Show us your Tombs (Necron Army Pictures)

Started by Inquisitor Daedalus, June 6, 2003, 10:19:42 PM

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Here's a few of my first Necrons:

And my recent ones:

I have more that haven't been photographed well... but I plan on taking pics soon.



Im new to 40K and theses are thre first three i have painted


My very first batch of Necrons.
The painting can be discussed in this thread:


hear are my necrons, i do not have a very good camra (Phone)

its what i get for not previewing it,
were i get all my magnets
local club i go to
the best Necron site around


Your link didn't work (you put in an FTP link)

Here's a link to your pics for anyone who is IE-challenged  ;D


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Khain Mor (/kharandhil)

my only crons...(lol I need to buy more...)

The Dark Moon Kabal ,possibly the biggest DE army ever!
over 20k and awesome, what more do you need to click? (last updated the 02/03/2012)

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Ok, here are my pics of my necrons so far. The wratih is my first metal mini, so I'm a little proud of it. My goal with this force is to have red/gold be the primary with green as secondary color. I'm going to try to have each type of unit be slightly different, but I haven't quite worked out the details.

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Orks 2,500


Ok, so this is my current Necrons Army.  It's a little small, but it's the only stuff I've ever actually painted through completion.  I'm gonna be expanding it into a 1500 point force over winter break.

Necron Lord(Front)

Necron Lord(Back)


Scarab Swarms


Whole Army

I know the paint scheme is pretty simple and pretty iconic for the necrons, but that's what I like about it.  In addition to this it's pretty quick to pop out the models.  When using the assembly line method, I finished the whole army in one Friday night(Necron Lord night) and the following saturday(Rest of the army).

That's basically just the Necron Lord model and a Battleforce, but I have a couple extra Necrons and an extra scarab swarm in there.

Edit:  I know I still need to base the miniatures, but I don't have any of the stuff to do it yet, and there are no hobby shops here in town.  Would regular glue work for holding on really fine gravel?

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<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Necron Lord"></a>

The test piece for my Necron army, Space Wolves Grey with purple cloaks :)

This is unfinished, and a REALLY BAD PHOTO

Damned webcam...


I only have the one picture made up so far of the Necrons that I have. I'm always bouncing between different things I don't know if I'll ever be done with anything 100%. These were pretty easy to paint once I started using the spray brush.


I wanted to stay away from the all chrome looking army. Nothing wrong with that, there are just so many out there. Since I'm only ever going to have just a few Crons I thought why not make them different.

Thanks for the support Moc. When I decided to paint the Necrons it was really just to try my hand at using the paint air spray brush that I bought at the hobby shop. I went for something that I thought would be easy and not too time consuming. With a black base spray and then the blue spray they were ready for details in about two minutes not counting drying times. I did a little step through on the blog I have. The link to the entry is here.!CCD4480D1042076E!321.entry

Here is a little better shot of one of the warriors


I liked the way they came out, and they were really easy. Only going for table top quality. I'm not trying to win contests. I just would like to have a painted army on the table some day.

Here is a group shot after two were finished and the rest getting ready for the finish.



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ok so it's been along time for my necrons to be put to good use so here's some from last march i had painted enjoy.

there is a good chance of some updated models which could turn up around here in the furture.

ok so here's a few more pic's so enjoy.

ok so here's another update most likely the last for a while so enjoy.

ok so now all i need to do is the last 10 or so flayed ones and finish my 2nd monolith,

Here's that half army pic enjoy.

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Go Necrons !!!!!!!!!


Finally I've got rund to posting pics of my necrons.

Behold! The Necrons of Pavonis! (Inspired by the book Nightbringer)

My army arrayed in all its glory

There are my two monoliths

One of my necron lords

One squad of my warriors

My destroyers

My personalised meleeing warriors

OK so the photos aren't great but ah well... As you can see I have used the colours descibed in Nightbringer. They aren't exactly golden demon but I think they are not too bad.
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Here's my test model for my necron army's colour scheme, detailing comes later.  The basecoat is black then midnight blue, with hawk/turqoise blue highlights that slowly fade in.  Joints are boltgun metal with mithril highlights.

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Here are some of my pariahs i finished yesterday, classic color scheme, but i simply love the white/metal, green eyes scheme, hope you like it too :).

Hello everyone, i recently bought some weathering pigments from MIG and used them on my dust covered monolith (because i dont use him much), so here is the result. I hope you like it :)

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So I came across an awesome deal that I could not pass up. A friend of mine all together gave up on his Necrons and decided to play Space wolves. He held his Necrons for quite some time, but with the new codex that came out, he offered to sell them to me at quite the steal.

Here are some photos of my new (to me) Necrons. Don't expect much, They need a TON of work. Just putting up some pictures so I can use Vassal to write up battle reports without scrutiny.

Necron Lord, Pariahs and my Tomb Spyders

Alright the Kans were a joke, they are my proxy spiders till I can get a full set :)

Warrior blob

I think I have 23 Warriors total, I left out the 7 proxy Orks for this one.

Heavy Destroyers and Destroyer

Mostly broken off flight stands, they will be interesting to fix up, as their previous owner glued the stands in. Any tips on getting it out will be appreciated, preferably before I take a drill to them :D

D-lord and Scarabs

The D-lord is curiously a Space marine conversion for some reason. I intend to snap off the torso and use the Lord bits in the box in the background. The shoulder pad might be a keeper, We'll see.

The Scarabs are going to be removed from the bases, and rebased in 3's, so another box of warriors should round out both of those units.


After I set him to take the picture (broken at the waist) he reminded me of a depiction of Jesus on  the cross. Maybe I am crazy. Or maybe the C'tan are truly behind everything. lol.

I also have a Monolith that is painted and ready to play. I keep it at a friends house as it is a pain to transport back and forth along with everything else. I will try and remember to snag a picture the next time we play.

Hopefully putting up these pictures will be a motivator to get everything painted in a timely manner. Since I have everything out and on the table already I think I'll give it a go for an hour or two.

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