metal for thier big mek, and are bringing it back to him. Little do they know they found something else entirely.

Here is the fitted together model from the front, the boys will be taken off thier bases and glued to the big base once painting and final fitting are done.

And from the back showing the necron emerging from its "warpfield" (suitable name to be determined later)

Here is the back ork and the deck plate side

Here is the front ork and the "Warpfield" side

Here it is with first paint, all the basics or bulk painting is done with a few details picked out. Next steps are to wash/ink and gloss the portal so it has more of a mirror effect.

And the back with the surprise. Note the power lines that are painted on showing the swirl of teleportation as the necron emerges from the former door. Instead of stepping out he has to climb out.

The boys think it is scrap metal

The necron is about to prove them wrong

And now the finished project



This will be used for the final objective, some rules will be;
1 it cannot be targeted or destroyed
2 it cannot be teleported or transported it must be escorted by the controlling unit, it can move 6 and run d6. (keeps jet bikes and bikers from moving it too fast, or loading it in a truck and speeding off the board, etc.)
3 a controlling unit must have at least one model end its move in base contact with it to control it
4 if an enemy unit also has a model in base contact it is contested and cannot move

So what do you think? Good Bad or Ugly, let me know.  Thanks
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Re: Knuckles on Necrodermis Terrain project: Ancient Tablet and Diorama
« Reply #3 on: September 28, 2010, 09:46:02 AM »

OK, I will start to put the details in; but let me start by saying that neither skill level nor ca$h should ever stand in the way of your hobby. So with that in mind, this will be a quick tutorial with a few pictures included to show you a type of objective marker that just about anyone could build (for almost any race). And let me add that I will make this piece of terrain using whatever I find available (no bitz, nothing purchased). In other words this will be a "Cheapy Cheapy - Easy Easy" project (which is good because I am not that talanted, and I am pretty broke at present).

1... Look around the race Codex and gather a few ideas of what the race is all about, or what your army has for congruity, etc. In my case I really liked the idea that Necrons have little obilisk's that often look like crystal or stone. In fact I even use bits of cut up sprue on all of my bases to incorperate the effect or "Little Crystals growing from the natural suroundings as my Necrons appear". Here take a look
Thus I will incorperate the Little Crystal Obilisk into my project for Mission Objectives and simply make a bigger crystal on a bigger base all by itself.

2... Now I need to gather some materials. Cardboard for the base as I had an old box laying around, some paper because the printer is beside me, School Glue as you always need some adhessive of some sort, oh look some foam was in the cardboard box so I will use that as the start point.

3... Now gather your ideas into the actual project. I will cut out a little Crystal shaped chummy and glue it to the base and then paint it up to match my army and style (easy enough I think). The foam is soft and crappy and paint doesn't stick to well to it, so I will glue a layer of paper over the foam to help form it, stiffen it up, and give me a better painting surface. I will flock the base with a various assortment of static Grass, snow flock, and sand because that is what I happen to have - but laundry detergent (powder) would work just as well, and yes I have used it in the past.  Here is where this took me.

4... Add some Race Appropriate details either with paint, with stuff like bits, or make your own using plastic spoons (work well for Eldar, etc), or Green Stuff or some other modeling clay like stuff. I will use Green Stuff becuase I happen to have, and I find it easy to sculp, cast, etc.

5... Paint it all up, call it done, and throw it directly into service - or build a few more so that you can do multi-mission objective based games, etc.
I did mine to match The Mighty Green Machine paint scheme; but you should do your own appropriate to your army. For me its Black primer, followed by progressive edging out with Dark Angels Green, Snot Green, Goblin Green and Scorpion Green. Followed by a wash with thinned thrakka wash, and then a layer of Ardcoat to make it shiney. The reds were done with Scab red, Blood Red, and Orange. Simple and effective just like most things Necron in nature.

Here is what it looks like with some of my army around it

Comments, criticisms, ideas, etc are always welcome.

Most Importantly though, Have Fun.


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Re: Knuckles on Necrodermis Terrain project: Ancient Tablet and Diorama
« Reply #4 on: October 22, 2010, 03:15:30 PM »
I gotta say I dig Skeetergod's and Moc's pieces, and frankly feel that they're both lightyears ahead of mine, which was really thrown together in about an hour and a half, and still needs paint.

Materials: one slightly warped medium sized base (from a trade), Plasticard, some styrene tubing, and styrene rectangle bar.  Hardest part, which despite lots of hard work still doesn't look perfect was the points at the tops of the pillar.  I first planned this piece about 5 seconds after working with Gutstikk on the 3rd mission, and did have plans to plop a grot on it, but seeing how I've lost my game (blasted Nurgles) I think finishing touches will have to be some Nurgle tentacles wrapping about the pillars.

Truly beautiful work. That's the kind of stuff that makes a true mekanik cry tears of joy.
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