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The Imperial Shotgun, Made From A Lasgun

Submitted By: Date: September 30, 2006, 08:00:00 PM Views: 6614
Summary: Unless you're going to fork out for a Necromunda weapons sprue or, God help us, pay Forgeworld to do it for you, here is how you make a shotgun out of a lasgun. Before you begin, take a deep breath and repeat after me: "Any mistakes I make can, and will, be fixed with green stuff." Okay, let's begin. -DEAD LINKS

Step 0: Research. I firstly took a picture of a lasgun and then traced around the edges. Then I went and found a picture of a shotgun online and traced around that. Then, I put the two tracings on top of each other so that I knew what I'd have to convert.

Step 1: Select your parts. I went and cut my parts off the sprue. Those are the "B" arms if anyone cares.

Step 2: As you can see from the step 0 picture, the butt has got to go. Make sure that you carve some folds in the fabric where the butt used to be.

Step 3: Remove the laser power pack. If you look closely, you will notice that the hand is holding a pistol grip, and I want something that's at a 45 degree angle. This means two things: first, I will have to cut off the index finger and make it point up more. This, however will make the guy be holding the gun way up in the air, and I want him to be holding it more or less level. So I also need to cut the hand so that it's pointing down more to compensate. In order to do either of these, I need to get that pesky laspack out of the way.

Step 4: Cut off the index finger. This one was scary and I took my time, but I was able to separate the index finger just behind the knuckle without gouging the hand or the thumb on the other side. Make sure you get the whole trigger guard.

Step 5: Cut off the hand. File off the bottom part a bit and then stick it back on. It should be pointing slightly downward instead of straight ahead.

*** If you were to reassemble it all now, it would look like this:***

*** Don't do this. I found out the hard way that the glue isn't going to hold up to the rigors of the next steps. In fact it's probably better if you do steps 4 and 5 at the end.***

Step 6: Cut off the sights.

Step 7: Cut the magazine tube up to where you want the pump to be. Pick a spot and score it and then cut up to that point. Then start chopping until you get close to what the tube would look like if it extended back, rather than turning into the stock. Keep on working until you get an actual tube sticking out. Note in this picture how I found out that you're not supposed to glue the trigger finger / gun back to the hand yet.

Step 8: Cut the barrel until you get to where you want the pump to be. Basically do the same thing, but on the top.

Step 9: Cut the top to where you want the back of the pump to be. score the plastic again just a little higher than the magazine tube. Carefully cut the top of the lasgun into a tube.

Step 10: Carve a groove for the back of the pump. As you notice, I also got rid of  more of the plastic where the laspack used to be. I needed to do that to get in there to carve the pump back, and I wouldn't be needing it anyways.

Step 11: Round off the back of the shotgun and add an extractor port. I also brought in the side walls just a little bit. As you will see in later pictures, I increased the size of this, and I may yet do it a little more. Also, file down the part in front of the trigger flat, and go over the tubing a couple more times to make sure it’s really smooth and straight.

Step 12: Reattach the arms. And voila! a pair of arms holding the shotgun.

Step 13: Adding shells. While you've been spending all of this time converting, you might as well take a little more time to spice it up a bit. What I did was take some extra bolter rounds (I have a ton of these ) from a Heavy Bolter belt. This one was already used to make brass knuckles.

Step 14: Cut the round nubs almost all the way off. Cut the number of shells you can hold to what will fit (in this case, 5). The result should be flat cylinders sticking out of a shell holder. Then, file down one side just a bit and glue that side to the shotgun. Then, if you have any empty ones, carve shallow holes in the top to make them look empty.

Step 15: Start gluing the model together. Make sure to clean off moulding lines first

After this, I went in and put green stuff everywhere there were still gaps (everywhere that didn't fill all the way in with super glue, like the wrists). Also, you can see where I carved a square-shaped groove in the back of the shotgun (the tab will be painted the stock color, vs. the metal color). Also, in this picture, you can see that I smoothened out the box a little more, and cut out the extractor hatch some more.

From here you can go crazy with conversion ideas to add just that little extra "zazz" to your shotgun. Here's how this guy ended up. For more information on exactly how I got to this point, go here.

And voila! that's how you make a shotgun out of a lasgun.

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