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Title: Orks vs Necrons campaign BatRep
Post by: incredibleskulk on October 10, 2010, 01:25:38 AM
This is a partial, non picture report.  My gaming group has a youtube channel called "Two Smoking Bolters" and we record every game on video. I will edit this post and update the video into the report as it is posted(needs to be edited and uploaded, will take 2-3 days).

For now, here is the text version.

Orks VS 'Nids

2k points


2 Big meks-Kustom force field, cybork army, power klaw

14 Lootas

4 units of boyz mobz, 29 strong plus a nob-eavy armor, power klaw, boss pole

6 warbikers plus a nob-powerklaw, boss pole

3 units of 3 kans with rokkits.


Hive tyrant, 3 body guards, and tyranid prime

1 trygon

1 trygon prime

2 tervigons

2 10 man termagaunts

1 12 man gene stealers

3 squads of 3 hive guard

We have a convention tournament coming here in November, so we rolled for a scenario from their schedule of games. We selected a mission called "Breakthrough" which is basically score points by being inside your opponents deployment zone. The deployment is pitched battle so you need to be within 12" of your oppponents edge to score. Troops are worth two points, others worth 1, and IC's worth nothing. Outflanking and infiltrating is not allowed.

I win the rolloff and elect to go first. I deploy the kans at the front, spread across the field almost evenly. i then deploy the warbikers in the middle of the field behind kans, then spread 120 boyz and the 2 meks attached to them behind the kans and with the bikers, the lootas setup in a place giving them the most line of sight.

My opponent deploys everything in an even and similar fashion, leaving the tervigons in reasonable cover in the back, the deathstar unit(hive tyrant and guards and tyranid prime) in the middle, with a trygon on each side.

My opponent fails to seize.

Top Turn 1:

My boyz advance and run, the bikes move 19" and i try to keep them from assault range of the trygon. I fire two squads of kans at the trygon prime, causing 4 wounds, leaving two left. The other 3 kans fire at the other trygon, causing one wound. The lootas fire at the gaunts, killing 6.

Bottom Turn 1:

My opponent uses his tervigons to put more gaunts on the board, 11 on one and 10 on the other. He advances the genestealers towards my far right boys mobs and runs them towards them. he advances the rest of his army towards me. His hive guard KO's a couple of kans, and this is where i realize the KFF is useless against them, as they ignore cover. He fails to assault my boyz with genestealers by about a half inch.

Top Turn 2:

I advance my forces further, run the boyz, and turbo the bikes across to the far side of the board, trying to sneak them in behind his lines. I call my Waaaaagh! and make excellent run rolls, however they werent needed, they just allowed me to get more boyz in. The kans fire their rokkits and finish off one prime, and fail to wound the other. The lootas fire at a hive guard, killing one of the three. The assaults come in and come in hard, the boyz completely wipe all of the gaunts from the board, cause two wounds on the remaining trygon, and completely wipe the genestealers who just barely failed to get me in turn one. I roll excellent consolidation moves on the three squads of boyz not locked, and one is squad is locked with the trygon.

Bottom Turn 2:

The Tervigons deliver more gaunts, 12 on one side and 7 on the other, however my opponent rolled doubles on both tervigons and he can no longer deliver gaunts from either one. He advances the new gaunts at my boyz, and retreats some of his army. He fires his hive guard at my kans, killing a few more. He then charges me with his deathstar hive tyrant/tyranid prime unit on the boyz in the middle, and charges with the gaunts on the other two boyz mobz. Once again, the Boyz wipe his gaunts clean, but take heavy losses and get locked witht he tyranid prime/hive tyrant unit. I consolidate deep into his territory from the gaunt assaults.

Result: Forfeit after two turns, opponent was swarmed over by numbers and the ability of my boyz to continually bounce from assault into another assault and quickly advance into his territory. The results were already very obvious, and we scored the game 7-1 in favor of the orks. As for the tournament points score, i scored max points of 20 and he scored 5 points.

Title: Re: Orks vs Necrons campaign BatRep
Post by: SKEETERGOD on October 11, 2010, 08:49:55 AM
I love to play against the nids as they are the only army you don't have to chase down from the start. (OK the new blood angels are a bit froggy too but that just means first round combat)

Good game, and the orks are advancing, keep up the good work, and I am looking forward to the video ;D
Title: Re: Orks vs Necrons campaign BatRep
Post by: Lord Alliben on October 11, 2010, 09:59:38 AM
Hive Guard don't ignore cover. They ignore LOS. They don't need LOS to shoot their target but if there's cover in the way you still get your save.
Title: Re: Orks vs Necrons campaign BatRep
Post by: incredibleskulk on October 12, 2010, 07:16:32 PM

Tyranids v.s Orks (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koRZ8fxaPlw#)