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Title: 1500pt Necron games. ('Nids, Tau, Tau)
Post by: Lord of Winter and War on September 23, 2010, 11:42:54 PM
Busted out my necrons again after a long time (IE the whole summer). Good to have them back under my control.

My first list was.

Lord w/Res ob, VoD.

6 Pariahs



Heavy destroyer
Heavy destroyer

Tomb Spider


First opponent was using Tyranids.

Tervigon w/regeneration and crushing claws.

Doom in spore pod.

Six squads of six genetealers with brood lord.

Death Leaper.

So, Death leaper reduced my lords leadership by two.

Table had a lot of terrain, including bits that blocked line of site to my left and right and front. Mission was Kill Points, pitched battle.

I set up my force centrally, in case he out flanked. Turns out he infiltrated, and I left him lots of places to hid within 12". Tervigon was well out of site. Leaper in reserves as well as the doom. I kept one warrior squad in reserve.

(https://www.40konline.com/proxy.php?request=http%3A%2F%2Fimg.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fv472%2Fkillersquid%2Fwarhammer%2FIMG_0017.jpg&hash=95e681ea04a4a1bd78e7f5c055b14ad596accb72) (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v472/killersquid/warhammer/IMG_0017.jpg)

Turn 1. He stole the Initiative.

Basically, he had two squads of stealers on my left, two on my right and two ahead of me. Thankfully due to poor difficult terrain rolls and fleet rolls he only made it into combat with one tomb spider, and one heavy destroyer. Both of which he promptly killed without much worry.

In my turn, I shuffled my units around, and teleported my lord and my most far front unit of warriors onto a hill on my left flank to shoot a 'stealer squad, however the Tervigon had Feel no pain'd them, and only suffered a couple of casualties. One of my destroyer squads nuked one entire squad of genestealers off the board (nine hits, nine wounds). The other destroyer squad merely crippled another. Warriors shot another squad, and reduced it to a couple of models, which my remaining spider charged (and was left at the end of turn in combat with just the broodlord. My pariahs shot (which did little) and charged (which did a lot). Only suffered one wound in retaliation I won combat, but he passed morale.

Turn 2.

Death Leaper pops in in the building my my spider in it, while he sends one of the weakened squads on the right flank to fight my tomb spider. The Tervigon sneaks around the central building to assault my Pariahs, while the last two genestealer squads get ready to charge my warriors and destroyers. However, the warrior charge is failed, due to difficult terrain, however he does assault one of my destroyer squads, which is destroyed, but one of the models joins my second squad. The tervigon assaults the Pariahs, who ignore it and kill the rest of the genestealers. Once again I win combat.

The tomb spider Falls to the 'stealers.

In my turn, my third warrior squad walks on center field, and rapid-deaths a squad of genestealers. The Lord and pals scatter on the right flank, but still manage to get off some more wounds on another 'stealer squad. I reduce a lot of genestealer squads at this point to just the brood lord, but it's not doing me a whole lot of good. In combat, the Pariahs take four wounds off the Tervigon, and I suffer two.

Turn 3.

The Doom comes in next to my destroyers and a unit of warriors. Syphoning the life out of all three destroyers and half the warrior squad (damned terrible dice rolls on my part). Death leaper, and two brood lords chaorge my Lords squad, and take down my lord before he can strike, while the squad breaks and is run down. The tervigon regenerates a wound, and looses another from my Pariahs. I take another casualty. Another 'stealer unit joins the remains of my syphoned life squad, while my third unit is assaulted and run down by another broods lord.

In my turn, I phase out.

learning points.

 -I should have placed my heavy destroyers in position to deny him good infiltrate positions.
 -Should have pulled off from one flank and focused on one at a time. Perhaps even keeping a second squad of warriors in reserve.
 -Tervigons are pretty crappy in combat, being only Strength 5, not too shabby.
 -I need to keep an eye on distances better to prevent charges.

Game 2.

Agaisnt Tau. I bought a Monolith off someone, so added it to my army.

My list.

Lord w/destroyer body, warscythe, Res orb, Phylactry.

Two x10 warrior squads.
Three x4 destroyer squads.
x2 Tomb Spiders.
x1 Monolith.

His army.

Suit comander with two bodyguards (all with plasma/melta).
Suit comander with two bodyguards (all with plasma/melta).

Three units of six stealth suits.

Two units of six pathfinders, one in devilfish.

Two seperate units of broadsides.

Mission was five objectives and spearhead. I got second deployment, thus I chose to keep the monolith off the table to deepstrike and avoid the railguns.
His two fire warrior squads were in reserve, the crisis suits deepstruck, the broads sides above a tower in the top left, while the stealth suits all infiltrated on my right.

I deployed my force pretty blob-like in my deployment, lord smack-dab in the middle. Deepstruck the Monolith.

Turn 1.

I steal initiative! yay!

Two destroyer squads zoom forwards, third zooms to my far right. One warrior squad deployed on an objective, second slogs to middle of table to claim another. Spiders follow the seperate groups of destroyers. Shooting goes well, with my two squads shooting the Broadsides, killing one. While the third destroyer unit shoots down a unit of Stealth Suits to two models.

In his turn, his broadsides knock down a couple of warriors on my left, while the stealthsuits kill one on my right. Other stealth suits shoot my objective camping warriors, knocking down two.

Turn 2-3.

During these turns, I attempt to shoot down the last broadside, to no avail. His crisis suits drop down one at a time, only to be annihilated the turn after they drop from concentrated fire, and my lords combat abilities. Stealth suits charge my destroyer unit on my right flank, but once the monolith comes in I am able to zaaappp them out of combat to shoot down more steath suit squads, while the tomb spider engages some in combat.


My tomb spider chases, and systematically kills the steath suits, while my destroyers focus fire on the fire warrior devilfish that appears across the table from me. I boost my lord and one destroyers unit into his deployment zone, to contest his objective there and kill his troops, which I successfully do.


With only an immobile devilfish and Broadside left after my turn, I essentially win the game Via objectives.

Game three.

Same opponent, same armies. Same table.

Mission, Spearhead Annihilation.

This game, He stole the initiative, but I deployed first. I centered my monolith in my deployment, while a building created a chokepoint to my right, and my left (leading up the short table edge) lead to some ruins. My opponent only kept his troops in reserve this game. All the suits in the bottom of the board to shoot my destroyers, while the suit all sort of clustered in the middle.

Turn 1.

His broadsides immobilize my Monolith, while the stealthsuits shoot one of my destroyer units hiding behind a building and I loose 'em all, however I get one back to join another squad.

I shift all my units from behind the building, behind my monolith, so that the stealth suits have no Line of sight to anything. My lord zaaps through the portal into one of the crsis suit squads, while my last remaining destroyer units nukes a broadside.

Turn 2.

My opponent has nothing to shoot, as everything thing of mine is out of LoS, or range. Broadsides fail to damage the Monolith.Lord keeps beating up the crisis suits.

In my turn, I zaap a unit of warriors out of the Monolith portal, to charge the second unit of Crisis suits, while the second unit of warriors charge a unit of stealth suits. Destroyers however fire at the crisis suits and kill off one suit, and injure another. In combat, the warriors in combat with the crisis suits, kill off another suit, and damage the commander, while the other necron squad breaks and runs down the stealth suit squad with only one casualty.

Turn 3.

The broad side wrecks the monolith, while the stealthsuits surround my warrior squad which killed the stealth suits. The troops units appear on my opponents table edge, far away from my destroyers. The crisis suits in combat with my lord, kill him dead, while the stealth suits shoot, then charge my warrior squad (down to four models) and I still win combat, but the suits don't break.

Turn 4.

My opponent has some shooting, but fails to accomplish much.

My lord fails to get back up, but 5/6 of my necron warriors do. My destroyers target the fire warriors out of a transport (killing 3/6), while the second unit destroys the last crisis suit unit. My warriors join in the combat with the stealth suits, and the tomb spider is close as well.

At this point, the store was about to close However, my opponent gave me the game claiming I was in a far better position and would have earned a few more kill points in the next turn for sure.

So, 2/3 games today with my 'crons were wins. Not too bad. Digging the Monolith, first time using it.
Title: Re: 1500pt Necron games. ('Nids, Tau, Tau)
Post by: Rems on September 24, 2010, 08:39:39 AM
Nice bat rep, i always enjoy your necron ones!

Shame their wasnt any more pictures, but your descriptions did a good enough job.

When i started reading the first bat rep, and saw the stealers where infiltrating all around you, i did think your number was up. You did a good job holding him off though, and if it wasnt for the doom i think you could have won that. It would have been good had you kept the destroyers out of combat, they would have been untouchable with a turn of movement to put some distance in- but phase out still could have claimed you. Still lesson learned when facing an infiltrating army right?
Title: Re: 1500pt Necron games. ('Nids, Tau, Tau)
Post by: moc065 on September 24, 2010, 10:05:16 AM
Good Batreps all around.

I too would have loved to see a few more pics; but the write ups got the job done.

I also thought your deployment in game 1 was probably the biggest reason things went down hill so fast; but his infilitrating and his Steeling the Initiative were brutal as well. So no worries, the Spiraling Wurm Machines redeemed themselves most effectively in the next 2 games. So Congrats and welcome back to the Tomb.

PS... keep this ratio going for the Campaign and I really do hope that you post loads of Batreps (wins of course) with pics, etc as I love the look and feel of your Necrons.

Title: Re: 1500pt Necron games. ('Nids, Tau, Tau)
Post by: Lord of Winter and War on September 24, 2010, 05:07:18 PM
The doom really did make me a sad panda that game, but what can one do about it eh? Just do better next time. I will defiantly keep an eye out for infiltration next time. Not many people infiltrate anymore.

Glad you guys enjoyed the reports, I would have liked to take more pictures, but alas my camera's battery died right as the first game started. Next week I'll do better. The Brotherhood of the Spiraling Worm is going to do their best to ensure that we win this thing, not the silly orks.