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Author Topic: 1700pts TMGM vs Puppies (Necrons vs Space Wolves)  (Read 1669 times)

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1700pts TMGM vs Puppies (Necrons vs Space Wolves)
« on: August 31, 2010, 01:22:57 PM »
Resilience vs Speed or so one would think. I challange you to read through this Batrep, answer the 7 questions and think about how the battle might have been very different.

TMGM vs Space Wolves @1700pts

Th Mighty Green Machine
D-Lord w/ Scythe, GoF, Phyl, PS.
7 Pariah
2 * 10 Warriors
2 * 3 Wraiths
5 Scarab Swarms
5 Tomb Spiders
13 Kill Points, PO = 6/27 Necrons with 45 Figures

Space Wolves (from memory - I will update)
Rune Priest + Spotter (L-Lightning and Jaws)
Wolf Lord on Mount
5 Cyber Wolves, one upgrades to 2+ save, etc
5 Wolf Guard (1 w/ 2 ML's in Longfangs, 1 w other Longfangs, 1 per Grey Hunter squad)
3 * 9 Grey Hunters, PSword, Melt-gun, Drop Pod.
2 * 6 Long fangs w/ Las & 4 ML, devide fire guy.
12 Kill Points with 55 Figures

The Battle Begins.

6 X 4 Battlefield, Annihilation mission with Spearhead Deployment.
TMGM rolls 1st turn and takes it. Sets up in bottom Right quarter as close to the 12" center circle as possible. Warrior groups go into "Full Reserves".
Q-1 What Quarter would you ahve chosen and why ?
Space Wolves set up with Longfangs and company in the big building (3 teirs) and the mounted guys all hidden on the right upper side of it. El-Deceivio does not use his re-deploy option, and the wolves try to steal the initiative; but fail on a 4.
TMGM retains the initiative and advances on mass spreading out the Pariah TS's. There is no shooting to speak of as most units chose to "Run", and then all 5 Tomb Spiders created an addending Scarab Swarm. With no Assaults available this is how battle field looked.
Q-2 How would have advanced differently and why ?


Space Wolves drop in with 2 Drop Pods by default and as usual they get pretty decent scatter dice to be pretty well where my opponnent wanted them. Shooting goes well enough for the wolves with one Tomb Spide and its attendant deing, 2 wounds on the Scarab Swarm, 1 Pariah dies, and all 3 wraiths from one unit go down. The Calvary unit all rush into the D-Lord and the Lord quickly puts 2 wounds on him and take one in return. Here are some pics as it unfolded.


All three Wraiths WBB and self-repair to join the other Wraith unit. Both squads of Warriors arrive from reserves (too early) and the real fun begins. Warriors go into the Cover almost central and way out of the loop on the Right bottom edge of the Battlefield so that they can avoid some of the Wolf shooting. Meanwhile the Wraiths and 1 TS hit the Pod Squad closest to his Longfangs, the Deceiver gets the Cyberwolves to only strike on 6's and then plows into them along with the Pariah. And three TS's plow into the other Pod Squad to hopefully take away as many o f the wolf options as possible. LD for counter-attack ahs all the Wolf Units rolling vs ld=7 as the Pariah are influencing all over; and only 1/3 get their counter-assaults. The 3 TS's took 3 wounds (spread on a Scarab and 1 TS as he put all atatcks vs the one unit) before they crushed 5 Wolves (Insane courage kept them in the fight). Thus the Wraiths kill 4 Wolves before they get attacked and loose nothing; but their TS fails to hit anything and after being caught trying to escape only one more Wolf goes down (we left figures as they were as it was easier - although its not a good idea in the long run). And the Deciever wasted the Lord figure as it took out the D-lord, and although 1 Pariah did fall, the others took down 3 cyberwolves (he passed his LD test at 7-2=5 so they stayed in the fight). Here is the turn as it progressed.
Q-3 How could TMGM have attacked better, and why ?


Wolves turn 2
Third DP arrives and he goes for the Warriors on the far Right side, after a little Mis-hap where I gain control of the DP landing, I decide to drop them in the thick of the CC area (for the fun of it - as there are obviously more advantagous spots to drop it).
Q-4 Where would you have put the Drop Pod and why ?
The Longfangs have shooting on the Central Warriors with 2 Las, 10 ML (frag) (oouch was not the word for it), 7 Warriors go down; but the remaining 3 pass their Moral check (luckily too); Living Lightning takes out 3 Scarab Bases but the remaining two laugh in their Fearless manner. In CC the 3 TS fight turns into 2 TS's and 2 Wolves, the Wraiths loose 1 after bringing the Wolves down to 1+WolfGuard (TS fails to hit anything again). And as the Cyberwolves bash on the Pariah (without incident), the Deceiver kicks the crap out of those last 2 CyberWolves and ends the combat before the Pariah even get to fight. Here is what it looked like at this stage.


The Warriors get 1 WBB so 4 remain in the squad. They quickly leg it to get as far away from ML's spam as possible (seriously 10 Frag Launchers hurt especially when 6 get direct hits and the other 4 only scatter slightly); they also Run to get out of the bullet zone. 2 Scarab Swarms run for deep cover (away from that rune Priests LOS for sure). Pariah and Deceiver adjust to go for the newly arrived Pod Squad, Pariah shoot down a few new wolves and smart casualty removal has them out of CC range; but the Deceiver rushes in and kills 4/5 remaining, he gets caught as he tries to run away but makes all his fearfactor saves. WolfGuard Fist and Power Sword do a number on one TS and in response the last remaining TS does nothing as he fails to hit the Wolves. Wraiths kill the last 2 Wolves in their fight and the TS smokes the Pod with its Auto-hitting attacks
Q-5 How could TMGM done the attacks better in CC, or for shooting, etc, and why ?


Wolves turn 3, (sorry forgot to get pictures).
Wraiths are in the Wide Wide open and promptly recieve 1 Las and 6 ML's (krak) to their face; Big Splat and WBB is not an option (7 shots, 7 hits, 7 wounds - 5 failed 3++ saves). 1 Las & 4 ML's wound the TS in the Ruins and kill its Scarab. Living Lightning goes on the Large Warrior squad bottom Right; but only kills 1. Deceiver CC ends with the last Wolf eating C'Tan phase Weapon in an excessive helping. TS CC has no change as everything fails to hit anything.

TMGM Turn 4
Deceiver walks over to a Pod, Pariah walk over to the TS close combat to help out, Warriors adjust and TS dies trying to make an attendant. Deceiver then smokes the Pod 3 times over. Pariah take 2 casualties; but finish off the Wolves before the TS hammers the Pod. But poor Consol dice have stuff sitting out in the open
Score is now 8-7 for TMGM so its been neck in neck the whole game
Q-6 Was there a better way to do these CC's or did earlier mistake force the issue at hand, why or why not ?

Wolves T4
TS and pariah are the focus of the LongFang firepower, and subsequently the TS looses his attendant and takes a wound, while the Pariah are reduced to 3 surviving members (fearless keeps them in the game, as I did roll vs LD=10 for fun and they would have started to run away).

TMGM T5 (sory forgot Pic again)
With not a whole lot of options TMGM took cover en masse behind the closest ruins they could find. The Deceiver went straight for the longfangs but rolled a 1 to run, and the large Warrior Squad was left in LOS for the Living Lightning as a Lure.
Q-7 Was the Lure a good idea, or just plain dumb, and why ?

Wolves T5
2 Las, 10 Krak Missiles and ruen priest power later (all at El-Deceivio) 2 new wounds appear on the C'Tan. he is not phased in the least and prepares to continue his advance on the Wloves as they cower in their portective ruin. The game actually ended at this point but I did take a final pic to show you the mass of bodies left.

The Score was 8-7 for The Mighty Green machine so it was a Victory; but as you can see it was not played with the most optimal tactics.

Feel Free to comment, etc as I look forward to input on how The Mighty Green Machine might have worked in a more cohessive manner, or how they might better have worked to crush the Space Wolves.

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