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Submitted By: Date: July 13, 2004, 05:14:57 PM Views: 1377
Summary: Fiction:BlackWolf Scribed by:Drew Miller

The ranger scanned the ruins carefully, taking in every detail.  The drunken Mon-Keigh sentries were easy to avoid, barely any caution needed to avoid detection.  Smoothly dodging the searchlights, Iyandan melded with the scrap metal that was lying about and focused on his destination.

Unknown to the primitive Mon-Keigh, Ulthwe warriors were massing in the forests to the east, preparing to strike the last stronghold of the Mon-Keigh on Chi 'athelai, otherwise known as Kahaal.  The Mon-Keigh were on the verge of disturbing the Seeping Ones, the silver race that attempted to cheat death.  Insisting the Sleeping Ones must not be disturbed, Eldrad had ordered the complete eradication of Mon-Keigh life on Chi 'athelai immediately.

The fortress was well fortified and would easily withstand the fiercest of assaults from the Eldar so Iyandan was given the task of finding an alternative route into the base.  He had noticed that excessive amounts of Mon-Keigh were stationed in a worthless junkyard and decided to begin his search there.

Iyandan slipped inside the ruined building in the center of the yard and noticed a staircase leading down into a small tunnel.  Following along it, Iyandan knew this was the secret entrance into the fortress.  Pausing for a minute, Iyandan thought bitterly of the fighting that would occur here, warriors fighting for every inch of ground they would gain.

Suddenly, Iyandan was startled by the sounds of gunfire and screaming voices.  Sprinting toward the sounds of battle he wondered why the Eldar attacked so soon.  Reaching the entrance to the base, Iyandan stared in horror as silver warriors absorbed shot after shot of the Mon-Keigh's primitive Las weapons without losing a single member of their soldiers and then returning fire, their weapons ripping the Mon-Keigh apart efficiently.

Remembering the tales of his childhood, Iyandan knew instantly who these mechanical abominations were.  Before the Necrontyr destroyed him, Iyandan had only one thought.

"We've failed."

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