Show us your Tombs (Necron Army Pictures)

Started by Inquisitor Daedalus, June 6, 2003, 10:19:42 PM

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yup just thought Id drop a pic to prove I do still plan to revamp my Neckies at some point.
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And here is my current army model list. Monoliths gotta love 'em.
Unlimited Pts - Necrons Roster

6 Destroyers
7 Flayed Ones
1 Gauss Pylon
3 Heavy Destroyers
10 Immortals
5 Lord
5 Monolith
5 Pariahs
10 Scarab Swarms
1 The Deceiver
1 The Nightbringer
1 Tomb Spyder
60 Warriors
6 Wraiths
Total Roster Cost: 5367


I actually just started a necron army so only have a few destroyers, scarabs, and warriors finished so far. Srry for the bad pics, Im not a good painter but I love painting my necrons as much as I love fighting with them.

Kaiju Senso

Finally decided to get some images of my Necrons. These aren't 100% complete yet (notice no finished bases for example) but are the furthest along and what I consider decent table paint. This is roughly 2250 points depending on wargear and I have another 2000 to get up to this level still, ugh! I'm not much for painting, as long as it looks decent, I'm fine with it.

Nightshade Thorn

Hey all.

This is my first time on the 40k boards in quite some time, but I played my first game of 5th edition yesterday and what with the New DE codex ready to pop at anytime my interest has again been piqued.

The game was a bit bland, one of those games where he kept rolling saves and I kept rolling WBB. A bit of a slog with no decisive moments. Anyway, I decided my first game of 5th didn't go so well because my Necrons were last painted when the codex first came out, and as we all know the Dice Gods favour well painted models...

So I decided to try a new colour scheme.

I wanted to make them more dynamic and almost alive, but not because of course, that would defy the point of running a dead army. I decided the only "life" on the models should come from the Gauss gun, the rest should look completely dead. I decided the murky glow and dilapidation of the Necrons Codex cover was the way to go. 

What do you think? Good look? How could I improve the look? Any creative criticism and in no time I'll have an entire Tomb to show here!

Oh to love, to live, to feel.


Finally, I have some pictures for you
The Necrons of Celestrial (an Ice planet):

Necron Destroyers:

Necron Warriors:

Tomb Spyder: (unfinished)


All my finished models, I've tryed flocking them, to give them the impressive they have just risen up out of the Snow covered ground.


Lord of Winter and War

My army as it stands now.

Necrons Vs Dark Eldar 1850pts.

Major Update

Just finished painting a Monolith, and decided to get some shots of my army so far. Still have some models unpainted, and plenty more unbuilt. The tomb just keeps growing.

I have been asked, why paint them this way? Whats with all the Yellow and Purples? The truth is, I dislike predominantly metalic armies. I collected Iron Warriors for many years, and I became tired of such a scheme. Therefore I chose to go with complimentary colours. I like the way it turned out.

Battle Reports

All are 1500pts, generally, unless multiple players in the game, or specified.

Old Codex.
Apoclypse: Necrons and Black Templar Vs Imperial Guard and Tau
2000pt Tourney Coverage.
Necrons Vs Ultramarines, then Blood Angels.
Necrons Vs Thousand Sons.
Necrons vs Necrons, Eldar, Chaos Daemons.
Necrons Vs Space marines
Necrons Vs Space Marines, Eldar.
Necrons and Necrons, Vs Space Wolves and Chaos Marines.
Necrons Vs Space Marines (1000pts)
2000pt Tournament Coverage.
1750pt Tournament Coverage.
Necrons Vs Blood Angels, Battle Mission.

Youtube Battle Reports. (Courtesy of Nightmoor).

Necrons Vs Eldar 1750
Necrons vs Eldar 1650
Necrons vs Grey Knights
Necrons vs Grey Knights

New Codex
*Tumble weeds.*

Ho hum.

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The Mighty Green Machine

OK here are some updated pics for you guys.

Some of the figures assembled as I got them, or just after primer.

The Mighty Green Machine after the first 750pts repainted.

The Mighty Green Machine after 1K repainted.

The Mighty Green Machine after 1200pts painted (1500pts shown)

My C'Tan (100111 0111 111    El-Deceivio (Deceiver))

My first Lord (100111 0101 010     SupREME-10 (Necron Lord)).

My first D-Lord (100111 0101 011     SupRINM-11 (Necron Destroyer Lord))

My first and second squads of Warriors. (100111 0001 001     Necron Warriors)

My immortals (100111 0010 100     Necron Immortals )
How to build Plastic Immortals

My Pariah (100111 0010 101     Pariah )
How to build Plastic Pariah

My First Destroyer (done as a test figure) and then the First squad of Destroyers. (100111 0011 101     Necron Destroyers )

My Scarabs (100111 0011 000     Scarab Swarms )

My Wraiths (100111 0011 111     Necron Wraiths)
How to build Plastic Wraiths

My Tomb Spyders (100111 0100 100     Tomb Spyder )
How to build a Plastic Tomb Spider

Heavy Destroyers. (100111 0100 110     Necron Heavy Destroyers )

My first Monolith. (100111 0100 111     Monolith)
How to build a Cardboard Monolith

Battle Reports
-500pts of TMGM vs Nids. Link removed due to Vassal issues.
1000pts of TMGM vs SM's 10 Dec 2008
1000pts of TMGM vs SM's 19 Dec 2008
1500pts of TMGM vs Orkz 29 Jan 2009
1000pts of TMGM vs Shirke SM's 17 Feb 2009
1700pts of TMGM vs New IG 22 Apr 2009
1700pts of TMGM vs Space Wolves 31 Aug 2010
1750pts of TMGM vs IG 29 Sep 2010
2000pts of TMGM vs Space Wolves 7 Oct 2010.

I am working on my Necrons as a special project and the colour scheme was actually picked as I can do 95% with a Tank or Standard Brush, so it is pretty fast... here is a Link to TMGM by moc065 that will help you see how the army was re-done for 5th Ed.


Necrontyr Lord
TMGM Necron Cell 100111
Join POC: Saim-Hann
or Read the Guide to Eldar
or read the Guide to Necrons

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Here's the laziest entries to this thread ever, hopefully I'll get time to paint again and do the Bzzzness proper:

Discolord and the Bzzzness office [monolith]:

The Deceiver headed to a Bzzzness meeting:

The Bzzness, random figs:

That's my business-themed, necron CC army, in all its terrible splendor unfinishedness. I apologize to any who've had to view it in real life, lol!

Dark Pariah

Well here's mine

Thats just the stuff I've managed to recondition, still have another 30 warriors, 10 immortals 14 Pariahs, 12 Destroyers, 2 Pylons, 3 Monoliths, 6 Spyders, 40 scarab bases to go!
Need advice on a scratch build? PM me, I may be able to help.

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Hey Guys,
I thought i'd post up pictures of my finished Tomb Stalker (above you'll see other units from my army, I'm the guy with the Snowy Necrons).

Tomb Stalker

The Tomb Stalker, had just flung itself on a piece of debris; an ultramarine thunderhawk wing, that is slowly being claimed by the snow. It readies itself to pounce on to it's victims.
The idea behind this model was to give it the impression that it scuttles beneath snow dunes and then pounces out, unexpectantly.


ok, here's a blurry army pic. I wsh i could take good pics, dammed blindness...


The story behind the pictures...

I am lazy and I enjoy procrastinating so I've been playing with non-primed,armless nercons. I have a table in my apartment so it's never really been an issue. But there was a Damnos(sp?) event at the GW and I figured I'd join in, I had a week I could TOTALLY get them painted and based after all I did have one done so I had my theme. Despite the fact that I'd only ever painted 5 models and the fact the I've never played in public, I signed up(Monday, event is Saturday at 11:30).

I had my plan
Monday-Turn a talos, a warrior, a destroyer and some epoxy into a Lord/Finish building the 'lith
Tuesday-Build everything else.
Wednesday-make bases and spray-prime everything.
Thursday-Make everything purple that should be purple
Friday-Paint the non-purple things gold/green
         -put in the rods
         -Highlight if time permits

Time did not permit.

What actually happend:
Monday-Started my very first conversion(lord) and the 'lith.
            -Got all of the warrior arms ready
             "On time, oh yeah!"

Tuesday- Woke up early for work;did the destroyer bases and built the wraiths
             -After work built everything AND cut all of the "bricks"
            "Ahead of schedule, oh yeah!"

Wednesday- Too cold to spray prime, roommate doesn't want cancer so I can't do it inside.
                   -Glued bricks to bases
                       "Will I get it done? oh ...yeah."

Thurdsay- Too cold to spray prime
                  "Oh yeah... I live in Manitoba"

Friday-Work late, get home at 7:00pm
         -Convinced roommate that it won't be that bad.
         -8:00pm-Spray-primed and started painting
         -Knocked over the wraiths and had to rebuild them
         -Painted bases
         -Broke/rebuild wraiths
         -All of the warriors
         -General hijinyx that proved I needed sleep(including breaking the wraiths)
         -4-6am nap
         -shower then Spill paint everywhere
         -Realised that the paint that I needed was now everywhere except for on the Destroyers
         -Realised that I had forgotten about the wraiths
         -10am-show up at GW for opening to buy paint.
         -11:30 watch as one of the IG plays get replaced as he "Didn't have time to paint"
         -Convince the GW worker that the spray-primed black was part of my theme
         -5:00pm win the Damnos Mission despite being short 2 Necron Players (bass voice "Oh.... yeah...!")

Once they get painted properly I'll update the photos/have close ups.

Kaiju Senso

My Phaeron has awoken from his slumber!

I think my painting is getting a little better then before.

Come on lets see some of those new models!

Dark Pariah

Just wanted to show some of the stuff I have done since the new dex

Triarch Stalker

Night / Doom Scythe

Ghost Ark

The green plastic spoons were something I added to show Quantum Shielding (I know the Scythe doesnt have it but it looked out of place without some clear green bling).
Need advice on a scratch build? PM me, I may be able to help.

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Would you care to put up a tutorial for that Triarch stalker of yours?
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Those plastic spoons look awesome, good find!

Dark Pariah

Quote from: Spacefrisian on January 17, 2012, 04:01:41 AM
Would you care to put up a tutorial for that Triarch stalker of yours?

Would love to but I dont have any progress shots  :(

Used all the spare pilot seats from the Annihilation Barge kits ( I have 5 in total ) to make the legs, spiked lower legs for the 4 rear were made from Lychgaurd shields, plasticard for the front legs and rear arch, various other bits and pieces ( really cant remember ) were all put together to make up the cockpit section.

The spoons are made of win, either bluetack or magnetize them and if your vehicles survive the penetrating hit simply remove the quantum shielding.
Need advice on a scratch build? PM me, I may be able to help.

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Kaiju Senso

Glad to see some new models finally! The custom Scythe and Stalker look great although I feel the real Stalker model will be more Defiler sized but the size of the Scythe looks exactly like how I pictured it. Boy you sure have a ton of the new models! I'm working on my first Ark and Barges as we speak and your Quantum Shielding idea is very creative.

Dark Pariah

Quote from: Kaiju Senso on January 17, 2012, 08:51:39 PM
I feel the real Stalker model will be more Defiler sized

I fear that! I have seen several Stalkers done using the Ghost Ark kit as a basis, but I personally think they are too big. This one stands hust a little taller than a Dreadnaught and can be hidden quite well. As the fluff talks about these things skittering away before the enemy can react, I imagined them to be smaller.

Now to the Scarabs, with Entropic Strike, Scarab Farming and Apoc games, you can never have enough!

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Need advice on a scratch build? PM me, I may be able to help.

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