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Author Topic: Index for Frequently Posted Thread Topics  (Read 14310 times)

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Index for Frequently Posted Thread Topics
« on: May 26, 2006, 07:00:11 PM »
For those who have been hanging around the 40kOnline, and EldarOnline before that, background forums there are some fairly commonly repeating threads.  Previously these, and others, were stickied on that top of the forum.  Those sticky topics will be unstickied and, instead, this thread will keep track of those popular topics.

Deciever and the Laughing God: Are they the same entity?
This thread discusses a frequently posted topic on whether the Deceiver and Laughing God are the same thing.

The Dyson Sphere
A thread that discusses the identity and nature of the Dyson Sphere that is allegedly associated with the fourth C'tan (Outsider).

Space Marine Physiology
Though normally talking about different things - strength, capability to reproduce, etc. - here's a good example of a Space Marine thread:

And the next time that a Space Marine Reproduction thread comes up, or someone PMs me with the URL, this is where I'm going to post it:


Female Space Marines
A thread that discusses the possibility of female Space Marines and reasons for their seeming absence:

The Talismans of Vaul
A thread that discusses the identity and nature of the Talismans of Vaul (aka the "Blackstone Fortresses") that featured heavily in the Eye of Terror summer campaign and the Thirteenth Black Crusade of Abaddon the Despoiler.

Warhammer Fantasy and 40k Interelationship: Does Fantasy Exist in 40k?
A thread that discusses the various theories and interpretations as to the possible placement of the Warhammer fantasy world in the universe of 40k.

The Primarchs
Were the final two Primarchs ever found?

Their Names
A thread that discusses the names of the various Primarchs and their meanings and origins.

Was the Emperor Jesus, or do Imperials believe in "God?"
A discussion about the Christian God in the 40k universe, either whether Imperials believe in God above the Emperor, or whether Emperor was Jesus...

Thanks for participating.

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