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Title: 1000 point six edition brawler list
Post by: sterlingarnet on December 9, 2012, 09:48:52 AM
Hive tyrant 2 x twin linked devourers, parox and leech essence 200

Elite: 2x hive guard 100
venom thrope 55

Terivgon catalyst, adrenal glands, toxic sacs rolling for biomancy on dominion using cluster spines 195
10 x termagaunts 50
20 x hormagaunts 120
3 x warriors 90 points

Carnifex 2 x twin linked brain leech worms 190

would u rather a squad of gargoyles over the warriors?
zoanthropes or hive guards in 6th?
is biomancy worth taking on the hive tyrant?

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