Undivided/Godless Legions' Rumors

Started by SparqMan, August 12, 2002, 07:20:00 PM

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Word Bearers Rumors:
-Mostly the same as in IA but can't have cultist units (only for Alpha Legion and they are now different)
-Only one lord/lieutenant can be designated as a chaplain or dark apostle (must have accursed crozius).
-Chaplain can have Demagouge ability...whatever that is.
-Word Bearers can have any daemons.
-They cannot have any units with a mark other than chaos undivided.

Alpha Legion Rumors:
-They are the only ones that include cultists.
-Cultists are now just like guardsman for stats and points, but they come in squads between 10 and 20. Cultists are the only models that can carry icons.
-They CAN have daemons, but they must be brought in by the cultists.

Iron Warriors can take the Vindicator AND the Basilisk at once.

Night Lords Rumors:
-NL can have more skills than any other legion. Normally squad can have mark and one skill, but first founding legions have usualy extra skill/skills which come from their fluff. NL can have 2 from fluff and 1 normal so...
-Their better skill gives them +1 to cover save when in cover, but not for all types of units (eg. Termies are too big and bikers are also and..). Rest is as is used to be and that is in case all these legions (old rules + someting little shining and new )
-And yes raptors can have skill(only 1K sons, oblits, daemons and viehicels can't have skills)
-fluff is that raptors often enslave furies (I wonder why?)

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