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Started by TheGreatElder, October 24, 2019, 06:20:10 PM

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I am ultra new and I have few questions regardning necrons.

1. A cryptek give +1 to RP to all models within 3" from him. But this mean that the model have to be inside 3" at the moment of death? And then this model have +1 to RP until he come back? I mean, when a model die, i have to remove it from the battle field, so how can i have it inside 3"? It is a bit confusing.

2. Someone have ever tryed to build an army with only warriors and crypteks, so all based on Reanimation protocols? Can this function?

3. The C'tan shard of the nightbringer model is very high. The rules say it is a character, so it cannot be targetted by enemies  if there is another necron unit nearest to enemy. How is possible that an enemy cannot fire to a so big and visible target? I forgot something?

4. Lets say a single unit with fly ability engage in melee a Monolilth, the monolith have 6+ to WS so it fight very bad in melee and he cannot fire in melee, so, if someone engage the monolith in melee, lets say a unit with only 3 models, this unit actually make the monolith unable to be useful?

Thanks to all

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Hello, I'll try and answer your questions.

1) It's models for Units within 3", you must have mis-read the rule. It's more forgiving than you think.

2) It can be a bit resilient, but you'll have no ability to deal with enemy armour, or tougher troops. Also, Necron Warriors are not the greatest in melee, and can be dragged down that way. You'll need support for the warriors.

3) The size of the model is irrelevant. If a character has less than 10 wounds, it can't be targeted unless it's the closest target, or the attacking unit has a rule which ignores this restriction (like snipers). It's just the rule for characters, a bit silly, but very beneficial for those units!

4)yes and no. Models don't need the fly keyword to charge the monolith (it has to rules preventing non-fly units from engaging it). But, Units with the fly keyword (as per the 40k rules), can fall back and shoot. However, it is compleatly rubbish in melee.

I hope this helps.
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