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50 MORE Ways to Annoy Your Opponent

Submitted By: Date: September 9, 2005, 05:07:59 PM Views: 17471

1. Refer to your miniatures only by their first name.

2. Refer to his miniatures only by their first name.

3. Try to bribe his units over to your side.

4. Three words: Pastel Color Scheme.

5. Rent advertising space on your unit banners.

6. Offer your opponent the chance to surrender before the battle starts.

7. Dress in character.

8. Perform a play by play commentary in a Howard Cossell voice.

9. Speak only in third person.

10. Use huge brass dice. Roll them dangerously close to your opponent's figures.

11. Use only the little red dice from Warhammer Quest.

12. Only roll one die at a time.

13. Play Britney Spears. Insist that is it "battle music." Put it on repeat.

14. Name all your characters after obscure Hungarian royalty. Become annoyed if your opponent fails to notice.

15. Claim your army is comprised of all women. When pressed, explain they are all in disguise as to not get kicked out of the army.

16. Place a hammer on the table before the battle starts. Explain it is there to insure loyalty.

17. Quote Sun Tzu often, but only irrelevantly.

18. Every time one of his miniatures has unrestricted LOS to a target, say 'check'.

19. Suggest obviously suicidal tactics to your opponents. Explain that 'that's what Custer would do'.

20. Perform a rousing speech to your troops before the battle. Pose like Mussolini at the end.

21. Secretly replace your opponent's miniatures one at a time with miniatures from other games.

22. Claim your miniatures are proxied for another regiment, though that has no bearing on game play whatsoever.

23. Place all of your infantry on individual monster bases.

24. Flock your bases with sand. Do not use glue.

25. Take a halftime break to play with your Blood Bowl cheerleaders.

26. In rules disputes, reference on Hoyle's book of games.

27. Place NASCAR-like ads all over your vehicles.

28. Demand to change table sides at the halfway mark.

29. Use Play-doh miniatures. When one is killed, pound it into the table with your fist angrily.

30. When your figure reaches the opponent's table side, demand it be kinged.

31. Measure distances only with a yardstick.

32. On a bad roll, swear a blue streak. Use only obscenities approved Judge Dredd.

33. Sob uncontrollably while removing casualties.

34. When you win, dump a tub of Gatorade on your commander.

35. Include the word 'whoopass' on your army list as often as possible.

36. Don't move your army. Don't fire. Flee when charged.

37. Proxy a unit of O-scale cows for your commander's bodyguard. Don't forget to give them weapons.

38. Converts all wheeled models into lowriders. Including cannons and chariots.

39. Try to play multiple games at once like Gary Kasparov.

40. Discuss tactics with your troops. Become argumentative.

41. Four more words: Regis Philbin paint scheme.

42. In a rules dispute, check 1st, 2nd and 3rd Edition 40k Rulebooks, "just to make sure the rules don't change in each book."

43. Use a paintball gun to remove casualties. For both sides.

44. Write army list in pig latin and binary.

45. Fuzzy dice.

46. Start each game with the national anthem.

47. Have an inner monologue during the game. Digress frequently.

48. During your opponent's turn, yodel.

49. Each turn replace your commander with a new figure.

50. After a good die roll, do a victory dance and spike the die.

51. Write battle report during game. Take at least five minutes to write information between die rolls.

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