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Author Topic: Orks vs. Tau 2000 pts headhunter grudge match (KoN campaign week 4)  (Read 1847 times)

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Playing against my main opponent Janner, I knew I couldn't go up against a necron match so since I have played his Tau a few times we decided to use the "It's Them" bonus critera for our grudge match.  The idea was to take out your opponent's HQ choices.  The force organization was changed a bit requiring only atleast one troop choice but allowing for up to 3 HQ choices.

We figured this would be the ultimate grudge match.  And who better to represent the Tau in a final match vs the orks than Commander Farsight himself...

Mission:  It's Them....  Headhunter/ assasinate HQ

Deployment:  Pitched battle

Orks win the roll off and decide to go first.

Ork list
Mad Dok (attached to the ard boyz)
Big Mek w/ KFF, PK, cybork, eavy armor (w/ slugga boyz)
Big Mek w/ SAG, eavy armor, cybork (w/ shoota boyz)

10x Lootas
11x Kommandos and Snikrot (2 burnas)

22x ard boyz w/ Nob PK/ BP
30x Slugga boyz w/ Nob PK/BP
20x Shoota boyz w/ Nob PK/ BP
Deff Dread w/ Skorcha, Big Shoota, Grot Riggas

warbuggy w/ rokkits
Deff Kopta w/ rokkits, buzzsaw, cybork

3x Killa Kans w/ rokkits
3x Killa Kans w/ grotzookas
Deff Dread w/ skorcha, big shoota, grot riggas

Tau List
Commander Farsight w/ 6 crisis suits (all suits with plasma blaster, missle pods, TA)
Shas'o w/ 2 crisis suits (frag projector thing / fursion gun on cmd and plasma missile pods on suits) marker and shield drone

3x stealth suits cmd w/ fusion gun
3x stealth suits cmd w/ fusion gun

12x fire warriors w/ marker drone (photon and emp gernades)
12x fire warriors w/ marker drone (photon and emp gernades)

Sniper team
Broadside w/ 2 shield drones
Hammerhead w/ railgun, SMS

He reserves both command squads and I reserve Snikrot and kommandos.

Eeeysss boss, those Tau, I thinks they up to somphin.  They are all gathered and theys wants a fight somphin about theres boss is coming to settles some score...  i didn't knows we was playing no blood bowl.   Well if its a fight thez wantz it's a fight theyz gets...

Set Up

With both command units in reserve I decide to try and take out as many units as I can to try to limit the amount of my army I lose to shooting.

Turn 1
Almost everything advances forward in a typical wall / line.  Lootas shoot the sniper team off the board.  The SAG mek attempts to blast the broadside but instead rolls a double 1,1.  This causes the mek to die and he rolls a 6 for number of inches which effectively kills off his whole shoota boyz squad he is attached to.  (I knew I should have went with a wierdboy).  So I effectively killed off one of my own HQ's what a great way to start.  Everything else runs after that as I am kinda pissed that my SAG mek not only blew up himself but a whole squad of boyz with him.

The firewarriors in the center target and drop my Deff kopta.  The firewarriors on the other side open up on my lootas and kill 7.  The missle pods kill 3 slugga boyz.  The broadside and hammerhead open up on the deff dreads causing nothing and the stealth suits open up on the grot kans..  but they save them all (a trend which carries throughout the game)

Turn 2
with most of my long range shooting crippled I decide to try to close the gap some more with a lot of units advancing toward the center.  Shooting sees my grot kans kill an impressive 11 fire warriors from the middle squad as they get pounded.  My dread gets in skorcha range of the fire warriors on the pyramid and between the skorcha and big shoota kills 5 fire warriors from the 2nd squad.  Everything else runs.

The commander and suit body guards come in behind my line.  The center firewarrior sticks around and shoots at my warbuggy wrecking it.  The newly arrived suits target my 3 remaining lootas killing them. 

This leaves the tau commander (one of my objectives) now in my back field thus making we have to possibly split up some resources to deal with them.

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Re: Orks vs. Tau 2000 pts headhunter grudge match (KoN campaign week 4)
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2010, 03:13:56 AM »
Turn 3
Snikrot comes in from reserve over by the newly arrived tau command squad.  Due to their range Mad Dok and the ardboyz now change direction and head toward the command squad.
The grot kans shoot at the broadside killing the unit. 
The kommandos charge the command suit team putting a wound on each of them while they drop two kommandos (not the desired effect I had in mind) combat stays locked.

Farsight and his large bodyguard of suits come in and deep strike into my deployment zone over by the raised plains.  He does a lot of shooting at my grot kans but they make all their obscured saves thanks to the KFF mek.  The firewarrior in the center blasts a slugga boy.  The continued assault dispatched 2 more of my kommandos in exchange for the commander and suits getting wiped out.  Kommandos consolidate heading toward Farsight and his crew.

where Farsight and crew came in

middle of the board which is where most of my stuff is :(

Turn 4
Mad Dok and ard boyz along with grot kans, kommandos and rest of the army start heading toward Farsight.  Knowing that more than likely the only units who might make it to Farsight are the ard boyz, kommandos and possibly grot kans.
Grot kans target and can see the stealth suits despite their field generator.  The grot kans drop 4 stealth suits leaving only 1 from each squad remaining.
Deff dread shoots and skorchas 5 fire warriors.  Everything runs that can.  Deff dread goes into combat with the last 3 FW's killing the squad.

Hammerhead uses its large ordinance blast on the ard boyz killing 6.  The ard boyz then get targeted by commander farsight and his crew.  The Boyz make the hard decision to go to ground due to the number of plasma blasters that are shooting.  The boyz still lose 5 or 6 more.

Turn 5
Everything continues moving to try to get closer to Farsight.  The ard boyz can't do anything cuz they went to ground.
Shooting sees the slugga boyz kill off the last firewarrior and drone, the Grot Kans deal 2 wounds on Farsight's squad.

 The hammerhead drops another ordinance blast onto the ard boyz killing 2.  Farsight's squad kill another 3 ard boyz. 

Janner roles the dice to see if there is a Turn 6.  And sure enough there is.   This should allow me to close the gap on Farsight and crew.

Turn 6
Everything keeps advancing toward Farsight as quick as it can. 
Orks declare a WAAAAAGHHH in an attempt to get the kommandos and ard boyz into combat needing to role a 3+ on my run roles to do it for both squads... considering how my average run rolls were a "1".  Yes I did say AVERAGE.  I think there was only about 2 times before that where I rolled more than a 1.  The ard boyz get a run roll of 5 inches and the kommandos get a run roll of 6 inches.  Slugga boyz shoot and finish off the stealth suits.  Forgot to mention but one ended up running off the board after getting blasted by the grot kans a while back. 
Grot Kans shoot at Farsight's squad putting another two wounds on them. 

The Kommandos with Snikrot and the Mad Dok and ard boyz multi charge Farsight.  I end up loosing 1 ard boy and 1 kommando.  In return all the suits are wiped out including farsight.  Mainly due to the fact that I had 7 power klaw wounds between the Mad Dok and his ard boyz nob.

With both my opponents command squads / commanders being destroyed the game is over.  Orks Win. 

Final Thoughts
Although I am not sure how this battle will get scored in our campaign because it is a bonus mission however it was not against necrons (as i have no necron opponents in the area) it was a very fun mission.  I worked late the night before so I had to make my list and glue the arms onto my SAG Mek.  After I did the list however and upon reviewing it later I think a Wierdboy would have been a better choice.  I wasn't sure if my opponent would be playing his Tau or space marines and I thought the SAG mek would make for a better meq killer.

Lessons learned:
grotzookas are a more effective shooting weapon then I gave them credit for.  They amounted for a devistating about out causualties throughout the game.  Though they did not directly kill any HQ they were are great unit at drawing fire power and killing stuff.   

I have to give the grot kans my MVP award for this game.   They killed 11 fire warriors, a broadside with 2 shield drones, 4 stealth suits, and put 4 wounds on Farsights command squad.  Throughout the game they made every cover save they were called to make which was probably in the neighborhood of 10-14 saves which is very impressive.

although I would say the Kommandos had a rough start they made up for it by aiding in the 2nd assault on Farsights squad. 

By reserving his HQ my opponent made the game a lot harder for me especially considering that both units could deep strike and I had nothing in my army that was fast.

I was totally annoyed / pissed when I rolled those double 1,1's with my SAG Mek.  I have heard how random he can be but the first time I use him and in the first shooting turn he not only blows himself up which I could have been mediocrely ok with but took his whole squad with him.  Not the best HQ choice for a head hunter mission.

I had a really hard time trying to close the gap with my kans / deff dread to take down the hammerhead.  I shot the deff kopta, war buggy, and rokkit kans at it with no effect.  The deff kopta once, warbuggy once or twice, and rokkit kans probably about 2-3 times. 

Next time rather than going around area terrain I will go thru it.  I will say with the movement roles I was getting I was afraid to send the ard boyz thru the terrain at Farsight (i didn't want to get a 1 inch for movement) so I went around.  This actually cost me about 16 ard boyz.  Had I have been on / in the terrain I would have at least had a decent cover save and probably would not have went to ground.  In hindsight it was a very bad idea. 

I hope you enjoyed reading and good luck to all those still in the campaign as we are about to wrap it up.


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