Genestealer colts legal?

Started by blackwolf, April 28, 2002, 09:55:37 PM

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I was wondering if Stealer cults are legal, i heard they are from a freind but I also heard they died out in sec. edition.
Anyone know?


Genestealer Cult has been printed by GW for 3rd edition.  Its in Citadel or something...I know its not in white dwarf.  They have play tested it, but most tournament do not allow their use because they do not have an official codex, were not printed in white dwarf, or the rule book.  I found my copy off of kazaa.
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what kind of sick people would want to further the Tyranid plague? ;D
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Well I don't think that a gene stealer cult is legal, but you can still have 60 in a normal game. Of course you won't have your tanks and human cultists, but still.


I for one would love to do this conversion and place a Genestealer on a Colt....

*Sorry, i couldn't resist*

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stealers rock! my fav unit besides ravners in a nid army! as for legal methinks they i seen a artical in wd.
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yea i agree stealer cluts are sweet if i ever do another army it ill be a genestealer cult and theyre legal, just not tournament legal
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