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Author Topic: Thousand Sons with pink horror blob  (Read 4919 times)

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Thousand Sons with pink horror blob
« on: February 17, 2018, 06:26:05 PM »
My wife and I are just getting into Thousand Sons. We are in the process of experimenting with different lists, proxying much of what we have. Here is one such list I'm considering for a 1,500 point game coming up. Any feedback or thoughts are appreciated.

Thousand Sons Batalion


Ahriman on Disk (diabolic strength, prescience, warptime)
Daemon Prince (wings, 2x maelific talons, warlord: high magister, flickering flames, gaze of fate)

10 Rubrics (inferno boltguns, soulreaper cannon, temporal manipulation)
10 Rubrics (inferno boltgons, soulreaper cannon, doombolt)
30 Tzaangors (brayhorn)

Tzaangor Shaman (glamour of Tzeentch)

Daemons Patrol

Changecaster (flickering flames, boon of change)

30 Pink Horrors (Daemonic Icon)

No Detachment
Reserve Points (96)

The general plan revolves around the horrors as follows:

Buff the pink horrors with the changecaster's aura, flickering flames, and boon of change. Keep them within the Daemon prince aura as well, at least until he's ready to charge something. This gives them 90 shots with a variety of bonuses . They can also benefit from the warp surge strategem, enjoying a 3+ invulnerable it the opponent makes a concentrated effort to kill them. The goal is to keep them at 20+ for as long as possible to take advantage of their increased firepower.  Meanwhile, as they take casualties, blue and brimstone horrors can be brought in with reserve points. If they don't take much fire (but they probably will), those points can be used to summon more horrors later / drop some brimstones on an objective.

When the time is right, the tzaangor's webway in, get some warptime, glamour of Tzeench and weaver of fates to enhance their invulnerable saves, and make a devastating charge with prescience and the aura's from the shaman and daemon prince.

Rubrics provide medium range fire and psychic support, throwing doombolts and healing characters that have taken sniper fire.

Anyone see this as being viable?


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