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Author Topic: Quarter Final Battle for the League. Brets vs WoC.  (Read 6137 times)

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Quarter Final Battle for the League. Brets vs WoC.
« on: May 20, 2009, 10:40:38 PM »
Bret Lord: Grail Vow, Shield, Mundane Lance, Hippo, Virtue of Joust, Curiass of Fortune, Birthsword, Tress of Isoulde

BSB: Grail Vow, Warhorse, Virtue of Duty, Biting Blade, Enchanted Shield

Damsel: Horse, L2, Power Stone, Power Stone

Damsel: Horse, L2, Power Stone, Power Stone.

Paladin: Warhorse, Armor of Agilulf, Morning Star of Fracasse

KotR:  5 men, Musician
KotR: 5 men, Musician
KE:  8 Men, Musician, Standard, Errantry Banner
M@A: 10 Men, Banner, Musician

MY: 5 Men, Shields Full Command
MY: 5 Men, Shields Full Command
PK: 4 Men, Full Command

GK:  8 Men, Full Command, Warbanner


Hero General on warhorse Mark of Tzeentch
BSB on Warhorse Mark of Tzeentch
Sorcerer on Warhorse Mark of Tzeentch L2 and Bloodcurdling Roar

5 Dogs
5 Dogs
5 Dogs
5 Dogs
12 WoC Full Command Raptuous Standard Mark of Khorne
12 WoC Full Command Warbanner Mark of Khorne
12 WoC Full Command Mark of Khorne

5 Knights Mark of Khorne, full command
5 Ogres Mark of Khorne, Great Weapon, Chaos Armor, full command

Warshrine Mark of Tzeentch
Warshrine Mark of Tzeentch

Damsel 1 got Bear's Anger and Crow's Feast
Damsel 2 got Beast Cowers and Hunters Spear

Sorcerer got Flickering Fire and Call 2 Glory

Table Set-up:

Terrain Setup

Table Set Up (6' x 4' divided up into 6 2' x 2')

|              |                 |                   |
|     1       |      2         |         3        |
|              |                 |                   |
|              |                 |                   |
|              |                  |                  |
|     4       |      5           |        6        |
|              |                  |                  |
|              |                  |                  |

Section 1 was bare
Section 2 had a hill on the border next to Section 1
Section 3 shared an impassible wall with Section 6
Section 4 had a lake in the near deep left corner
Section 5 had a hill in the middle
Section 6 shared a wall with Section 3 along the border

Set-up WoC

WoC Set Up Left to Right
2 sets of 5 Dogs on the far left corner
Knights of Chaos on the hill
Dogs next to the hill
WoC w/ BSB with a warshrine behind them
WoCw/ General to the right of the Dogs with a warshrine behind them
Last set of Dogs to the right of that
Last WoC unit with Sorcerer inside them
Ogres behind the big wall to the right of the Sorcerer unit

Bret Set-up left  to right

2 Damsels on the far left corner infront of the lake
MY next to them
KE with Paladin at a 60° angle facing the center
5 KotR in front of KE next to the hill
Trebuchet on top of the hill
M@A to the right of the hill
MY with 5 KotR behind them
GK with BSB angled at 60° facing the center
PK and Bret Lord on Hippo hiding behind the wall on my table edge.

I prayed, so Chaos went first

WoC Turn 1

Movement phase

Dogs on my far left arc towards the center of the board, exposing a flank to the Damsels and MY.
Chaos Knights move off the hill and creep forward.
Dogs to the right of the hill race forward to the Trebuchet.
Warriors with BSB move forward with the War Shrine moving in close.
Warriors with General move forward with War Shrine on their left.
Dogs to the right of the General unit race forward
Sorcerer unit moves forward slowly.
Ogres wheel towards the center and march forward on the right of the Sorcerer unit.

Magic Phase

Sorcerer cast Flickering Fire, but not in range.

Shooting Phase

First War Shrine gives the WoC BSB unit Magic Resistance 3.
Second War Shrine gave the Sorcerer unit +1 armor save

No close combat.

Bret Turn 1

Movement phase

No charges
Damsels on the left race forward to capitalize on the dogs’ expose flank.
MY march forward to block any charges from the dogs, but out of the Khornate Knights’ charge arc.
5 man KotR march forward and expose a flank to the Knights of Khorne.
KE turns slightly to a 45°C angle facing the center in anticipation of the Khornate Knights overrun.
Trebuchet sits still
M@A turn 90° counterclockwise and moves slowly to intercept the dogs moving forward.
MY race forward and expose a flank to the remaining dogs and Ogres
KotR in the way of the GK, so I had to turn them 90° counterclockwise then move 6” to get out of the way.
GK arc 45° to the center of the table in anticipation of the Ogre overrun.
PK fly right behind the wall on my right hand side, out of LOS to anything else in the table.
Bret Lord on Hippo flies to the edge of the same wall, potentially exposing himself to the Chaos Sorcerer.  But I had to get him close to the MY so they could use his leadership for the potential set up.  I had to hope that he was far away enough from the Sorcerer so he wouldn’t get charged.  Nothing I could do about the spells or LOS, though.

Magic phase

Damsel with Crow’s Feast gets 3 power dice.
Damsel with Hunter’s Spear and Beast Cowers gets 3 dice.
Damsel get’s Crow’s Feast gets the spell off and blasts apart one unit of Chaos Dogs to the immediate left of the Khornate Knights.  Dogs get wiped out to the man (dog?).
Damsel with Hunter’s Spear gets Hunter’s Spear off with two dice and kills two dogs from the closer unit.  Then the same Damsel chews a Power Stone, burns 4 dice, and get Beast Cower’s off on Chaos General on Warhorse.  Chaos player tries to dispel with 3 dice of his own, but no go.  Chaos General is stuck for a turn.
Dogs on the left that lost two dogs pass their panic test.

Shooting Phase

Trebuchet scope out the General’s unit and take a shot.  I get a direct hit on the General himself and 4 partials on the Warriors.  General fails his “look-out, sir” roll and eat a direct shot.  I get the wound off, the Tzeentch save doesn’t come through, and the General get’s flattened with 4 wounds.  Strangely enough, no other Warrior takes a wound.

MY on the left takes pot shots at the remaining dogs on the left and kill two more.  Another panic test and the Dogs are now running.

MY on the right take pot shots at the dogs right next to them, but fail to get a wound off.

No close combat.

WoC turn 2.

Movement Phase

Khornate Knights and Dogs charge the exposed KotR.  Dogs take the front, Khornate Knights take the flank.
Dogs on the right charge the flank of the MY and Ogres charge the front.  MY just in range of the General and needed his leadership to sit still.
No one else was in charge range, most importantly the Chaos Sorcerer unit with the LOS to my General.
Dogs on the left fail to rally and run off the table.
Warriors with BSB moves forward slowly.  The War Shrine marches behind them.
Warriors with no General marches forward right behind the dogs but get stopped by the combat in front of them.
Warriors with Sorcerer marches forward to get clear LOS to my General.  LOS clips the Hippo’s base to the mounted Sorcerer.

Magic Phase

Sorcerer gets Flickering Fire off and rolls one Strength 7 hit on my Bret.  Shots are randomized and hits the Hippo. Hippo takes a wound.

Shooting Phase

Chaos BSB unit with MR 3 keeps it.  Sorcerer unit with +1 armor save keeps it.
Bloodcurdling Roar blasts off an incredible 9 shots.  Most hit the Hippo, who ignores the Str 1 attack.  3 hit the Lord, who gets out unscathed.

Close Combat Phase

Khornate Knights and Chaos Dogs chew up my 5 poor KotR.  Not a soul left.  Still, none of my units within 8” so no panic tests.  Khornate Knights overrun 10", exposing their flank to the KE.  Dogs follows behind the Knights 8”.

MY champion goes down with his boots on and challenges the Super Ogre Mutant champ.  Sure, why not?   Super Mutant wiffs totally, and the MY champ fails to wound the Ogre champ.  But the champ lives!  The rest of the MY are not so lucky and get turned into strawberry jam.  MY champ runs away like a wimp, dragging the dogs and Ogres behind him.  He gets away, but is effectively out of the game.  We have to keep him around because of Frenzy Khornate units.  The good news, the Ogres expose their rear to my GK.  No panic tests, because everyone was far away enough, and who cares?  They’re peasants.

Bret Turn 2


KE charge Khornate Knights on their flank
GK charge the Ogres in their rear.
Damsels march to get LOS to the dogs near the center.
MY marches to get the block march on the WoC unit with the BSB and out of their charge arc.
M@A move slowly toward the left.
Trebuchet stays still.
Remaining KotR unit turns 90 facing forward and wiggles a little forward.
PK takes a bold move  and fly in front of the Warrior unit with Sorcerer to draw that unit out.
Bret Lord flies behind Sorcerer unit.
MY champion keeps fleeing, out of anyone’s charge arc and is effectively out of the game.  US 2 champ doesn’t cause panic tests.

Magic Phase

Damsel with Crows Feast gets it off and blows apart the dog unit to the right of the Knights.
Damsel with Hunter’s Spear tries to shoot the BSB unit, but the MR 3 stuff it.  Damsel eats her last stone to stop the Sorcerer, but no dice.  I fail to get the spell off.
Shooting Phase

I try to get the Trebuchet to blast the BSB, but the shot misfired and it sits for two turns doing nothing.  Still, the dead general is worth like 3 trebuchets, at least.

Close Combat

I chose the GK to go first, wanting to see how that worked out in case anything went wrong.  The Chaos Player issued a challenge, so I accepted with a GK.  GK got a wound off on the Ogre Champ, but then got splattered in turn.  But no overkill wounds.  GK and BSB grind out 5 more wounds onto the Ogre unit as a whole.  Two Ogres get to strike back and kill another GK.  The combat res goes heavily into the GK favor and the Ogres break.  Ogres run away and run into the M@A unit, getting wiped out.  GK follow up and stop at the M@A.

KE with the Paladin beats down on the Khornate Knights and drop one Knight.  I’d thought I’d drop more, but that Chaos armor is a beast to crack.  Still, Khorne Knights don’t get to strike back.  With a +5 combat res in my favor (flank, 2 ranks, outnumber, 1 wound), the Khornate knight break.  Not wishing to follow up into the WoC BSB unit, I use the Paladin’s leadership to keep them in place.  I was afraid of the Banner of the Gods and the two War Shrines could turn one Warrior unit into a real hth beast. 

Chaos Knight unit fled and popped on the opposite side of the Warriors with the BSB.  Warriors don’t panic.

Chaos Turn 3


Chaos unit with Sorcerer charges forward towards the PK, who flee.  PK loose the ward save, but oh well.  Sorcerer is tied up for a turn.
War shrine on the right charges into the GK flank.
The two other Chaos warriors don’t’ get the frenzy charge off, too far away.  They march forward.
Khornate Knight Unit rallies and turns around.
Remaining War Shrine moves behind Warrior unit that doesn’t have the General anymore.
Last unit of dogs move next to Warshrine.

Magic Phase

Sorcerer get’s Flickering Fire off against PK but PK too far away.

Shooting Phase. 

War Shrine in hth with the GK tries to beef itself up with Giver of Glory, ending up with a +1 Leadership.  The other War shrine keeps the MR 3 on the BSB unit.
PK unit out of range to Sorcerer with Bloodcurdling Roar

Close Combat phase

War Shrine hammers against the GK, but no wounds.  GK hits back and inflicts 1 wound.  War Shrine breaks and gets run down. GK follow up gets them into hth with the WoC BSB unit.

Bret Turn 3.

Movement Phase

KE unit charges into the Chaos Warrior BSB unit and join the GK units.
Remaining KotR unit marches within 1” of the Warrior unit to keep them from getting a flank on my GK unit.
Damsels march to get a clear LOS to rallied Khornate Knights.
PK unit rallies.
MY march block the  Khornate Knights but keep out of the charge arc and out of a hopefully potential overrun from the GK and KE into said Khornate Knights.

Magic Phase

Damsel with Hunter’s Spear fails to get off her spell.  Damsel with Crow’s Feast gets off her spell and blasts off a bunch of shots against the Khornate Knights, but all the shots bounce off their armor.

Shooting Phase

MY shoot at Khornate Knights, but those shots either miss or bounce themselves.
Trebuchet sits still

Close combat Phase

Chaos Player issues a challenge.  This is a tough decision.  If the Chaos BSB accepts, should I challenge with my unit champ or my Paladin?  I didn’t know what the Chaos BSB was armed with, or the unit champ for that matter.  I decided to let a GK take the challenge. 
GK bounces off the Chaos BSB.  Chaos BSB was armed with a biting blade and puts a wound on the GK, taking him out but no overkill wounds.  Combo of Paladin, GK, KE, and Bret BSB grind out 6 warriors.  Khornate champ wiffs against the GK. 

In the end, the KE and GK outnumbered and out-wounded the WoC unit.  With Warbanner, Bret BSB, VoD, and static combat res, the unit looked at Snake Eyes to stick around.  WoC unit looses combat and gets run down by the GK unit.  KE unit stays put.  GK unit runs into the rallied Khornate Knight unit.

WoC Turn 4

Things weren’t looking so good for Chaos. 

Movement Phase

WoC unit that lost their General  get’s a Frenzy charge against my KotR that’s blocking them up front.  KotR.  I make  my KotR flee from that attack and they proceed to run off the board.  At least the WoC didn’t get into a position to bother the KE and GK.

Sorcerer leaves WoC unit to get LOS to the Bret Lord for some spells.
War Shrine and the last of the Dogs turn around to face off against the GK for a potential charge.
WoC on the right that the Sorcerer unit was in turns 90° to the left facing the center of the table.

Magic Phase

Sorcerer goes for Flickering Fire against my Lord with 3 dice, but I get to dispel.

Shooting Phase

War Shrine gives the Khornate Knight +1 attacks.  Bloodcurdling Roar out of range to the Bret Lord.

Close Combat Phase.

Khornate Champ once again issues a Challenge and I accept with a GK.  GK cuts the Khornate champ down.  Other GK and Bret BSB kill 2 more Knights but lose 1 GK in the process.  Combat Res in my favor and the Khornate knights break, running off the table.  GK stay put.

Bret Turn 4

Movement Phase

No Charges

GK with BSB turn 90° to face the War Shrine and Dogs.
KE turn 90°+ to face the Warrior of Chaos unit in the middle of the field.
PK fly to the middle right table edge right along the impassible wall and right behind the WoC unit.
MY march block the Sorcerer Lord to help the Bret Lord make a clean get away.
Damsel with Hunter’s Spear marches south to get a LOS on the Warrior unit in the middle of the field.
Damsel with Crow’s Feast keeps a distance from the Sorcerer.
Bret Lord on Hippo flies to the left and makes distance from the Sorcerer.
Trebuchet stays put.
M@A keep marching to the left.

Magic Phase

Damsel with Crows Feast does nothing.   Too far away from any unit to hurt them.
Damsel with Hunter’s Spear gets it off on Warrior unit and kills 3 Warriors.

Shooting Phase

Trebuchet takes a pot shot at the Warriors in the center of the field, but the shot scatters 8 inches into nowhere.
MY shoot at Sorcerer, but only one hit, and that bounces off the Sorcerer.

Combat Phase

No combat.

Chaos Turn 5

With things going from grim to desperate, the Chaos player decide to go for some easy points and save some face.

War Shrine and Dogs charge the GK up front.
WoC unit in the middle of the table turns to face the GK.
WoC on the right hand side facing the center of the table slowly marches towards the center to hopefully get into a fight.
Sorcerer foregoes hth in favor of blasting the MY with Flickering Fire and Bloodcurdling Roar.

Magic Phase

Flickering Fire wastes 3 MY

Shooting Phase

Bloodcurdling Roar finishes off the rest of the MY.  Oh well, they’re peasants.
War Shrine gives Dogs fear. 

Close Combat

War Shrine and Dogs smack into the GK, but everything bounces off.  GK and Bret BSB put all their attacks into the dogs, wiping them out.  War Shrine flees but I fail to catch them.  Worse, couldn’t get the follow up into the Sorcerer and missed him by inches.

Bret Turn 5

KE charge Warriors in the center of the field
PK rear charge Warriors on the right of the field.
GK wheel to get a LOS to the Warrior KE combat in the center.
Damsels move away from the Sorcerer, so does the Bret Lord on Hippo.
M@A keep marching to the left to contest a table quarter.
Trebuchet stays put.

Magic Phase.

Damsel with Beast Cowers gets the spells off against the Sorcerer, but the Chaos player rolls box cars for dispel and he remains a threat.

Shooting Phase

Trebuchet aims a shot at the Sorcerer.  I get a direct hit, but roll a 1 to wound.  Chaos Sorcerer in it to win it.

Close Combat Phase

KE ram into the Warriors.  Warrior Champ issues a challenge and the Paladin accepts.  Paladin crushes the Warrior Champ and gets 1 overkill wound.  KE kill 3 more Warriors.  Warriors fail to wound 1 KE.  Warriors break and get overrun by KE.

PK charge into the Warriors in the back and kill 4 of them.  This Warrior unit had the Raptuous Standard, so they stick around a turn.

Chaos Turn 6.

Last Licks

Movement Phase

No Charges

Sorcerer goes for some easy points and aims himself at the GK unit.
War Shrine rallies.

Magic Phase

In a desperate attempt to kill of the PK, Sorcerer goes for Call to Glory on that combat over there, but fails to get the spell off.

Shooting Phase

War Shrine give the Warrior of Chaos unit +1 Armor save.
Sorcerer blasts off Bloodcurdling Roar against the GK and kills 2 of them.  Unit stays, immune to panic.

Close Combat Phase

Even with +1 save, only 3 Warriors in BTB with the Pegasus Knight.  Warriors go first and put a wound on one PK.  PK strike back and manage to kill 1 Warrior back.  Now I outnumber Warriors with a rear charge and Warriors lose rank bonuses because of casualties last turn.  Warriors break and get run down by PK.

Bret Turn 6

Last Licks

Movement Phase

Bret Lord takes the top left table quarter
M@A take bottom left table quarter
PK take top right table quarter
KE take bottom right table quarter.

Magic Phase

No miscasts so far, so I don’t bother casting spells.

Shooting Phase.

Not risking another misfire, I forego shooting.

Combat Phase.

No Close combat

Game over

Bret Units remaining

Bret Lord on Hippo
2 Damsels
KE Full command
GK ½ strength full command
M@A with banner and musician
PK full command
Captured 4 table quarters, killed the WoC general ,captured the BSB and 5 standards

Chaos units remaining.

Chaos Sorcerer

A complete massacre

GK and KE delivering the one two punch to the entire Chaos army

Honorable Mention
Damsels and MY for taking out Chaos dogs with magic and shots.  Trebuchet for dropping the WoC general turn 1. PK for messing up a Khornate WoC unit with Sorcerer single handedly.

Goat of the Game.
No real goats here.  I wish my Bret Lord did more, but giving the Leadership to the MY yeomen is too crucial to ignore.  Likewise, my sacrifice KotR units pulled the necessary rope a dope tactic to the Khornate knights and Warriors.

The Good
Taking out Khornate Knights and Khornate Ogres with great weapons on turn 2 with the GK and KE

The Bad.
KotR running off the table from a flee move.

The Ugly
That Tzeentch sorcerer is a mean beast.  He could have turned the tide all on his own with two good shots from Flickering Fire and Bloodcurdling Roar.
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Re: Quarter Final Battle for the League. Brets vs WoC.
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2009, 03:23:12 AM »
Good game, congrats to the win. Your trebuchet shot that killed the lord reminds me of a game with my orcs against Brets. He also had a lord on hippo. While he was in deep prayer something came flying towards him with a whooshing sound, hitting him full in his face. 3 Goblins had a high five moment  ;D

What happened was i aimed a shot with a stonethrower at some knights, the shot scattered 8" on the lord, i rolled a 6 for the S8 hit, so the lord received it, he failed his prayer wardsave and i splattered him with 5 wounds. It seems you returned the favour now  :D

No problem, I'll give you a 100% increase in pay effective immediately and retroactive to 1999.

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Re: Quarter Final Battle for the League. Brets vs WoC.
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2009, 01:04:58 PM »
Thanks.  The trebuchet, and all stone thowers in general, are high risk - high rewards units.  I've seen my trebuchet kill more models than the rest of my Bret army in games, easily earning their points back.  Then I've seen my trebuchet wiff all day long or self destruct on the first shot.

The good news is that they're cheap, the bad news is that they take up a rare slot for Brets, special slots in other armies.  Going for 1 trebuchet is decent in 2k+ point games, but going for 2 is risky, because you lose the GK unit.

The Tzeentch Sorcerer is a real beast.  Flickering Fire and Bloodcurdling Roar works real well against T3 opponents.  I've seen the same Sorcerer combo before but riding a Disk of Tzeentch.  He's very nasty.

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Re: Quarter Final Battle for the League. Brets vs WoC.
« Reply #3 on: May 21, 2009, 02:22:11 PM »
With my orcs i usually field 2 stonethrowers, 2 spearchukkas, 1-2 doomdivers. Usually one blows up first turn, but getting a full hit on a regiment is always fun  :)

Tzeencht sorcerer are indeed quite nasty, although i dont have played vs WoC yet.

No problem, I'll give you a 100% increase in pay effective immediately and retroactive to 1999.

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Re: Quarter Final Battle for the League. Brets vs WoC.
« Reply #4 on: May 22, 2009, 01:06:15 PM »
Then the same Damsel chews a Power Stone,

I never imagined it that way... @_@ magical crack.

Also, I understand your logic in interpreting the Virtue of the Joust, but it's still funny to imagine jousting with a magic sword.

Way to stick it to the new books with an old book!
"The strength of your force may be calculated by multiplying its weight by its velocity. Strive always to maximize both and victory shall be yours."
-Commander Puretide, The Forty Second Meditation on the Way of the Warrior

Hell, get some personality and get something other than a Fireknife...

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Re: Quarter Final Battle for the League. Brets vs WoC.
« Reply #5 on: May 22, 2009, 03:38:35 PM »
Thanks for the compliments.
Power stones are seriously under-rated.  I wonder why more players don't take more of them.

From what I've seen from the new books (High Elves and onward) is sure, they are nasty, but not unbeatable.  The only "new" book I have yet to beat is new DE.  And I have yet to fight new VC.

IMHO, sure the Bret book is an old book, but it still is a rock solid roster.  At first I was like "Waahh, Brets can't shoot, Bret's can't cast spells, Bret's have lousy warmachines, Brets don't get killing blow, regen, frenzy, hatred, etc." 

Now I see Brets as a very well rounded out force with lots of tricks.  Though I still wish my BSB had his full mundane options.


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