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Author Topic: 1850 - Hive Fleet Mullet  (Read 5198 times)

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1850 - Hive Fleet Mullet
« on: March 7, 2014, 04:41:59 PM »
I just got my hands on the datasheets for Leviathan and I think this will suits my play style as I think that nids should be in close combat eating things.

Flyrant - Toxin Sacs, Bonesword & whip, Wings
Tyrant - Heavy Venom Cannon, TL Devourers
Tyrant Guard x2

Hormaguants x15
Termagants x15 - Devourer x5
Warrior Brood x3 - Barbed Stangler

Venomthrope x1

Heavy Support
Carnifex x2 - Spinebank, Adrenal glands

Aegis line with Quad Gun

Manufactorum Genestealers
Genestealer Brood - Broodlord
Genestealer Brood - Broodlord
Genestealer Brood
Genestealer Brood
Genestealer Brood

1850 points
68 Models
97 Wounds

Stealers infiltrate as close to the enemy as posible.  When shot at, they will go to ground
Tyrant guard will leave the tyrant to move up towards the quad gun that I will place near the center of the board.
Flyrant will jump up, join the guard and man the quadgun for the first turn.  Venomthope will be close so flyrant and guard will have a 2++ cover save.
2nd turn, Flyrant leaves guard and swoops forward and uses dominion.  This will make any GTG stealers be able to move normally and then they assault.
3rd turn I assault with my flyrant, fexes, hormies while my warriors, exocrine, tyrant, and termies hold the centre and objectives.

What do ya think?
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