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Title: Its Them Interupted Orks vs Necrons
Post by: SKEETERGOD on October 2, 2010, 05:01:50 PM
Well once again lettheharvestbegin and I faced off playing double bonus scenario, we had "Its Them" as we both took 3 HQs, and "Interupted" as that is how we started the game.

My list
AWTY Dakkatoof warboss on bike with cybork, PK, and squig
Gitburna big mek with KFF, heavy armor, cybork, and burna
Mad Doc Grotsnik

4 loads of truck boys (12 boys 1 is nob with heavy, PK, and boss pole) riding in a truck (red and ram)
The Drive By boys (12 shootas truck with red and ram)
7 Biker Gang (nobs with bikes) big choppas, cybork, waagh banna, boss pole, pain boy
9 Mega Nobs with cybork riding in a BW with death roller, red, grot, 2 big shootas
The Flamers (15 Burna boys, 3 are meks with CMB)
The Green Baron (copta with rockits and saw)
Skorcha Buggy (red)
Rockit Buggy (red and trakks)
Battle wagon, death roller, armor, grots,2 big shootas
10 Flash Gitz shootier, more dakka, cybork, pain boy and Capt Badruck
Battle Wagon ram, red, boom gun, 1 big shoota, grots, and armor

lettheharvestbegin's list
Foot Lord rod of resurection, phylactry,and warscythe
Destroyer Lord (destroyer body) chronometron, nightmare shroud, and phase shifter

20 warriors
20 warriors
20 warriors
19 warriors
13 warriors
5 destroyers
5 destroyers
10 skarab swarms

AWTY idles slowly accross the plain looking for some book that the big mek wanted. "Its quiet", AWTY said, "too quiet". He looked around saw his biker gang behind him and the Drive By boys behind them. All those orks looking for a tablet or somesuch thing just so the big mek Gitburna could build a living stompa. Just then he noticed a disturbance in the air, as he watched he saw the necrons appearing everwhere around him. "Its them" he yelled and gunned his bike, he was glad that it was done being quiet.

Set Up

The Necrons Arrive

While the necrons were coming in one unit of warriors mishapped on the way in and so I placed them close to my board edge so that the flamers could do what they were so good at. 2 squads of warriors stayed in reserve. He fired everything he had at the bikers, all the other necron shooting caused a wound on the pain boy, a big choppa boy and the warboss, then the destroyers kicked in and killed three big choppa boys. Of course the orks passed their LD. There were no assaults.


The orks moved on in force and the drive by boys moved closer to the nearest warrior unit intending to beat them up (after all necrons are fun for orks to beat up) the bikers moved around the warriors to get a toofer as two of his HQs were so close together. The flamers just barely moved onto the edge of the board to cook some necron metal.

The Drive By boys shot a lot of shots but caused no wounds, the biker gang dakka gunned the destroyer lord causing 3 wound but it saved 2. The Green Baron immobalized a monolith, the boom gun killed three warriors, the flash gits rolling a 2 for AP and Capt Badruck shoot at the Nightbringer who saves them all, The flamers hit the squad of warriors for 144 hits, 77 wounds and he failed 28 saves. The Drive By boys assaulted the warrior squad and were pushed back by the Nightbringer, the nobs assaulted the destroyer lord and 2 of the nobs made contact with the Nightbringer. AWTY kills the destroyer lord and the nightbringer killed a big choppa boy, and the combat ends tied 3 to 3.

The Necrons bring in one unit from reserve and move around some. 1 destroyer squad kills the blue shirt truck getting a kaboom and killing 2 boys, the other destroyer squad shot at the battle wagon and failed to hit it.
The necron squad that was almost charged opens fire on the Drive By boys and kills 11, the monolith with its flayer attack killed the remaininng drive by boy and gets a shaken result on the truck. The swarms charge the truck but realize they can't hurt it as they forgot some piece of equipment, and in the combat of the bosses the night bringer causes one wound on AWTY who failed his cybork save and is smushed into the ground with a strength 10 hit, the foot lord wiffs, the pain boy causes 3 wounds on the foot lord who only saves one, and the big choppa nobs cause a wound on nightbringer who failed his save, tied again and remained in combat.

The orks moved in for the fun, especially since AWTY wasn't going to be hogging any more of the glory. The gold weapon boys move up close and dismount near squad near monolith, the blue pants dismount and shoot at the scarabs, The blue shirst went into the tall grass so that the destroyers would have a hard time picking them off. The boom gun knocks down 6 warriors and the flash gits roll a 5 for AP and with them and Badruck cause a lot of wounds knocking down another 9 warriors, the burna boy wagon moves 13 to get into the fight and the mega nob BW does the same. The gold weapons kill 7 warriors and lose 3 in return but the necron warriors remain in the fight, the blue pants assault the scarabs and wipe them out in a fine showing of ork prowess, the Nightbringer kills 2 nob bikers the foot lord wiffs, the pain boy wiffs and fails his LD but rolls a 6 for the fleeing and the necron rolled a 1 so the pain boy did a wheelie and moved 11 inches right between the two units of warriors.

Turn 3
WBB resulted in 5/9 and 4/6 getting back up, and his last reserve unit arrived. The squad that was fighting the gold boys was teleported out of the fight and the other squad rf'd them killing 4 more boys but they passed their Ld. The foot lord moved into cover and the nightbringer moved towards the gold boys. The other squad shot at the blue pants and killed 8, the destroyers killed the flamers BW, the other destroyers shot the skorcha blowing it up and wounding one necron warrior who saved. Two squads of warriors shot the drive by boys truck and this time destroyed a weapon. The monolith shot the truck with the black boots that careens right past it, the warriors shoot and kill 10 of the black boots who pass their LD. The nightbringer assaulted the small squad of gold boys and only killed two for no wounds in return but they passed their LD and stayed.

Finally the BW with the mega nobs and the mad doc moved in, the megas dismounting to get into the fray with the nightbringer (and because he was the closest) The burnas move towards the fresh squad of warriors, and the blue pants get back in truck and back away, blue shirts leave cover and get into an empty truck that moved back for them, the black boots truck moves 18 inches to get closer to the fight, and the red pants move towards the other monolith. The Green baron hits but does nothing, the rockit buggy got a glance on the same monolith and then rolled a 2 so no shooting from that one. the boom gun his the warrior squad in the middle and lays down 6 which gives clear line of sight to the foot lord, Badruck hits hit twice and the flash gits roll a 6 for AP and hit 7 times taking the last wound from the foot lord. The black boots charge a squad of destroyers, The flamers charge the nearest squad, the megas charge the night bringer. Nightbringer kills the mad doc, and the megas cause 14 wounds in return of which the nightbringer fails to save 7. The flamers kill 9 warriors and the warriors wiff in return fail their LD and are swept. The flamers get a 2 for consolidation so they spread out. The black boots killed a destroyer for no wounds in return and the necrons make their LD and stay in the fight.

Turn 4
The foot lord comes back with full wounds, the warriors make 3/6 and 3/9 making for smaller squads. The monolith teleports the 3/9 squad and gets back 4 more. The destroyers shoot and kill 8 flamers who make their LD. The monolith shot the truck with the blue shirts and it carreens to right in front of the monolith. The other monolith shoots the flash gitz BW but the KFF saves it, the monolith does manage to kill the empty BW by glancing it to death with its flayer shots. Two full squads of necron warriors RF the mega nobs and only kill one, The combat with the destroyers sees the same result, of one dead destroyer and no wounds on the orks and again making thier LD.

The red pants dismount in front of the just teleported squad, the single nob from the gold boys moves around to the side of the immobile monolith, the blue shirts move up close and personal to the other monolith, the flamers move towards the fight with the destroyers, the mega nobs line up on the foot lord. The boom gun lands a direct hit on the foot lord but since he had remembered to join a squad one necron became so much junk. The flash gits again rolled a 6 for AP and only cause 7 wounds and badruck missing but making his get hot save. The red pants charged and killed 4 necrons for 3 in return, the necrons fail their LD and are swept, but are still nest to mister evil reserection orb to you guy. The flamers charge the destroyers and assist in wiping out the squad, the megas charge the warriors who cause no wounds however the lord with fancy stick kills 2 (caused three wounds and since one was already wounded...) In return two megas directed all their attacks on the lord killing him again, and the rest caused 5 necrons to fall down. The blue shirt nob got a glance and a pen and caused the monolith to blow up, the gold nob with auto hits against an immobile monolith got a glance and again stunned the monolith that had been getting stunned all game.

Turn 5
With less than enough warriors to stay in the fight the necrons phase out.

Total tally
Necrons killed 2 ork HQs, Orks killed 2 necron HQs and since the last one phased out he wasn't really all the way killed so a tie for that part.

The orks had a troop unit in the middle of the board so that part was a win for the orks.

The Necrons had killed 12 ork units and the orks had killed 9 necron units, so a win for the necrons.

Overall we will have to call this one a solid draw.

AWTY raised his hurting head, "what space ship just hit me?" the pain boy leaned over him and said "weren't no space ship boss, was that nightbringer dude". AWTY could't feel anything except his head and boy that sure was hurting. "Ollright doc, fix me up, we got some serious robot krumpin to do". The big mek Gitburna was just as happy as a grot picking up big pieces of necron metal from the blown up monolith. The other boys were just kicking around junk, and the flash gits were trying to figure out how to make those gauze guns fit onto their snazzguns.
Overall a good orky day, thought AWTY, now if I can just get back on my bike....

FYI we made a few mistakes, like nightbringer is suposed to explode when he is killed, and he forgot to bring in his 13 warrior squad, however it was a very hard and exciting game. That was way better fought than the last battle. Kudos to lettheharvestbegin for learning how to fight orks so quickly and for being such a great sport.

Also for my characters there was a book a few years back called "Generals Compendium" and so whenever I "lose" a character in a fight I roll on that table to see if their really all the way dead or not. I rolled where AWTY recovered but has to miss the next fight, so lettheharvest begin will be happy to know the bikers and AWTY are resting up while the pain boys adjust their cybork parts.

Title: Re: Its Them Interupted Orks vs Necrons
Post by: g00gle5 on October 3, 2010, 07:49:28 AM
I haven't much time so only a few quick comments, good game, except I generally get extremely depressed reading battle reports with Necrons nowadays as they are so so awful in 5th edition (I'm still not sure how Moc or Gutstikk stick with them -- or make them work but the models at our disposal are very different...). 

If he phased out you win, no questions asked.

The thing that really stuck in my head throughout the game was how badly was Nightbringer rolling? No joke, he should have cleaned up the Nob Bikers in three turns of combat at the very most, if not in two (5 attacks, 3/4 hits, 3/4 wounds = 3/4 instantly dead nobs so that is 6/8 wounds caused in a single round of combat for morale). He ignores all saves so you're Warboss shouldn't be rolling for invunerable saves when Nightbringer connects a hit to him. I'm amazed you charged him in the first place.

Armies looked very nice and a fun game to play. I'll try and read the other report when I can.
Title: Re: Its Them Interupted Orks vs Necrons
Post by: moc065 on October 3, 2010, 03:43:10 PM
104 Necrons so his Phase Out number was 26, and that includes Destroyers, Warriors, and the 2 Lords towards not Phasing Out. This number is only taken during the start of the Necron turn and only after all WBB and potentially re-rolled WBB's via Monolith(s) are completed. You certainly may have accounted for all of this in the game; but the writeup doesn't suggest it.

I also thought it weird that you had saves vs a C'tan, and that your nobs were only counting as 1 for Combat Rez when it should be done via Wounds removed, not bases. Even knobs fail their LD (with re-roll for BP) if they lose comRez by 2-3 and have no Warboss to lend them the better leadership; and once again you may have done this in real life, but the write up does not suggest it. 

Overall though, you both seam to have had some possible errors in the game, but it did seam to be great fun; so it might have been a Draw anyway. CP's for both side either way for the Bonus Missions though, so its all good.

Awesome Pictures by the way, and I thank you for sharing. Looking forward to reading more Batreps from you, and I would love to read lettheharvestbegin's side of the story so if you can persuade him to comment in here, etc. I could even meld the write-ups for you to make it a joint effort Batrep.

Once again, thanks for sharing.

Title: Re: Its Them Interupted Orks vs Necrons
Post by: SKEETERGOD on October 4, 2010, 10:39:22 AM
The nightbringer suffered from bad dice, he was rolling like orks shoot. Had his dice been a little more friendly he might have done differently but I am sure he still would have died to the mega nobs.

The first round of bikers vs destroyer lord and nightbringer was a tie with 3 wounds caused apeace, and the second round the ctan put all his attacks on AWTY (killing him of course) and the foot lord getting wounded by the painboy was just hilarious. Of course the next round the ctan killed the last two regular nobs and the pain boy needed a 3 to make his LD and so drove off into the sunset.

As for the phase out, he had to have 24 and after WBB he had 23, just not enough, but his foot lord recovered so that means I did not get the point for that one.

Hope that explains it a little better. Since he was just learning how to use his nightbringer I had to have another necron player show him where he had an invuln save as he didn't see it but from fighting a different necron player I knew the ctan did have an invuln save and so had to stop the game while we found it. A few other things were learned the hard way or too late to matter but it was still fun, lettheharvestbegin is definitly a good sport and very willing to learn the rules as he goes, so bonus kudos to him and that is also why I insist it be called a draw.
Title: Re: Its Them Interupted Orks vs Necrons
Post by: moc065 on October 4, 2010, 10:50:14 AM
Thanks for clarifying that stuff, as the Write up had a little confused.

I wish Necrons just ditched the Phase Out thing all together; or made their units stubborn to offset how brutal 5th ED comRez can be. And I think your being a pretty good sport to call the game a Draw, so good for you, as Good gamers build the up while other bring it down.

Title: Re: Its Them Interupted Orks vs Necrons
Post by: Gutstikk on October 5, 2010, 09:45:16 AM
I hope the special mission rules proved entertaining for everyone involved... :).

Nightbringer had a couple other options he could have exercised as well, not least of which is his template attack that can be used to get a whole pile of damage in at the start of the combat, switching over to regular attacks as combat progresses. C'tan are not infallible though, but the explosion is pretty important to remember ;).

Considering how strong the Ork codex is, the Necrons actually made a pretty good showing here I'd say. Despite the mistakes on both sides the battle was hard fought and I think the draw was earned well by both players, rather than a let-down.

@ Skeetergod - I love the idea of a character book that determines who's available for a specific battle. It's an idea I think I might just lift from you to use in my own games. I also like the choice of having the IC up front with his bikers, riding in the vanguard - regardless of the fact that this was a good tactical decision, it also just plain looks good and theatrical. Nicely done!
Title: Re: Its Them Interupted Orks vs Necrons
Post by: SKEETERGOD on October 5, 2010, 01:08:51 PM
@ Skeetergod - I love the idea of a character book that determines who's available for a specific battle. It's an idea I think I might just lift from you to use in my own games. I also like the choice of having the IC up front with his bikers, riding in the vanguard - regardless of the fact that this was a good tactical decision, it also just plain looks good and theatrical. Nicely done!

Well here is the one I have, it was looted from the "Generals Compendium" a few years ago, and then modified for 40k, Not sure of its exactness but this is what I have as a txt document on my desktop that I have used for the last few years (since the new Ork Codex came out)

Rules: roll 2d6, for every wound above 2 you may reroll 1 dice (a 3 wound character can reroll 1 dice, etc)
You cannot reroll snake eyes, when your dead, your dead!

Character Injury Chart:
2 Deceased, Maybe There Is A Twin Brother Or Cousin That Can Fill The Empty Spot
3 Severe Injury; Must Miss The Next Battle For Every Wound (2 Wound Character Misses 2 Battles and so on)
4 Moderate Injury; Must Miss The Next Battle
5 Light Injury, May Fight In Next Battle But With One Less Starting Wound
6 Hurts Worse Than It Looks: May Fight In Next Battle But May Not Use Any Special Weapons
7 Head Wound: May Fight In Next Battle But May Not Lead A Unit Or Use Any Special Abilities
8 Beaten Up: May Fight In Next Battle But Has Initiative Of 1
9 I've Had Worse: May Fight In Next Battle But Must Endeavor To Slay Enemy Characters
10 That Was Close: May Fight In Next Battle But Must Select New Equipment As Something Got Destroyed (Different Armor, Weapon, Etc. From Last Battle, cannot use all equipment listed from last fight)
11 Impressive Recovery: Absolutely Must Fight In Next Battle No Matter What
12 Full Recovery: May Be Used As Normal