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Title: Alaitoc 1750 Competition Entry
Post by: Stormbane on November 30, 2017, 01:32:38 PM
Hi guys, please find below my proposed list for the Alaitoc all comers challenge.

I'm posting this with the caveat that I don't have my main rulebook with me, so I'll only be posting it as a single battalion, so I may not be maximising available CP.

Aeldari Battalion
Keyword: Alaitoc
Warlord: Autarch with the Seer of the Shifting Vector Warlord Trait


Autarch with Swooping Hawk Wings
  - Fusion pistol
  - Forceshield
  - Power Sword
  - Shimmerplume of Achillrial

Illic Nightspear

HQ Total 184 Pts


5 x Rangers
5 x Rangers
5 x Rangers
5 x Rangers

Troops Total 240 Pts


7 x Striking Scorpions
  -Including Exarch
  - Scorpion's Claw

Elites Total 110 Pts

Fast Attack

7 x Swooping Hawks
  - Including Exarch
  - Hawk's Talon

7 x Warp Spiders
  - Including Exarch
  - 2 x Death Spinners

5 x Wind Riders
  - 5 Shuriken Cannons

Fast Attack Total 368 Pts

Heavy Support

2 x Fire Prism
  - 2 x Shuriken Cannons

2 x War Walkers
  - 2 x Bright Lance
  - 2 x Star Cannon

2 x War Walker
  - 2 x Bright Lance
  - 2 x Star Cannon

Heavy Support Total 670 Pts


1 x Crimson Hunter Exarch
  - 2 x Bright Lance

Flyer Total 175 Pts

Total Points: 1747 Pts
CP 6
Model Count 57

This force is supposed to represent a Rapid Reaction/Ambushing Strike Force. The key elements can all deploy in slightly different ways, allowing me to deploy a minimal force onto the board. I can then place the bulk of my force having already seen the enemy's deployment or opening moves. Only the Fire Prisms, Crimson Hunter and the Wind Riders have to be placed on the board to start. Even then, I could choose to Webway Assault the Bikers or Cloudstrike either the Crimson Hunter or the Fire Prisms (Although I'd likely leave the Fire Prisms  otherwise the enemy would only have to kill the bikers to table me). Against a deep striking enemy with even fewer drops than me, I'd deploy some Rangers to provide a limited protective bible to the harder hitters.

Anti tank is provided by the Hunter, War Walkers and Prisms. Those same units also cover damage against elite units. Wind Riders can chip away at both too.

Hordes are the remit of the Hawks, Spiders and Jetbikes, backed up by the rerolls the Autarch provides. Fire Prisms can assist if there are no better targets. Scorpions also fit here.

Characters? Illic and the Rangers.

Ideally, the Bikes, Spiders, Hawks ans the Autarch operate as a reactionary force, deploying together (or moving together in the case of the bikes). Meanwhile, the Prisms and a Ranger base act as back line defense. The Scorpions can then deploy where needed - either to help protect the back line, or to assist the assault.

Survivability is provided by the fact that the Rangers, Autarch and flyer are all really difficult to hit, while everything else is just difficult. The assault force will be layered so that the Spiders always provide a juicer target, therefore attracting fire. They then do their thing and become really difficult to hit.

The force is, I believe, fitting of the background too, as it features Rangers and all the Aspects incorporate an Exarch. Everything else is fast enough to be rapid reaction, or it is stealthy.

So there you are. Please leave feedback as to areas where I could improve the list. Please note, though, that 'Add Dark Reapers' will gain no traction, as I don't feel they fit the aesthetic. I know they're brilliant, but flavour is important to me.
Title: Re: Alaitoc 1750 Competition Entry
Post by: Blazinghand on November 30, 2017, 02:17:17 PM
Hmm, so for Windriders, it feels like having both Shuriken Cannons and Scatter Lasers in the same squad would not be the best. This is because how you want to move and where you want to place them is different for both guns. Shuriken Cannons are great because you can move and advance (with Battle Focus) every turn. However, you don't want to do that in a squad with Scatter Lasers. Scatter Laser Windriders want to stand still, but be 36 inches away, which means the Shuriken Cannons can't fire. If you just want ablative wounds for your Scatter Lasers, maybe upgrade one Shuriken Cannon to a Scatter Laser, and downgrade one to Twin Catapults. Ideally, though, they should all have the same gun. Fixing that range mismatch will make them easier to use.
Title: Re: Alaitoc 1750 Competition Entry
Post by: Stormbane on November 30, 2017, 02:32:31 PM
Blazing hand, thank you for the advice. I wasn’t really sure about that squad, but didn’t want to spam with 5 of a weapon. I think, realistically, I’d go for 5 shrunken cannons as they are more versatile, while sacrificing range.

Thanks for looking!